Hermes Birkin, 35cm, Clemence in Black

There was a hope that Megs’ Blue Jean Birkin was going to get a sibling during this NYC trip. I didn’t know she was going to turn out so beautifully photogenic. More info and pictures later this week.

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  • susan

    Congratulations. Wear it in good health.

  • I am SO JEALOUS. You people better bring me back something good! :-P

  • Redseouls

    OMG Megs! Your Birkin is beautiful! Wear it in good health!

  • Claire

    Congrats! Gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the bbag!!

  • veyda

    Wow, another gorgeous Birkin. I was still so jealous of your blue one :D
    You have good taste!

  • Brigette

    It is SO beautiful! Congrats!!! :)

  • Michael St. James

    CONGRATS! It’s beautiful!

  • Sarah

    It is beautiful. Congratulations on another wonderful addition to your collection.

  • Rania H.

    So beautiful!

  • Jenna

    stunning! congratulations

  • Robin

    It’s beautiful! Congratulations.

  • Jylian

    Who makes this bag??? Hermes?? I love it. Does anyone knows how much????

    • Yep, it’s Hermes. I’m not overly familiar with their pricing structure, but Birkins usually start in the $6,000-$7,000 range.

      • Allan

        Yeah, and this one is a 35 cm so it’s around $9000. :-)

  • lia

    is that a 35cm?

  • michelle

    The Birkin bags start at $8,200 and go up from there.

  • kiwishopper

    I die!! You lucky girl!!!!

  • Thanks everyone!! I know Vlad has many more photos later and we will have a longer review/post. This one is 35 cm

    • ls

      Amazing bag – would like to hear some tips on getting a birkin – seems like a first come first serve. No more waiting lists.

      • We plan on putting together an article on the subject in the coming weeks.

      • MissG

        Oh that would be fab guys!can u make sure the info will also apply to Europe and not only US?Thank you!

  • renee


  • michelle

    My 35 cm cost me $8,950.

  • Maria

    i am oh so jealous. It looks beautiful

  • Karla

    Megs, this is a beautiful Birkin! Congrats – what a great addition to your Hermes family. Vlad’s pictures of it are awesome as well.

  • michele

    I want one too…. Congrats!

  • Terri

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the photo’s. Love it!!!

  • MizzJ

    OMG!! You have not 1, but 2 Birkin’s?!? Life is unfair :) This bag is the epitome of class, so simple and timeles. Wear it well.

  • Handbag Lover

    I love it.

  • Anon

    Sorry the bag looks boring. It’s the wonderful swivel door (is that what it is??) in the background that makes the pic striking, though.

  • papertiger

    Classic and beautiful, I love it. My mother would say ‘wish you well to wear it’ so I’ll say that to you.

  • Lourdes

    Congrats and I am so jealous… Very classic … wear it well

  • Michelle

    There is no longer a waiting list. They are placed on the shelves and you can walk in and purchase one. Everytime I have gone into the Rodeo Drive store, they have had at least two on the shelves. You can also special order one.

    • JW

      Yeah. The birkins are more readily available. That has been the case for some time now. But some stores will still take down a customer’s info if they have a particular color they are interested in purchasing.

  • Anna Cooperberg

    Love for this bag is pretty much pouring out from my soul at this moment. And at least half of my love is for the itsy bitsy elephant. It is too adorbs!


  • Beth

    O. M. G. !!!

  • Lisa

    Fantastic picture and bag! I can’t wait to hear more about it and see more of Vlad’s great pictures!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    It is absolutely stunning – congratulations on your newest addition!

  • Kat

    Lucky, lucky girl… what a beautiful bag!

    I think am finally ready for my first birkin but really want a JPG one. Does anyone know what a JPG Birkin retails for? Can I just walk into a store and buy it?

    • I am pretty sure I saw a creme-colored JPG Kelly at the Wall Street NYC store just a few days ago. May want to call them, if interested. I believe that the JPG Birkin is no longer in production, only for special order.

      • Kat

        Thanks Vlad. That helps! Do you have any idea of the price point on the JPG Kelly?

      • I am afraid I don’t know. I can inquire, though.

      • mimi73

        hi,my SA in faubourg saint honoré called me for 3 colours in a 35 birkin bag phw :parchemin , chocolat and bleu de prusse, i don’t know what the colours look like i made my order by phone because i wasn’t in paris in that time…and I choosed bdp in togo, is it a good choice? I have already a kelly flat in etoupe 35 phw and swift leather( i know it’s not very popular but i love it!). thanks for the help!!
        by the way excuse my english, i generally speak and write in french….

  • Sweet Pea

    This is one Gorgeous Bag!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  • ~AC

    Something my grandama would wear! Snooze…

    • Nina

      While you are taking a snooze, I would love to raid your Grandma’s handbag closet! :D

  • Merve

    Megs what a stunner, congrats on yr new addition to the family :)

  • Amy

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gergeous….
    can’t imagine i would afford it in my whole life….eieieieie

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful bag!! Congrats!! Enjoy!

  • Jem

    Ooooooh lovely :-)

  • weaslgrl

    Hello, lover!

  • mandy

    Amazing…sigh…she’s a beaut! Congrats!

  • katen17

    it’s beautiful!

  • hect

    perfect perfect perfect i can not express how much i love the birkin and this one in particular is just well perfect and the elephant is so unique i have no words……….PERFECT

  • hect

    i gui do have a word perf…ect

  • hannah

    congratulations!!! beautiful classy and elegant… cant wait to get my birkin (ostrich in violet)…MY BABY IS COMING HOME IN 2 WEEKS!!! CANT WAIT :)

  • mette

    I´m happy if this is the bag that makes you happy !

  • aliysiah

    FAKE. ^

    Congrats Megs and Vlad on your stunning Hermes Birkin. The long wait was totally worth it! She’s a stunning beauty. Enjoy her well, I will be keeping an eye out for your always yummy pictures!!

  • kelly

    What a gorgeous birkin Meg! So elegant!! Can’t wait to see your full review and reveal!

  • sndc99

    Nice Photo and nice Birkin of course. It’s so pretty

  • Bag Brag

    Can someone zoom in on the suspected elephant charm on the bag? Is it a lock or a bag charm?

  • Lola

    Congrats! We’re still eagerly awaiting the promised info & more pics!


    Life is Good & Your Bbag Confirms it-Congrat’s!

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      I am happy with the Hermes Birkin I provide very good products and service


  • Alica

    That’s great bag i have a dream i get it. I must cote this post “Approaching Perfection, Fast” on my blog here

  • Analisa


  • Valentina

    if there´s a waiting list or not, I know nothing about that for sure, i got mine by chance, ´cause everytime i went to the Faubourg store in Paris, there was none, everyday i´ve tried and got the same response,
    so, once, in beautiful day, at night just right the pening time was out, I´ve came to one of the sellerwoman just the time I was leaving the sote, I´ve looked across the tables , next to the woman who makes the packages , and I saw one just like that, so, as was telling you, I came right to one aged japonese sellerwoman and asked her if that Birkin was seld to anyone, and she asked me if there was someone who was already occupied with me or not, I´ve said tehre wasn´t, and she hurried for someone to me, and eveything said that special Birkin was there just for a while before it would be taken to cave(smiling), and it was like that, simply but for sure, with decision, that one would be mine, or i´d die for it.
    Now, thanks God, i´m waiting for my second, in Lisbon, a special order, gray just slightly green, soft leather, with gold metals
    i´m just happy, more, becouse take my bag personnaly
    every purchase is a party, celebrated with champagne,]not for the bag itselv, i´ve got dozen of bags, but just to celebrate life , me, my family, the world, beauty,plasure, and so , and so, and so..