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If there one reason I love New York City, it is for the shopping. Any major design house thrives in this city, and offers a plethora of luxury goods. Walking down 5th Avenue is like walking down a dream world, and then there is Madison, Park, the Fashion District, and so much more. Vlad and I have some exciting exclusive interviews to bring you all soon, but most importantly, we have the most amazing loot to show you all. And this infamous trip, that I will never forget, Vlad and I are leaving with the haul of a lifetime. The picture above is worth more than a thousand words, showing off our purchases from Hermes New York City. We will reveal this week our loot, but for now you can drool over this amazing (catalog worthy I might add) picture.

Oh how I love New York!

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  • william

    I’m looking foward to this.

    • sarahcantiik

      OMG! I am so curious to see what’s inside those yummy orange boxes! I see a big box too.. *wink*.. oh and the pic is very pro looking, seriously, I love it!

  • mas2388

    I cannot wait to see this!!!!!

  • fatefullotus

    Can’t wait to see the loot, Megs!

  • xult

    wow! congratulations~!! Pretty boxes and I’m sure what’s inside is prettier

  • sandy

    can’t wait to see what are inside those pretty boxes!

  • purse=heaven

    teases! i can’t wait =) !

  • Liss

    Oh you tease! :-) I can’t wait to see it.

  • janis

    Open the boxes!

  • Margarita

    I totally thought this was a REAL Hermes ad for a second…it’s stunning ALREADY, can’t imagine what’s inside!


  • FashionAddicted

    lol i thought it was a real hermes ad too!

  • Isabel

    Hurry I wanna see what’s inside. Congrats! Beautiful pic, and imagine, that’s only the boxes lol.

  • Anthony

    YAY… cannot wait to see what you got! :D

  • Babyboo

    oooo i want to seeeee!! cant wait

  • VANmiracle

    OH PLS open the boxes for us soon!
    I want to be a little mouse sitting next to the boxes when you open them.

  • Jahpson

    boxes…what a tease!

  • Jo

    Oh pleeease show us what’s inside all those delicious orange boxes! :p

  • Cal

    Woot!!!! Can’t wait! Congrats Megs!

  • Cynthia

    Can’t wait for the reveal!

  • bagnshoofetish

    okay I am officially having Forum withdrawals.
    someone talk me down!!!!!!!!!!

  • beth001

    Aaaaack… I can’t STAND IT! No tpf?!?!? What is a woman to do to keep her sanity?!?! I had a HARD day at work, lifted weights at the gym with my trainer for an hour, came home and made dinner for my two teenage kids and my husband, cleaned up the kitchen, drove my son to a choir rehearsal, came back home, showered, corrected my students papers, polished up my lesson plans for tomorrow, and logged onto my computer to relax and enjoy some “Shallow Obsessing!” And there’s no tpf? WAAAAAAHHHHHHH……..

  • simplyprincess

    This is killing me!!!!! I cant function normally without TPF….MEGS please please open the boxes! CONGRATS!!!!!

  • miyoshi637

    Oh I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

  • LV mania

    I really thought this was a H catalog picture! Then I took a closer look and saw the pillows… lol… was this stacked up on the hotel bed?!

  • gem

    oh… how nice if we have the forum back in rage!!!

    megs, please please post more pictures!

  • Fashion Critic

    Where is the loot?

  • Chris

    Ok, Seriously. It has been three weeks. I think it’s about time to show us what is in those boxes!

  • Mayelle

    Hi! Wow! love the stack of orange boxes =) Im just a little curious, but would you be able to tell me an estimate price for a 30 or 35 birkin bag? I got a Goyard bag from my hubby this Christmas and Im hoping for a Hermes bag this coming 2008, hehe! Ive got a long wait I must say…Thanks!

  • Pam

    Hi- This is my fist time on a blog :roll: So, I have a question. I have an older Hermes bag, that I know is authentic, but I have no idea how to get its value. I would like to sell it, it’s just not me and collecting dust. I’ve searched google, ebay ect. But this purse seems to be a little rare. Any Ideas? Thanks for any advise.

  • Hermesmonkey

    The bag is gorgeous

  • Hermesmonkey

    I scored big time this week. Blue Jean 30cm with GOLD –AND– 35cm Gold togo with Platinum. I’m a bit short, so not sure that the 35cm fits me well. Both gotten at the Hermes stores. I’m thinking of selling the Gold Togo.

    Mayelle, the 30 and 35cm birkins are about the same. They are ballparky about $8000-8600.

    If you are in New York, the Wall Street Hermes store has some right now, but orange and green, both I believe in 30cm. Keep in mind, these were sighted by my husband!! I have him trained to look out for them too!!! :grin: