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  • _petitprince_

    these bags come in many different designs and are unique. i can see how this can be a great alternative. however, it still feels like the foundation of the boy bag was borrowed. either way hopefully dior will have their moment soon. dior really is the crown jewel of paris fashion.

  • Winn

    The closure ruins it for me. It’s sort of the shape, but mostly the weird pattern engraved on it.

    • rigidmink

      The pattern is their “iconic” cannage pattern. It’s like how Chanel has the quilted leather look, Burberry with their plaid, Bottega Venetta’s intrecciato, etc! http://www.dior.com/magazine/en_gb/News/Cannage-chronology

      • Winn

        It doesn’t work on the hardware at all. Much more suited to fabric.

  • bir

    i like it ill probably buy it because its very minimal and i like minimalism in everything . still having said this its a BOY BAG simpler cleaner and thus again i like it ! but a BOY BAG after all . then again i think if Gucci got away with making a bag called the jackie when in fact Jackie O. was wearing an Hermes trim then its all fair in love&war…..or should i say love&Dior

  • Sandy

    It is a lovely bag but falls short on originality.

  • titepeluche

    Its general design reminds me a lot of the Chanel’s Boy. I kinda like the grey one but I’m not a huge fan of their bags (I like Chanel better).

    • I see a few of you saying that and it’s funny – because when I had this bag with me I never once got a Chanel feel from it. I think the chain strap and how it’s secured may be giving that Chanel look now that I look at it again.

  • Sparkletastic

    Pretty but not remarkable. For the price I would get a Chanel.

    • Immodest Goddess


  • lovebags

    The pebbling looks divine, reminds me of flat cobblestone streets! Perhaps yet another take on Chanel, for the caviar leather… Can’t wait to get my hands on it though..

  • HerrRaccoon

    I feel like the grey one looks as if dior took the two of the hottest bags right now (the chanel boy bag and the celine luggage tote) and made it in to one. Like you said, celine and chanel have been on top lately, it looks like Dior got that and just combined aspects of both. With that said, it doesn’t seem to reflect on most other celine bags, but, let’s face it, it’s a boy bag.

  • Charlie

    It’s very Chanel… where is the originality?

  • I think you’re so right Megs, 2015 has be the year for Dior. I was never interested in their bags (too old lady for my taste). But with Raf Simons as their head designer, they put a lot of interesting designs on the market. I’m in love with the Be Dior bag and the Diorama is beautiful as well. Especially the simple ones without the contrast stitching or embellishment. I have to admit that they’re a bit inspired by the Chanel Boy bags, but I don’t mind, I like them both.

  • shueaddict

    ok … next week I am in Vienna and I need to see this beauty for myself … I think it is much prettier than the Boy Bag (but yes, a lot like it)

    • Def check it out and let us know what you think!

      • shueaddict

        Vienna veni vidi vici!!! As luck would have it I have a pal well placed in Dior, they had an event, I just got my bonus – so I got to spend a lot of time with the Diorama concept bags + loads of champagne. You can guess the outcome. The medium size is best I think, I am waiting for the grey – saw a lovely peachy beige and the pebbeled leather is stunning. They also had a simple black calf leather – very understated. The ‘tufted’ versions were all bit ‘meh’ to me – the structure being lost into the stitching. Up close and personal – it is a very different bag than the Boy.

      • shueaddict

        I am no Vlad but ….

  • Y Ajayi

    Looks like a chanel boy bag

  • bagsluv

    Sorry Dior but this is a ugly version of a boy bag. Hardware is awlful. Like Chanel alot better.

  • FashionableLena

    I like this better than the Chanel. The grey is gorgeous, but I prefer grey to black.

  • Jack Neill

    Meg you forgot to mention how similar it is design wise to the Chanel boy bag.
    It’s pretty but the Boy seems more edgy and fashion forward dsesign wise.
    In addition you did not mention one advantage the Diorama has over the boy bag is that the interior is all leather .
    Rather then stacking this bag against the boy bag I would love to know how well it would compare to the Miss Dior bag as a purchase.
    Already I can tell you I love the fact that the Diorama comes in calf leather versions where as most of the Miss Dior’s are lambskin options. (If your not going exotic)

  • louch

    WHY is Dior SOOOO expensive? I really appreciate the brand and have picked up a Lady Dior more times than I can count. But the price. Maybe it’s just here in Australia but I can’t bring myself to pay that much for a bag no matter how beautiful.

  • LadyM

    I’ve seen, touched, worn.. the sample bag in store and quickly placed a deposit for it! I have a few Boys but somehow Diorama appeals more to me. Their chains are not as hollow as the other C and quality wise, seems better. Loveeee the engraved cannage on badge-like closure, makes you feel you’re a member of the CD society or something. Can’t wait to get this baby in Fuschia come March!

  • XXL

    I see a lot of potential in the first Diorama with the enlarged cannage pattern. To improve the bag, perhaps a Diorama 2.0, they can play with the lines of the pattern. Firstly, change the U-shaped buckle hardware to a V or triangle-shaped buckle that will fit along the diagonal lines. Second, it would be nice to see the flap trimmed along the diagonal lines thus changing it to an envelope bag. The pattern is still implied and it will show partially on triangle flap and on the layer below as well.

  • Nice texture of the bag.

  • tee

    Oh my god! What was dior thinking. I think after firing galliano this is their second biggest boo boo . Plagiarism of the highest degree. We can expect zara to do such a thing …. but not dior. I’m very disappointed in dior.

  • Lia

    To those who says this is plagiarism of Le Boy, it may resemble the overall shape somewhat but it looks completely different, in my opinion this one has a better design and overall better made! Have you taken a look at how low quality Le boy has gone now? Still not buying it no matter how “it” it is. Diorama, however, I’m thinking of purchasing.

    • Monakiwan

      I totally agree! I went into Chanel the other day and they had received more le boys priced at 3800 euros. The inside lining of the bag was fabric (not even leather!). The bag felt too light and the chain felt somewhat cheap. It really didn’t feel as nice as the other Chanel classics in terms of quality. On the other hand, the Diorama is so stunning and the craftsmanship for that bag is just out of this world. I used to think at first that it resembled the Boy too much, but after trying it on at the store I fell in love with it. I like it a LOT more than the boy now… and to be honest, I’m starting to feel that the craze around Chanel has become too much… somewhat over it…. Dior is fresh, less people have it and i prefer to be different!

  • This bag extremely similar to Le Boy. It is a very beautiful bag, no doubt, but it is not an original design. Even if it does not have a Chanel feel about it (which I’m sure it doesn’t), it looks so much like Le Boy that it can easily be mistaken for one!
    I think that part of the allure of designer handbags is their original creative design. And this is not an original, in my opinion.

  • Right of right

    Bought one for the wife. She loves it but the ends are not closed. Things can fall out.