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Hermès “Touch” Bags: Where Leather Meets a Splash of Exotics

Touch Bags are a fabulous and expanding option for lovers of many Hermès bag styles

Hermès, while always staying true to its history and aesthetic, never stops trying to create the objects of our dreams. Sometimes these come in the form of something completely new: a jewelry line, makeup, or a silk-lined wallet that fits everything just so. Other times, it’s a special twist in a beloved design that sparks our passion and becomes an object of desire.

A recent twist that has become very popular is Hermès’ “Touch” line of bags.

What is an Hermès Touch Bag?

The “Touch” bags were originally offered for Spring/Summer 2018 in only a few colors and limited styles – initially, this only included:

  • the 30cm Birkin
  • the 28 and 32cm Kelly
  • the 26cm Lindy
  • the 18 and 22cm Picotin

They are made of two kinds of leather: most of the body is made in regular leather (the type of leather initially depended on the bag style), with accents – handles, straps, and the flap for the Birkin – in Alligator or Crocodile (both matte and shiny leathers were used).

The Touch line has expanded since then, with bag styles including:

  • the 25cm and 30cm Birkin
  • the 25cm, 28cm, and 32cm Kelly Retourne
  • the 25cm and 28cm Kelly Sellier
  • the Mini Kelly
  • the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch
  • the Kelly Dépêches 36
  • the Kelly To Go
  • the Mini Lindy
  • the 26cm Lindy
  • the Mini Roulis
  • the Roulis
  • the 18cm and 22cm Picotin
  • the Verrou
  • the 24/24 and
  • the Baton de Craie (SS19)

The exotic leathers used have also expanded to include Touch bags made with Ostrich (in place of the regular leather) or Lizard (in place of Alligator or Crocodile).

A 30cm Birkin in Noir with RGHW.
A 30cm Birkin in Noir with RGHW.

The Appeal of the Touch Bags

The Touch bags have become very popular for a number of reasons:

First, there is an undeniable aesthetic in its appearance, which is visually pleasing; the exotic accents just look so good, and, for those who adore the look of an exotic bag but may be wary about the maintenance, it is a bag that is much easier to care for than a bag made entirely of exotic leather.

Additionally, as the exotic pieces are accents, the price is much lower than a full-exotic bag. The rule of thumb on price for Touch bags has been somewhere in the vicinity of double the price of a regular leather bag.

Finally, the Touch bags exemplify Hermès’ corporate commitment to reducing waste and working towards zero excess material.

A 25cm Kelly Sellier in Anemone Madame and Amethyst Croc with RGHW from May 2022. Photo courtesy of TPFer @Meta.
A 25cm Kelly Sellier in Anemone Madame and Amethyst Croc with RGHW from May 2022. Photo courtesy of TPFer @Meta.

History of the Hermès Touch Bags

Hermès has played with various iterations of the Touch style over the years, with mixed results. Since the house has produced its bags in almost 100 different materials over the course of nearly two centuries and with a cultured yet sometimes quirky aesthetic, it’s natural that the brand would experiment with producing articles with different leathers.

Indeed, certain styles are commonly produced with mixed textiles, like the Garden Party bag, canvas/toile versions of Birkins and Kellys, or a bag done in one material and edged in another.

Some recent examples of a production bag (usually push offer) utilizing numerous leathers include:

  • a very elegant Kelly, similar to the current Birkin Touch, which was made in the early ’90s
  • Tri-Leather bags (similar to the Touch, with one leather for the front and back; another for the handle, strap and sangles, but with an additional third leather on the sides)
  • the Limited Edition “Patchwork Birkin” offered for SS17 (which utilized seven different leathers) and
  • the “Grand Marriage” Birkins, which utilized Crocodile, Ostrich, and Lizard.

Since the Touch style began production, Hermès still makes occasional variations, which may be composed of two (or rarely several) leathers, either non-exotic or all-exotic.

Hermès Touch Prices and Availability

These bags have become very popular, and over the seasons Hermès has consistently introduced new bag options, new colors and new combinations.

How hard are they to get?

They are definitely being produced, probably at the same rate proportional to all of their popular styles. In some locations, the Touch may actually be even a bit easier to purchase, for several reasons:

First, the price is significantly higher than a non-touch bag. Also, due to the bag’s layout, a significant part of the exotic leather additions are on the handles, and are therefore are more delicate and subject to more wear than the body of the bag, which for some may be dissuasive (are you really going to cover them with twillies?).

Finally, desirability is a matter of personal taste, and some people may also prefer certain combinations over others (Ostrich, for example is not loved by everyone).

Bag Size Leather US Euro UK Other
Birkin 25cm Togo/Croc or Gator $19,500 €14,500
Birkin 30cm Togo/Croc or Gator $23,500 $19,750 CHF
Birkin 30cm Ostrich/Gator $26,500
Lindy Mini Swift/Gator $10,100 €6900 $11,200 CAD
Picotin 18cm Clemence/Ostrich $3,800
Picotin 18cm Clemence/Gator $4,625 £3,320
Picotin 22cm Clemence/Gator $4,900 €3600 £3510

Hermès Touch Bags available in 2023

What bag styles are in production this season?

  • Birkin: 25 and 30
  • Kelly: 25 and 28 Retourne, 25 Sellier, Mini
  • the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch
  • Lindy: 26cm and Mini
  • Picotin: 18cm and 22cm
  • Roulis: Regular and Mini
  • 24/24
  • Kelly To Go

Available colors include:

  • Anemone with Amethyst (Kelly Sellier)
  • Bamboo with Cactus
  • Beton
  • Bleu France with Bleu Saphir (Kelly)
  • Bleu Nuit with Bleu Indigo
  • Bleu Royal with Bleu Saphir Lizard
  • Bleu Saphir with Noir
  • Brique with Sanguine
  • Bronze Dore with Beige Sable
  • Caramel with Tabac Camel
  • Caramel Ostrich with Tabac Camel
  • Capucine with Orange Poppy
  • Chai
  • Chai with Miel
  • Framboise
  • Gold
  • Menthe Lizard (Kelly)
  • Noir (Togo, Ostrich, Lizard)
  • Rose Shocking (Mini Roulis)
  • Rouge Sellier with Bourgogne
  • Vert Bosphore with Vert Rousseau
  • Vert Cypres
  • Vert Verone with Vert Jade (Kelly Sellier)

Timeline and Overview of Touch Bag Production


Touch Bags were introduced for Spring/Summer 2018 (SS18). Bags offered were:

Birkin Touch

  • 30cm only
  • Novillo (Noir) or Madame (Bleu Saphir) leather
  • GHW, PHW or RGHW

Kelly Touch

  • 28cm and 32cm
  • Bleu Nuit with Bleu Marine Crocodile, Beton and Noir
  • For the first season it only came with PHW
  • Until SS21 the exotic leather was only on the handle of the bag
  • Until AW21 the Kelly Touch was only produced in Togo and therefore was only made in the Retourne structure

Lindy Touch

  • 26cm only
  • Noir, Bleu Electric and Vert Vertigo
  • Clemence with matte handles and strap

Picotin Touch

  • 18cm and 22cm
  • Same colors and leather as the Lindy

For the first season it appears that RGHW bags were made with Shiny Crocodile (“Croc”), and GHW and PHW bags were made with Matte Alligator (“Gator”).


Birkin Touch

  • Added the 25 cm size
  • Togo was added

New colors:

  • Jaune Ambre; 
  • Noisette in Chevre with Etrusque; 
  • Raisin Togo with Prunoir; and 
  • Vert Cypres.

Briefly produced during SS19 was a Baton de Craie Touch in Framboise PHW.


Lindy Touch

  • Some bags were produced in Veau Volupto instead of Clemence

New bag styles:

  • Kelly To Go Touch
  • Verrou Touch

New colors:

  • Anemone with Cassis;
  • Bambou Togo with Cactus Crocodile; 
  • Rose Azalee (Lindy and Picotin Touch); and
  • Vert Bosphore with Vert Rousseau.


Kelly Touch:

  • Hermès finally revised the Kelly Touch to include exotic sangles, clochette and lock in addition to the handle (SS21). 

New bag styles:

  • Sellier Kelly Touch (added for AW21 in Madame and Monsieur leathers)
  • Kelly Touch with Lizard
  • Kelly Dépêches 25 Touch (pouch)
  • Kelly Dépêches 36 (Briefcase) Touch
  • Mini Lindy Touch, produced in Swift

New colors:

  • Bamboo with Cactus
  • Brique with Sanguine
  • Caramel Togo with Tabac Camel
  • Framboise (AW21 – B25 and Picotin Lock)
  • Gold
  • Menthe Togo with Lizard (AW21 – Kelly Retourne)
  • Mykonos with Bleu Zellige (Kelly To Go)
  • Rouge Grenat (Lindy Touch)
  • Rouge Sellier with Bourgogne
  • Vert Verone Madame with Vert Jade (AW21 – Kelly Sellier)

Ostrich with Crocodile combinations were added in:

  • Cognac with Miel
  • Violine with Cassis
  • Both were originally produced with PHW

Permabrass hardware was added for some bags.

New for Spring/Summer 2021

New for Fall/Winter 2021


New bag styles:

  • Birkin Touch with Lizard
  • Mini Kelly Touch
  • Roulis Touch
  • Mini Roulis Touch

New colors:

  • Anemone Madame with Amethyst (Kelly Sellier)
  • Bleu France with Bleu Saphir Lizard (Kelly)
  • Blue Royal with Bleu Saphir Lizard (Birkin)
  • Bronze Dore with Beige Sable
  • Capucine with Orange Poppy
  • Chai with Miel

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