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Five Exciting New Hermès Bags for Autumn-Winter 2022

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Hermès, a collector, or a newbie, there is something to get excited about

Now that summer has (finally!) gotten into full swing, everyone is looking ahead to Fall 2022, and you know what that means: new everything. Although the cycle of seasons would have us believe that spring is the time for birth and renewal, in the fashion world, that time really is Autumn (hence the traditionally thick September magazine issues, back in the day). For Hermès, the focus is on renewal rather than birth, if we are talking about the new bags for the season because the Hermès leather department – while providing a few entirely new options – got the most buzz going with some eye-catching iterations of our beloved favorites.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Hermès, a collector, or a newbie hoping to find something that suits your lifestyle, there is something to get excited about (even better if the supply-chain gods are finally with us).

Here are five drool-worthy bags to consider adding to your closet this fall:

Kelly en Desordre

The Kelly en Desordre – a somewhat deconstructed Kelly bag, which was first seen on the runway for Women’s Autumn-Winter 2022 – was an instant hit among many collectors and Kelly bag lovers, retaining the iconic appeal of the Kelly while also adding an edgy, asymmetric vibe It’s a double-sided bag (although the taller side seems to open to the main compartment, with the shorter side likely opening to a back pocket), with a turn-lock and single (not double) strap on the left side of both the front and the back. It also has a shoulder strap instead of the usual handle and appears to be made in either Gold with Palladium Hardware in Epsom Leather or Noir with Gold Hardware in Box Leather.

Hermes Kelly en Desordre
The Kelly En Desordre In Gold Epsom Leather With Gold Hardware. Photo via Hermes.com

Birkin Rock

Oh, wow, the Birkin Rock. The. Birkin. Rock. Produced in a men’s HAC size and a feminine-but-kickass 25cm version, the Birkin Rock is the bag version of the black leather jacket which it is clearly inspired by: produced in black smooth leather (likely Barenia) with palladium (silver-toned) hardware and featuring an external snap pocket, an external angled zipper pocket, a dangling Chaîne d’Ancre extending from a ring attached to a loop on the top right of the front of the bag, and a covered lock. This is truly a jaw-dropping and accessible iteration of the Birkin.

Hermes Men s Birkin Rock
The Men’s Version Of The Birkin Rock, Also Known As The HAC Rock. Photo via Hermès
Hermes Men s Birkin HAC
HAC Rock In Brown. Photo via Michael Carl (Hermès)

Picotin Lock Micro (aka Mini Picotin or Picotin 14)

This is technically part of the Spring-Summer 2022 line (and trickling in at the end of the season), so unlike the prior two bags mentioned here, we are currently seeing Mini Picotins pop up for sale at Hermès boutiques. Printed in a “Lucky Daisy” pattern on Nata, Gold, or Rose Sakura Swift leather, it’s rather small for a bag that is essentially the handheld version of a tote (14 cm, or 12.5″ x 12.5″), but it’s adorable, light and relatively reasonably priced at $3,200.

Hermes Floral Picotin
Picotin Lock Micro. Photo via Hermes.com

Hermèsway Phone Case

Sometimes you just need something grab-and-go for errands; something well-designed; compact; useful; worry-free. The Hermèsway Phone Case could be your answer. This case is designed to be worn with a long adjustable strap and features sections for a phone, AirPods Case, Lipstick, and a credit card slot. The colors so far appear to be Noir, Bleu Saphir, and Nata Epsom (although Rouge H was also seen on the runway version). Official dimensions are L 8.7 x H 16.5 x D 2.2 cm (although listed on the Canadian website at CAD 2800, we do not have an exact US price yet; expect it to be in the neighborhood of $2,500).

Hermesway Phone Case
An Hermèsway Phone Case In Nata Epsom Leather. Photo via Hermes.com

Mini Jypsiere

Coming in at the end of the year will be the anticipated Mini-Jypsiere. While there are no official photos of this bag yet, it is confirmed that it will be produced in various neutrals (Noir, Beton, Etoupe, Gold, and the new color Mushroom) and in Swift and Evercolor leathers. Unofficial photos reveal a small and similarly proportioned version with the familiar adjustable strap and closure.

Hermes Mini Jysperie
A Press Day Photo Of The Mini-Jypsiere In Noir Evercolor Leather With Gold Hardware. Photo Via Red

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