When I think of fashion brands that embrace technology, Hermès isn’t the first name to come to mind, but the company seems to be looking to change that, at least in a small way. Yesterday, Apple announced that Hermès will make three special leather bands for a new series of its Apple Watch that will also have a unique, Hermès-branded interface.

The Wall Street Journal reports this is the first time Apple has partnered with a luxury goods company on a product, and although the two companies are very different, they have at least one important commonality. Both Hermès and Apple make products that are at the pinnacle of their respective categories; Apple may not make traditional fashion, but it is, in significant ways, also a luxury company with dedicated, knowledgeable fans not unlike the shoppers who know all the intricacies of acquiring an Hermès Birkin.

Apple Watch Hermes

Apple has yet to release pricing information on the Hermès editions of the Apple Watch, but many of Hermès’s own watches are available online with retail prices starting at $2,425, which is not particularly expensive by luxury watch standards. It’s unclear if an Apple Watch instead of a traditional quartz setup will make that price more or less expensive, but the three strap styles Apple showcased at its event yesterday were in plain leather, which will help with the price.

Assuming the Hermès edition Apple Watch ends up being somewhere around that price, could you see yourself springing for one? If you weren’t interested in the watch before, does this do anything to make you reconsider? If so, you can expect the Hermès watches to launch in October, according to MacRumors.

UPDATE: As commenter Matt pointed out, more information about the Hermès Apple Watches is now available at Apple’s website; it appears as though the three versions will retail beginning at $1,100, $1,250 and $1,500, depending on which strap shape you pick. The watches will launch October 4.

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  • Matt

    The Hermes edition Apple Watch information is up on Apple’s website.

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thanks for the link, Matt!

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  • kemilia

    Funny, we were talking today at my manicurist’s shop about how the Apple watch didn’t exactly take off, whereas everyone and their kid has an iPhone, and wanted one from day one. I doubt the Hermes band will do much for it except for the Hermes crowd, this kinda smells of a desperation move to me but I’ve been wrong before (lots!).

    • Edia

      its not quite where the iphone is, but i do see it rather frequently on ppls arms

  • Edia

    i didnt care for it before, but i have to say that now it looks really cute. actually it kind of looks like the cape cod with the straps idk…

  • Tank Diaz

    I really, really want one, they look great, even if I am being suckered in to another “product”, can’t wait for their release date

    • Lily Tinton

      Just remember that you have to charge this silly Apple Watch every night. And you won’t get much money back if you wanted to re-sale. Much better off to buy a watch from Hermes! Cheers.

      • Tank Diaz

        Lily, I know, but apple and Hermes, almost too much to process, my two loves in one place. However I know my Cape Cod GMT, my favourite watch at the moment, is a much better investment, sigh

  • Old lady goes on date with much younger man. My guess is that the Apple Watch will go the same way as Google Glass-in the bin.

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  • laura

    I want one.

  • ChiTownFashionista

    With the Hermes straps and exclusive interface, I’m definitely intrigued. My only concern is when the Apple Watch is upgraded. At that point, the watch is pretty much worthless. I really hope they consider making removable/interchangeable straps, so that a consumer can easily (and more cost-effectively) upgrade the face of the watch.

    • shopper

      Exactly. That’s the dilemma: tech stuff is designed to be disposable, luxury items are not. So what do you do after you spent $1500 on a strap only to find the darn watch is obsolete before the charge comes up on your credit card???!!! If the iPhone is any indication the shape and size of the watch will grow and shrink with each release.

      I never spend a lot on tech (won’t buy an iPhone). Total waste. Better off buying a good bag or even a wallet.

  • kate

    I wish these were straps only. I already have a apple watch, and love it btw, but would consider purchasing a Hermes strap. The Apple watch is so unnecessary, but oh so fun to wear. I don’t even wear my Rolex or Cartier watches anymore.