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Whenever someone new learns what I do for a living, almost invariably, he or she asks me what my favorite bag or brand is. I typically respond with my favorite designer of the moment, along with a few widely popular bags; for this fall, my response to everyone will include the Gucci Marmont collection.

Gucci Fall Winter 2016 features bags and clothing that work together to showcase one cohesive vision, which allows the entire line to work in your wardrobe for years to come.

By now you all know I’m a Gucci girl and have been for years. With Alessandro Michele at the helm the brand has blossomed, and every collection has turned into the season’s most coveted among shoppers, and not just because of the wonderful bags; ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories have all proved to be huge hits. I’ve loved seeing the brand’s aesthetic grow, and I can tell you without any hesitation that the Gucci Marmont Handbag collection is going to work its way into your heart.

We already shared a preview of the Gucci Fall Winter 2016 collection with you, and many of you chimed in to agree with my thinking–everything at Gucci is so good right now.

Sometimes you see a line of bags and you just know it’s going to connect with bag lovers. The GG Marmont design gathers its inspiration from a buckle Gucci used in the 1970s; immediately upon seeing the logo there’s a throwback feel, but the initials still feel modern. Each bag of the collection features the GG motif as the main ornament, and the shapes of the designs have a relaxed feel.

While each bag offers a bit of structure, there is a softness to the design that allows you to feel comfortable to carry it all day, every day. There are a few different styles of bags, including three shoulder bags, tote bags and camera-style crossbodies. The camera case got my immediate attention, and if you’re a regular PurseBlog reader, you know how obsessed I already am with my Gucci Soho Disco Bag.

It’s hard to pick a favorite with so many beautiful options, but mine just might be the Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag, which is also available in a similar, smaller camera bag. It’s bigger than the Soho Disco that I use non-stop, but not too large to get in your way.

I love the chevron quilting, paired with the flat leather and the front external pocket. This bag is on my list, and not only is it lovely, but it’s also at a great price point. There are a few colorways including yellow, white, black and Gucci Ghost print. I am planning to add a Gucci Marmont Bag to my collection, and considering my personal style and what matters to me most in a bag, this one is it. Buy via Gucci for $1,690.

Each GG Marmont design melds functionality with femininity in a wide variety of colors and materials, all featuring brass chain shoulder straps whose coloring and size works well with each bag. Take the pink GG Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag, for example: I love the quilting on the smooth calf leather and the bubblegum pink color. This piece immediately grabs your attention, and if you’re looking for a super-feminine bag, look no further.

Speaking of options, I fell for the velvet Gucci Marmont Bags too. I actually don’t own a velvet bag and since Vlad and I spend most of our time in Florida, it hadn’t occurred to me to get one. If you live in a place where the seasons change and you want to be fashion-forward, do not rule it out; the petrol blue hue on the GG Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag has me dreaming of crisp fall days.

Gucci creates colors that are rich and wonderful, and this bag is no exception. Even with my typical style, this bag would be a standout piece, and I’m more in love with it than I thought I’d be. From grey or camel fall coats to crisp white blouses, if you pair this bag with your normal seasonal wardrobe, you’ll amp up your style tenfold. I like the smaller size of this bag, but there is a larger size as well, which is available in different velvet colorways. That being said, blue is a color I think works for everyone, and in this size and at this price, I love it as a fall staple. Buy via Gucci for $1,590.

If you’re looking for something different, the GucciGhost collaboration may meet your fancy. Artist GucciGhost, a.k.a. Trouble Andrew, collaborated with Alessandro Michele to create a special line for the Fall Winter 2016 collection, and some of the pieces have already been spotted on fashion-forward stars like Rihanna and Madonna. The collaboration incorporates GucciGhost’s street art into the season’s designs, which are layered with a graffiti GG and stars pattern in blue and yellow. While there are additional bags and accessories, of course I love the GucciGhost print on this shoulder bag.

Also, if you order any item from the GucciGhost collaboration, it will arrive in special edition GucciGhost packaging.

Some additional details from the GG Marmont collection include embroidered hearts on the back of the bags, which is a wonderful hidden detail that makes the bags feel personal and special. While some bags include the quilted heart detail on the back, others feature an embroidered GG design. The interiors of the bag vary some, with beige microfibre for the leather models and peony-colored silk for the velvet versions of the bag; both have interior pockets.

When you want multiple bags from one collection, you know it’s a great lineup, and that is exactly how I feel about Gucci Marmont. You can’t go wrong with any of these bags, and my difficulty lies in attempting to figure out exactly which bag I need to add to my collection. Inevitably, I’ll wind up with one of these bags, and soon you’ll get a full review on my choice. If you ask me, though, a bag from Gucci Marmont is just what your fall wardrobe is asking for as well.

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  • Guest

    I think I’m the only one that hates Gucci’s new direction: no to Marmont, no to Dionysus, no to the over embellishments (ribbons, snakes, etc.). Every time I see new Gucci handbag designs, I feel like I’m looking at pieces from Dynasty or Falcon Crest.

    • Sandy

      It sure it not for everyone, but I love most of it

    • Nina Ilic

      I agree – the emphasis on the logo is the exact reason Gucci went out of style some years ago. Now it’s all back with even more logo and embellishments – looks cheap to me, but different people – different tastes.

  • Sarah

    These pictures are seriously amazing and I love the pink bag! And the Ghost one too!

    • Ha, me too! The GucciGhost is actually really cool and I like that it’s something different. The pink bag (and COAT!!!) are too good

  • Barb

    Seriously every time you post Gucci bags I end up wanting all of them!

    • I mean, me too!! Plus if you’ve been checking out our street style from NYFW, you’ll see everyone else is carrying tons of Gucci as well!

  • Gigi

    I’m obsessed with everything Gucci has been doing lately!

  • anon

    Still can’t get over the Covergirl logo.

    • FashionableLena

      That logo is actually vintage Gucci from the ’70s. It pre-dates Covergirl which was founded in 1989.

      • KeepItReal

        Doesn’t matter which logo predates which. CoverGirl CG was smeared all over every medium for at least a decade if not longer, and the visual association is, at least for me, impossible to break. Maybe if the bags were sophisticated looking, the GG would fade into the background or blend, but being that they all look very circus-y, the logo pops (not in a good way).

      • FashionableLena

        It actually does matter if you are 1) insinuating that Gucci copied the logo and 2) putting out erroneous information.
        You called it the Covergirl logo, and you were wrong.

      • KeepItReal

        I didn’t call it the CoverGirl logo actually. That was above by someone else. I also never implied it was a copy. Great that Gucci had it first. Hooray. It doesn’t matter who had it first when all I see is CoverGirl CG along with many posters all over the web. Marketing 101. CoverGirl wins the association game. It doesn’t much matter as it will all disappear by next season anyway in favor of dragons and puppets and more court jester chic.

      • KO0926

        I agree with you, all I saw was Cover Girl…95% of my bags don’t have big distinctive logos, BUT when I want to carry a bag with the brand splashed all over it… I’ll pull out the Sukey or a LV… but this is not a bag I want to carry with that big CG glaring out at you.. As I mentioned above, these look a little too much like Channel to me (and gasp.. I’m not a big fan of the flap bag…) so as a cross body when doing a little shopping I might buy a bag this size, these won’t be one of them….

    • KO0926

      Totally agree! The bags are nice…. but a several are a little too reminiscent of Channel for me…. I understand it’s almost impossible at this point to come out with a handbag that doesn’t look like another designers… but there are several brands that manage to create great original looking pieces from time to time.

  • Heather

    Vlad these photos are so good! Can’t decide which one I want, love that blue velvet and yellow one

    • I know, I’m biased but these are some of my favorite photos he’s ever taken!!

      The blue velvet in person is AMAZING. You should check it out!

  • Sparky

    Looks like the little camera bad is the next generation disco bag (size, price, etc). I like it but I’ll wait for better colors like a distresses metallic khaki or something muted. The current colors (especially the bubblegum pink) don’t work for me. Python would be good.

    • I’ll do a further review on the camera bag (there are actually two sizes, one that is more in line with the current Disco and the yellow one above that is larger), but I honestly think it’s the perfect size. They do have it in black and I’m hoping it will come in more colors as well! Python would be so good!

  • Katy ;P

    Seriously crushing on the combination of the pink bag and the necklace

    • It’s actually one piece – that dress has the ‘necklace’ as part of it!

      • Katy ;P

        :-O I need that dress!!!!!!!

  • Marta

    Gucci is making me want everything right now, including this collection. I’ve been looking for clothes with a Gucci inspiration since there is now way I can afford them. I mean, the bomber jackets are gorg but $$$! I’m thinking of going for the matelassee shoulder bag from this collection, as well. It’ll have to wait, as I just scored a small supreme Dionysus in the canvas and beige colorway through consignment! I’ve been lusting after that bag for about a year. So excited to receive it! Not sure the GucciGhost color combo will work with my wardrobe, but the card case is definitely doable and at a good price point! Thanks, Megs!

    • So happy you like it all! The GucciGhost could definitely work well for a smaller item, like a card case! Congrats on your new Dionysus, love that bag!

  • psny15


    • So glad you love it!

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  • Lizzie

    You guys take the best photos and really capture the beauty of these designs!

  • Okjuliet

    This is such a good post! The pictures are amazing and really capture the beauty of the collection. Absolutely loving Gucci at the moment!

    • So glad you love it!! And same – totally loving Gucci at the moment as well!

      • sylvia_crocker

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  • Cindy

    I love that you work with gucci on these pieces. Your pics make me want everything more. Megs what are you going to get?

    • Ah, well I want lots of it – but probably going to go with that oversized camera bag or some version of it (though the velvet bag is really amazing too). I’ll keep you all posted!

      • Imgoingbroke

        Go for the velvet bag. It’s so unique.

  • Passerine

    On the one hand, I love the new Gucci line-up. It’s striking and fresh. Some luscious colors, perfect for the cooler season. OTOH, it’s unlikely I’ll buy any of it. I looked at some of these bags and tried to figure out how I’d feel carrying them three years down the road. To be honest, I think most will be past their sell-by date in a year or two. But that’s fine — I get the distinct vibe that the current Gucci collection is NOT targeting people who buy for the long-haul. I’m just at the point in my life where I don’t want to spend $1000 and up for a “fun” bag. (But I am really glad I bought my Gucci Tian Boston Supreme bag — I will still carry it with pleasure five years from now — and I’ll be wearing Gucci loafers forever.)

  • Jess

    Perfection!! I would take one in every single colour of each bag! GO GUCCI! You good thing you!

  • Maya

    I would have never considered purchasing Gucci in the past but I have to admit, they are totally killing it!!!

    • Gucci is being carried by almost every fashion editor I see right now too – Gucci really is having a moment and then-some!

  • TMA

    Apart from the bags… the chairs in the first photo are fab!!! I would love those in my house! Any ideas where to find those??!

    • Ah wish I could tell you, but it was shot on location and they aren’t our chairs – so I can’t help :shrugs:

  • Kate

    I’m in Italy at the moment and decided to pick up one of these bags in Florence. I saved a few hundred purchasing it here, and it will be an even better bargain when I receive the VAT refund. I was supposed to wait until 2017 to buy a new bag (trying to be more frugal after having a baby this year), but it was just too good a deal to pass up. This collection is insanely gorgeous.