Even though many of us are still in lockdown, it’s fun to take a look at what our favorite designers have planned for us in the upcoming season. Hermès’ Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s vision for Spring/Summer 2021 is an expansion on her prior ideas for Resort 2020, which was put on hold due to COVID. Building upon her usual motive of “a responsible approach and a perennial style”, Vanhee-Cybulski added just enough fashion (in this case, both visual and tactile stimulation) to keep things enticing, both classic and fresh.

Hermès Spring/Summer 2021 Bags

As far as bags go, I only spotted two new styles on the runway: the Perspective Cavaliere, a more streamlined version of the bucket style, adorned only with an adjustable strap and a Clou de Selle closure; and the Sac Mors a Bride, which is a very slim shoulder bag similar to the Clic-H bag.

Perspective Cavaliere

The Perspective Cavaliere comes in two sizes:

Small Perspective Cavaliere Bag via Vogue.com

Large Perspective Cavaliere Bag via Vogue.com

The Sac Mors a Bride

Sac Mors A Bride bag. Photo via Vogue.com

I don’t have more details on these bags yet, but the Perspective Cavaliere seems very practical and easy for everyday wear. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; it is asymmetrical. The Mors a Bride is a slightly edgy design and looks great for evening.

Carrying through to the season’s blend of new and old, I also saw in the press day photos a lot of familiar bag shapes and styles with a new twist. Instead of designing a bunch of new bags this season, Hermès showed new iterations of beloved designs, and some of these should be starting to hit the boutiques (at least, the ones that are open) soon if they haven’t already. These include a Cargo HAC (also seen for men), the Picnic Birkin (with Barenia leather), the Shadow Birkin, an H tote, Birkins with fringe, the Kelly and the Kelly Depeche in canvas and leather, and a Harness Birkin.

Cargo HAC

This is a rather large bag which I see more for men or as a collector’s piece. Actually this would be a great work bag for an extremely stylish photographer!

Cargo HAC. Photo courtesy of @speciale._

Cargo HAC. Photo via @speciale._

Picnic Birkin

For those who loved the Picnic Kelly. I believe this is 25cm and the leather appears to be Barenia.

Picnic Birkin. Photo via @carineloeillet

Canvas and Barenia Kelly Depeche

I saw this in both a Kelly bag and in this Depeche version. The Depeche is a great bag for both men and women, and this could really go almost anywhere if you don’t need to carry very much.

Canvas and Barenia Kelly Depeche. Photo via @speciale._

Harness Birkin

I’m not sure if this is one item that comes together or you can buy a harness for your Birkin. I know there are a number of people who wish they could carry their Birkin with a strap, and this seems this most likely option, although most people also carry their Birkin open…I would love to see how that looks in person or whether this really works as a practical matter.

Harness Birkin. Photo via @speciale._

Fringe Birkin

Not quite as fringe-y as the usual Hermès fringe, I’m not sure why these bags appear to be more oblong than usual. I do love these bright and fun colors, though.

Fringe Birkins. Photo courtesy of @speciale._

Fringe Birkins. Photo via @speciale._

Shadow Birkin

Those who love this style get another chance to track one down!

Shadow Birkin. Photo courtesy of TPFer @Angelian

Shadow Birkin. Photo via TPFer @Angelian

Tufted H Tote

I’ve read that Hermès uses a special technique to make this tufted tote. For whatever reason it reminds me of travel styles from the 1960s, but it also seems very simple and useful.

H Tote Bag. Photo courtesy of @Hermes

H Tote Bag. Photo via @Hermes

Bag Charms

For those who love bag charms, the new offerings will be very popular. The Quelle Idole charm is adorable, and who doesn’t love a Rodeo with a Pegase twist?

Quelle Idole bag charm

Yes, we’re all going to love this. I’m assuming the price will be stratospheric.

Quelle Idole Charms. Photo via xiaohongshu.com

Pegase Rodeo Charm

This is more my speed. I’ve heard that it will be offered in four or five colorways and I’ve seen a poor-quality photo of the pink version.

Pegase Rodeo Charm. Photo via xiaohongshu.com

Rodeo Touch Charm

I’m also hearing that there will be exotic Rodeos offered, but I’ve only seen this version with the gator saddle, not an entirely exotic Rodeo.

Rodeo Touch Charm. Photo via xiaohongshu.com


Additional offerings included more colors for the anodized/tonal CDC as well as a smaller version and barrettes, and all-black enamel bracelet options.

Anodized Aluminum Tonal CDC Bracelets and Hair Clips

Hermès expended on this new line of aluminum jewelry, adding new colors for the Collier de Chien cuff, a smaller sized bracelet similar to the CDC 24, and a hair clip as well.

Anodized Collier de Chien Cuffs, Bracelets and Barrettes. Photo via @carineloeillet

Clic H Bracelets

Hermès also added new iterations of the Clic H bracelet, including this “So Black” version, and new models which carry the main bracelet design through the H closure.

So Black Clic H Bracelet. Photo courtesy of Tag-Walk.com

So Black Clic H Bracelet. Photo via Tag-Walk.com

As de Coeur

Hermès will also be offering a new line of accessories called “As de Coeur” (Ace of Hearts), featuring a gold or palladium heart over leather. Some of the pieces are reminiscent of the Ace of Hearts playing card. Though this line is mainly jewelry, but will be extended to belts as well.

As de Coeur Bracelet. Photo via Hermes.com

As de Coeur Pendant. Photo via Hermes.com


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