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Note to self: Do NOT cash in your 401K to buy all of these bags

Some trips call for way less than a weekender, I suppose

Gucci, Dior, Prada, Chloé, Gabriela Hearst and a few surprises!

Winter is coming, and color is suddenly missing from the celeb bag landscape

Plus: Celebs arriving at Wimbledon bring the prep

Plus: More Céline Dion! Céline Dion forever!

Pop quiz: What’s your preference? Python, gator or shearling?

P.S. The hue de jour is pink

Plus: Diane Keaton makes an appearance!

They also stuck to a very strict color scheme of black, white or pink

This is excessive, even for the usual Birkin devotees we routinely feature in these posts. Long-time readers know the Birkin is not my favorite bag by leaps and bounds, but even I am dazzled by …

Sometimes when the world seems too overwhelming, you just want to reach for something comfortable and familiar…like an electric blanket, or maybe your favorite black leather designer handbag. Celebs seem to have all had that …