The Bags I Carried in NYC in November

And the hotel in NYC I love...

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Vlad and I lived in NYC for five years. It was five of the best years of our lives. We were newlyweds who took on a new adventure to focus on our business and the challenges of moving to a new city. Living in NYC and visiting are two very different things, and though I miss living there at times, I am now the most content visitor of my old home and so thankful for the years I had there.

I always like to try new hotels in NYC, and a few weeks ago, we stayed at the Peninsula NYC. It was the perfect time of the year to experience the charm of one of the most beloved hotels in NYC. It was a quick three-day work trip, but that didn’t stop me from doing a bit of neighborhood exploring, eating, relaxing, and shopping.

The Bags

I am pretty specific with the bags I bring for a quick trip. On this trip, I used my roll-on suitcase from Away, which I’ve had for four years, and it’s held up really well. The light blue color is what I chose when I bought this bag, as it came with me to the hospital when I delivered Vaughn. This bag is spacious enough for my needs and light, which is ideal.

My Fendi Peekaboo was my main bag for carrying on and off the plane. I replaced the leather shoulder strap with the thicker fabric strap, which helps the bag sit comfortably on my arm. I love how this bag feels large enough for daily needs but is also elegant and refined with its shape and style. The optional shoulder strap gives it a more casual appeal, and the interior is separated by a partition, so it makes for easy organization.

We were in NYC for a project with Ralph Lauren, so of course, I brought a Ralph Lauren bag myself. Now, this bag is a bag that deserves far more love! This is the Ralph Lauren Wellington Bag, one that isn’t as well-known for the brand, but I personally love.

The equestrian flare is significant to the house, and I was immediately drawn to this really fun purple suede color. I have always thought that Ralph Lauren bags are being slept on a bit, and this bag might deserve the most attention. Hopefully, I’ve put it on your radar!

Lastly, I love a pouch that I use in my carry-on for toiletries but also doubles as a nighttime carry.

While I have a vast collection of bags that I love, the idea of being weighed down by overpacking stresses me out, so I like to make what I carry transition for events and uses. I love this Dior pouch and am probably the biggest proponent of pouches for your bags. I will turn everyone into a pouch person if I have any say because it simply makes sense.

IMG 0601 1
IMG 0810 2
RALPH LAUREN Welington Calfskin Shoulder Bag
$1,650 via Ralph Lauren

The Stay

Most of my meetings in NYC are right by the Peninsula Hotel, so I love the location. The hotel was prepping for Thanksgiving, and I loved the fall vibes. When we arrived, we had a sweet treat to greet us in the room, and we enjoyed room service along with the hotel restaurant. We celebrated the completion of the campaign we were in NYC for on the rooftop inside of a warm igloo that overlooked the city.

There is always something so magical about NYC, especially around the holidays, and this stay at the hotel was situated in a great spot for everything I needed, including Central Park walks, a quick trip down to see the windows at Saks and Rockefeller, and everything else. For your next trip to NYC, the Peninsula may also be the perfect hotel for you!

IMG 0590 1
IMG 0760 1
IMG 0582 1
IMG 0792 2
IMG 0574 1
IMG 0671 2

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7 months ago

I have always wanted to stay there! I’m going to try to do it next time. Love that purple bag!

7 months ago

That igloo is cool!

7 months ago

I love when you share travel tips megs! Love that Fendi bag and can’t wait to go to NYC next time! The Peninsula is one of our favorite places 🙂