The pre-holiday weekend celeb snapshot offerings are usually not the most premium selections ever, but we managed to round things out quite nicely with a double dose of Bella Hadid and a pic of Naya Rivera stocking up on bottled water. And while many celebs are carrying their fave Chanel and Hermès bags, per usual, there are a few surprises within. (Heidi Klum carried a bag that retails for under $500, for example!) We’ll assess where celebs vacationed over the holiday weekend and what bags they packed in our next celeb post, coming tomorrow.

Bella Hadid
Dior Diorama Bag

Here’s Bella Hadid heading into Mr. Chow in Tribeca with a gorgeous, gilded metallic leather Dior Diorama Bag. Like Rihanna, Bella is now a Dior campaign girl, which surely gets her all the Dior bags she could dream of. Also, is Bella wearing a minidress or just a turtleneck?


Bella Hadid
Givenchy Lucrezia Bag
$2,395 via

Bella was also spotted out and about in New York on a separate occasion with a supple, textured-leather Givenchy Lucrezia Bag, outfitted with what may or may not be a black Fendi Bag Bug. This is a far more comfortable, July-appropriate look than a sweater dress and thigh-high suede boots.


Bethenny Frankel
Hermès Birkin

Here’s Bethenny Frankel, leaving Zibretto Espresso Bar in NYC with a bright blue Birkin, which she has also accessorized with a couple designer key fobs.


Heidi Klum
Elizabeth and James Zoe Saddle Bag
$395 via Bloomingdale’s

Heidi Klum was spotted shopping in Tribeca with a surprisingly affordable little white leather saddle bag from Elizabeth and James. Heidi’s bag picks tend to be fairly high-end, so it’s interesting to see her carrying something that’s (relatively) more accessible.


Jessica Biel
Chanel Boy Bag

Here’s Jessica Biel, trekking down Melrose in LA with a quilted black leather Chanel Boy Bag. I feel like Jessica has relied on her Chanel bags rather heavily in recent years.


Kris Jenner
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

After a brief flirtation with a Chanel backpack, Kris has returned to her first love, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Here she is carrying a beautiful, bedazzled version of the Flap while signing autographs outside of Craig’s in LA.


Laverne Cox
Hermès Kelly Bag

Laverne Cox carried this red Hermès Kelly Bag to a recent appearance on The Daily Show. I feel like we are just a few more bags away from running “The Many Bags of Laverne Cox.” I can feel it in my bones.


Naya Rivera
Hermès Kelly Bag

Finally, here’s Naya Rivera, grocery shopping in LA with her own Hermès Kelly Bag, as one does. If you’re wondering what Naya’s been up to, she apparently had a baby last fall, and she wrote a book, which is due to hit shelves in September.

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6 years ago

Kris and Laverne look fantastic with their bags

6 years ago

Laverne is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood

6 years ago

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Adena Harel
6 years ago

All beauties are looking marvelous with trendy beautiful bags. These bags are awesome, beautiful and attractive. I loved it most.

Adena Harel

6 years ago

I love the Kelly in the grocery cart!
It’s beautiful. Is it black or grey?

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