Leiber Blaze Dragee Handheld Satchel
Leiber Blaze Dragee Handheld Satchel

Judith Leiber is known for her novelty bags and use of crystals. Many of her bags are perfect for evening wear, showing intricate use of crystal detailing over a violin, pig, or heart and snake. The Leiber Blaze Dragee Handheld Satchel gives the familiarity of Leiber with the top handle adorned with Austrian crystals and adds a new touch with the pink leather body. The shape is familiar, resembling the Dior Babe with the top handles. This is not typical of Judith Leiber, and I am not sure I am loving it. I do love the idea of the top handles with the crystal detailing, but the leather body is not a color that I adore. The top is open and the body features gathered leather. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2695. What do you think; Fab or Drab?

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  • valentina

    I am not impressed…I think Barbie has one like it! Perhaps it depends on its dimensions, still I think it looks like it belongs in one of those accessories’shops for young girls who like to dress up for play (sorry but I live in Europe so I don’t know what the name of such shop would be there, over here it’s “Claire’s) :smile:

    • nmlady

      I agree… it’s pretty but it looks like what I would have carried to Prom.

  • Brooke

    Not for the money. I totally get a Leiber Clutch..that’s like a staple, but I have to say No!

  • Jahpson

    that looks so cute!

    LMAO @ Valentina, yeah it does look like something Barbie would own. but then again that woman [er..doll] had style.

  • kemilia

    The clutches are classics and collectibles. This ain’t either.

    And it’s Claire’s here too–good place for headbands, sparkly barrettes, etc.

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I would rather get the clutch as well. I think they are more lasting. Crystal handles are interesting but I think there is a Valentino that’s even cuter and more practical.

  • Sadaf

    i kinda like it!!! Every girl could use a little pink every now and then!! I love the crystal adorned handles and the metallic pink!!! Sorry all :grin: but im a barbie girl in the barbie world!

  • lily j.

    I think maybe if it were smaller I would consider it. I like the handle for evening, not sure about the leather color.I don’t think its ugly. I just don’t find it wearable.

  • tabogon

    I kinda like it too. It’s one of those special occasion bags so I wouldn’t pay that much for it but I do think that it’s cute. I like the pink metallic color of the bag too.. Definitely unique :wink:

  • GeorgiaT

    It’s pretty in a very delicate and feminine way, but definitely a bag for a very specific occasion.

  • amnA-

    i really dont like the colour pink used… NAY!

  • SKelly

    I think that the components are better off separate from one another. Either a simple pink metallic leather clutch or a studded pink minauderie.

    Together they look kinda weird. IMHO

  • Grace

    I think it’s not so much the color of the body that’s the issue.. it’s that studded/striped handle. That looks a bit candy striper x middle-aged rich Chinese mistres…

  • christy

    I love the bag! I have seen it IRL… I still think it’s a great staple evening bag. Every girl should have one!

  • y-knee

    it’s so ugly that i want to throw up…
    and the price? omigod!

  • louise

    its like an old school bag gone super sci fi. its hideous.

  • Rain

    I kinda like it, but I think it’s too expensive.

  • Mary


  • MizzJ

    Ugh that has got to be one of the ugliest purses I’ve seen. Leather should never come in that shade of pink. It’s kind of sad because otherwise, the design of this purse is actually quite attractive!


  • Dolphin-chick

    I love it, but you’re talking to a grown woman who collects dolls and My Little Ponies, so take that as you will. :lol: I think I’d have opted for a soft pink shade for the leather instead of metallic and maybe a magnetic snap on the inside. And the price… ouch! It’s steep, especially if it has the same dimensions as most evening bags.

  • Jo Ann

    I Love It ! I could rock this bag. Love the pink metallic, so very feminine. Yes, it’s love at first sight with this bag…lol. Just need a pair of killer pumps :wink:

    Sincerly Jo Ann

  • njeri2000

    I absolutely love Judith Leiber handbags. Due to hard times and a recent divorce, i may have to let my collection go. Anyone interested please email me for actual pictures.

  • njeri2000

    i absolutely love Judith leiber handbags. unfortunately due to a recent divorce and hard times, i’ll have to let my collection go. please contact me if you’re interested and for actual pictures. thanks