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Hermès Autumn-Winter 2024 Part Two: A Distinct Vision Brings Forth a Powerful Collection

Fusing androgynous femininity with future dystopia for a collection filled with statement outerwear, leather and chains everywhere

Every year in early March, Hermès presents its ready-to-wear collection for the coming Autumn-Winter season. Hermès made it a two-parter this year, presenting a second Autumn-Winter 2024 runway show in New York last week.

The review I published in March was my interpretation of artistic director Nadège Vanhee’s vision, dominated by a particular time and style that our generation had seen as children, growing up in a world that (we were told) was freer than ever, yet was dominated by a culture obsessed with visions of a dark future.

The RTW look for AW24 was compelling and so clearly influenced by that era – at least to my eye – that when Hermès announced another show for the same season, I had to wonder: would there be a contrast? Would we see more femininity, more joy?

From my first glimpse of the lighting design for Hermès AW24 RTW Part Two, it was absolutely clear: Vanhee has doubled down on her dystopian vision by expanding it, making it bigger, clearer, and more essentially Hermès.

The scene for Hermès RTW AW24 Part Two was set with somber, yellowed, cityscape lighting.

Fashion does not have to be pretty, happy, or even obvious, especially if it is powerful. In her part two, Vanhee presented an even more powerful, more fully realized vision for AW24, such that it would not be out of line to see this show as more of a main course and the Paris presentation as a prelude.

Misty, moody lighting that obscured as much as it revealed was a hallmark of the dystopian film genre. (David Bowie in The Hunger, Sean Young in Blade Runner)

I will dispense with most of the cultural references that dominated my prior review (to sum up: Mad Max, Dune, Shaft, Star Trek, Androgyny, Escape from New York, Alien, Cabaret, The Hunger, Blade Runner, Robocop and every other dystopian cultural touchpoint that suffused the childhood of Gen X-ers with so many of its personality hallmarks, from sarcasm to self-sufficiency, from lack of trust in authority to lack of faith in having a future (but wearing kick-ass pants and a lot of leather while doing so. And yes, I forgot The Terminator).

What may have been suggestive in the Paris presentation is now undeniable: AW24 Vanhee presents a complete disco-dystopia collection – with just a subtle touch of the Hugo Boss silhouette so that the kids won’t notice – replete with utilitarian-chic leather jumpsuits for dressing on-the-run; long and luxe coats for warm layering; scarves at the ready for an impromptu disguise or air filter; hats and boots for protection from the elements; bags big enough for extra supplies; and enough hardware at the waist and wrist to serve double duty as extra weaponry if needed.

A few of the themes in AW24:

The Androgynous Feminine

Hermès AW24 Look 27 echoed sartorial styles from WWII. Photo via

There was no visible hair or makeup, and many of the clothes were either menswear historically or genderless, but they were cut or styled in a more feminine way, whether it was a hem or neckline, length, collar, or the consistent accentuation of the female silhouette, including the waist and/or hip.

Hermès AW24 Look 5. Photo via


Hermès AW24 Look 41. Photo via

Who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit? Throw on a coat and a scarf, and you’re good to go (unless, of course, you have to go). Warm, easy, laden with D-rings, zippers, and pockets, yet still chic, several desirable options were presented for the season.

Hermès AW24 Look 6. Photo via


Hermès AW24 Look 48. Photo via

Vanhee leaned into the house’s star materials, using them everywhere from head to toe, and even then, added some brilliant technical flourishes that echoed longtime strap-and-belt themes.

Hermès AW24 Look 48 detail.

Statement Outerwear

Hermès AW24 Look 34. Photo via

Statement coats and jackets of every length were shown with various levels of adornment and detail, and many were comprised of leather, shearling, or both. For numerous looks, outerwear dominated and was either the main focal point or the piece every other item in the look reflected.

Hermès AW24 Look 17. Photo via
Hermès AW24 Look 32. Photo via


Hermès AW24 Look 36. Photo via

Hardware everywhere! There are layers of leather and silver bracelets at the wrist (and even sometimes at the ankle) and absolutely a belt—usually the Collar de Chien—with many of the looks.

Hermès AW24 Look 21. Photo via

Hermès AW24 Look 10. Photo via


A Kelly Danse. Hermès AW24 Look 20. Photo via

While Part One saw a number of Birkins (including the Shoulder Birkin) on the runway, along with the Collier d’Attelage, this show presented newer favorites, like the Arçon, in both regular and mini sizes. The Kelly Danse and Kelly Elan went down the runway, along with some revived older designs, such as the Plume, the Polochon, and a super-large Etrivière Fourre-Tout.

A Plume in Noir Boxcalf. Hermès AW24 Look 53. Photo via

An Etrivière Fourre-Tout. Hermès AW24 Look 34. Photo via

A Kelly Elan with a leather-and metal strap. Hermès AW24 Look 30. Photo via

The Arçon. Hermès AW24 Look 43. Photo via

A Kelly Pocket Belt layered with a Gold Collar de Chien Belt (and matching cuffs). Hermès AW24 Look 38. Photo via

An updated version of the Polochon bears a useful strap instead of handles. Hermès AW24 Look 36. Photo via

Bags both large and small. Hermès AW24 Look 31. Photo via
Another look at the Plume. Hermès AW24 Looks 47 and 50. Photo via

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12 days ago

This is good for looking for things that can be bought (even if you don’t need them) to have an account and that offer you a Kelly or Birkin.

12 days ago

This is one of my favourite collections from Hermes yet! I love the large, slouch, red bag and the quilted leather pants!

12 days ago

I love how everything is styled here! Quite often I seem to see people who wear Hermes RTW with their accessories and end up looking not quite right.

Nurul Rahman Mohamad
Nurul Rahman Mohamad
12 days ago

Amazing collection

12 days ago

So happy to see that the CDC belt is back!

11 days ago

Glad I already have CDC belts. Prices are ridiculous now and will only go up after this.