Hermes Ostrich Hedgehog and Crocodile Tortoise Coinbags
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Imagine walking into Hermes New York thinking you could walk away with a little coinbag. You walk into the store feeling completely out of place. ‘My shoes are merely designer brand not premium designer, my shirt is from Banana Republic not off the runway, my bag is not a Hermes’, you think to yourself. Peering into the glass counter you encounter the perfect accessory to walk away with, a beaver coin purse. Must be about $300 you think to yourself, which of course is expensive, but hey, it is Hermes. You ask the SA with conviction about the price but in your mind know you can afford it. Right? Wrong! ‘$900 she states’. You sink back into your Banana Republic top and realize you will leave with a Twilly. You think you can walk into Hermes and spend a small amount of money, think again. Your best bet at a ‘cheap’ item is a Hermes Scarf Twilly, costing you around $125.

While the Hermes Ostrich Hedgehog and Crocodile Tortoise Coinbags are the most adorable coinbags ever, the price is even more un-affordable in my world right now. Thanks to billbill for the pictures and to wongnumber for the price estimations. The estimation for the snail is around $852, though possibly upwards of $2163 seeing that it is croc. The adorable ostrich hedgehog will be similarly priced since it is also exotic. After about $600, I can not justify these, but if you can, do it- they are so amazingly cute!

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