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I’m not an Hermès girl. I understand why people like Hermès, and I fully acknowledge that its bags are, on average, objectively the best in the world when it comes to major brands. They’re beautiful, luxurious and impeccably crafted, but my personal style tends to be more casual and streetwear-based, which doesn’t jibe with most of the Hermès aesthetic. I’m more of a Balenciaga or Proenza Schouler type, and lately some of Gucci‘s bags really hit home with me, too. The new Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag, though, has managed to bridge my mental gap.

This bag has existed as a strap-free clutch since circa 2010, but as far as I can tell, the chain-strap Verrou is a new addition for Spring 2017. (All the mentions of it on the Internet start with the brand’s spring preview, anyway, but you can never quite be sure with Hermès, mostly because they don’t want you to be.) Earlier this week, the design popped up for sale on the brand’s website for the first time, and it had me at hello.

If someone said the words “super luxe bathroom stall slide lock” to me, I wouldn’t have necessarily be able to picture a handbag situation in which that design would work, or even when someone might have tried it, but here we are. 2017 is only 19 days old and it’s already wild as hell.

The bag’s asymmetrical front flap helps showcase the refined industrial lock, and along with the bag’s delicate chain, it’s the only real design feature. The lock is large and peculiar enough to carry the bag on its own, though, and it fits well with the bag’s right angles and minimal finishes. Pink wouldn’t be my first choice, but the bag also comes in grey suede (and likely several other colors that simple aren’t listed on the Hermès website for sale). I’m in.

Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag
$8,000 via Hermès

Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag
$9,050 via Hermès

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  • Lori

    $9000 feels a bit steep even for Hermes for these bags. But I assume they’ll sell even at that price point.

  • Sparky

    Can’t get past the public bathroom door lock. But don’t take my word for it. Everything I dislike becomes a massive hit.

  • Doodles78

    Yes! I saw the lock and thought bathroom stall too! But it’s a pretty cool bag

  • FashionableLena

    The lock would bother me, but I think it’s cool. The bag is small so I’m a little taken aback by the price even though it is Hermes. A Birkin starts at $10,000, am I right?

  • $9K for a bag with a public bathroom latch? No thanks

    • melissa


  • KloeF

    I really like it. And I’m not a Hermes person either. Although it does seem a bit pricey, especially for its tiny size. If it were a bit bigger, I might consider it.

  • laura

    I like the bag and love the “public bathroom stall lock”but at $9000??? No thanks…

  • psny15

    what a nutty bag, i would probably buy it for $ 90 but nothing more

  • Sparkletastic

    I actually think it’s cute and like the lock. But this looks like a $200 Furla bag. Not an Hermes

    • luxelover

      You nailed it, very Furla…

  • Vicky

    Look like a chloé Drew gone square. Not impressed.

  • Susan

    Finally an Hermes bag that isn’t a nightmare to open.

  • gustonegro

    Looks like Hermes is knocking off hardware…