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Hermes Beach BagFor many, the holy grail of handbags is the Hermes Birkin, a highly coveted, highly sought after, and hard to get bag. Another reason the Birkin is so exclusive is the price. Because let’s face it, how many people actually want to spend over $7,000 (or upwards of $140,000 for a diamond encrusted Birkin) for a leather handbag? Granted you may want to, but does your significant other, bank account, etc? For most of us, no. If you are in dire need of getting your hands on a piece of Hermes, there is always the ridiculously overpriced Hermes Beach Bag. Available to order online, the Hermes Beach Bag is available in turquoise, white, yellow, or black and is strictly made of cotton. Fling it on your back and head to the beach in style. Though, I guarantee you will not feel that Hermes aura carrying this bag like you would carrying a Birkin. And even worse is the fact that you would be dishing out $800 on a cotton beach bag merely for the name. Again, if you are swimming in money a-la-Ducktales or you just really are some sort of over-the-top Hermes fanatic, then this bag is for you. If you rather put a nice chunk of money towards a designer leather bag that is much more practical, than join my club. So no worries mom, dad and all other super practical people in my life; I will not be buying this bag anytime soon. But if this is for you, more power to you, buy a Hermes Beach Bag via Hermes for $850.

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  • colourgirlie

    Meh … I can make several of these for about $30 in supplies and that’s probably a high estimate. :cool:

    But it is the name that you’re paying for….

  • Xavier

    they used to have those really handsome beach totes for a (relatively) much more reasonable $450 or so, but hermes realized people were using them for everyday bags, most especially in japan, and that was hurting their exclusive image. hence, they nixed them and replaced them with these ridiculously overpriced knapsacks. sad.

  • ely615

    They are rediculously overpriced and they have a cheap look to them. Very disappointing.

  • jenjen

    Does anyone else reme,ber a time whne Hermes made nice bags??

  • Erin

    I think I saw this bag last week at Target for $12.

  • jade –


    • johnass

      it does not even look like hermes

  • suzan

    i want to learn does anybody know how much is a hermes birkin 40” bag?

  • Naggy

    It doesn’t exactly represent the brand Hermes well. (ipad)