Hermès Price Increase 2021

With little warning, there have been minor price adjustments affecting nearly all departments

It seems like Hermès has snuck in a little price increase last month. It’s not enough to make your eyes bulge, but nonetheless some prices are up. Considering everything that’s been going on in the world – huge financial instability for many, combined with soaring financial markets and high boutique sales via pandemic shopping (whether due to perceived scarcity or merely for, ahem…therapeutic purposes), it’s not surprising, or unusual, but it is a bit disappointing. Some noted increases are as follows:

Silk Prices

Most silk prices have gone up.

Style Old Price New Price
Carré 45 $195 $205
Carré 90 $420 $435
Twilly $175 $180

Fortunately the already-exorbitant cashmere 140cm GM prices are the same, $1,100, as are the Carrè 140s at $860. However, the 140 Carrè wash went up $40, from $890 to $930.

Leather Goods Prices

Some Leather Goods are also up a bit. Examples include:

Style Old Price New Price
Bolide 31 $8,300 $8,400
Lindy 30 $9,150 $9,250
Picotin Lock 18 $2,725 $2,750

However, some bags have also gone down, including:

Herbag Zip 31 Verso down $25, from $2,600 to $2,575.

Mosaïque au 24 down $25, from $7,600 to $7,550.

Trim Duo 24 down $150, from $5,450 to $5,300.

There have also been some changes in the jewelry department as well. We are seeing reports that fine jewelry has gone up around 5% on some (not all) pieces.

For the latest info, visit the price increase thread on the PurseForum.


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  1. JolieS Avatar

    I’m sure you meant to say Carré for silk squares and Mosaïque for the model of handbag.

    1. Justice Avatar

      I do appreciate a good spelling review!! ??

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I saw that recently the Bolide went up from $8300 to $8400. Not a huge increase, but enough to make me question whether I want/need this bag.

  3. Marty Pecciola Avatar
    Marty Pecciola

    I don’t know about the US, but in Europe, there’s a price increase every year in January…

  4. Bae Avatar

    I’ve never seen a design house lower their prices. Was this due to some bags aren’t selling well?

    1. Notorious Pink Avatar
      Notorious Pink

      Hermès does this occasionally. Sometimes this is due to currency fluctuations, or adjusting to make prices a bit more equal around the world. Their scarf prices have been as high as ~$450 for the 90cm a few years ago. Van Cleef also had a price decrease a few years ago. It’s nice when it happens!

  5. Heart_of_au Avatar

    Oh look the stuff I couldn’t afford before is now even more expensive.