I feel like I’ve been kind of a Negative Nancy lately, so I hopped on Saks.com hoping to write about something I really like for you guys.

Unfortunately, instead of doing that, I have to be negative again. And it’s all Gucci’s fault.

The Gucci Tribeca Medium Shoulder Bag is a disaster. Of epic proportions. And that’s coming from someone that normally really likes Gucci, even when they get a bit wacky with their designs. I usually understand what they’re up to, but here…there just are no words. It’s a big bag with a skinny, tiny strap – bad proportions! It’s got a textured heart inset placed randomly on the front – icky! And it’s got a big ol’ tattoo design in the tradition of the geniuses (and I say that facetiously) over at Ed Hardy right smack dab in the middle. Eww. I’ve heard rumblings of unhappiness with the Cruise collection over in our Gucci section on the forum, but I figured it would still have some redeeming qualities to most of the bags. Some of them aren’t so bad, but this? This is bad. I say this out of love, Gucci. I want you to make beautiful things. So please, for Spring, try harder. But, if you disagree, buy through Saks for $1,395.

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  • susan

    oh my god…

  • Aleia

    The same Ed Hardy came to mind right away. Not sure why Gucci would want to be so much like Ed Hardy, ugh.

  • I saw this bag and my sentiments are with you… not Gucci’s best moment.

  • Anilu Magloire

    Big fat NO!!!!

  • emily*

    Lets be positive..
    I COULD like it if it didn’t have the heart stamp or the ugly tattoo on the front, and if it had a thicker strap.
    I do like the little tassels though, and the color is pretty.

  • the “tattoo” looks like the kind you can get out of the 25 cent candy/game machines at the grocery store.

  • Jen

    This is Gucci? This looks like a crap Juicy Couture bag, but with a fat Gucci price tag. Gucci, get yourself together and stop splaying your name around in such hideous ways. Only the gorgeous leather on this bag keeps it from looking like a Forever 21 accessory.

  • MizzJ

    Crap, plain and simple. Someone is slacking off there at Gucci!


  • me

    It’s an Ed Hardy rip with a price gauge. No, thank you.

  • patois

    This bag is a crime against the good name of Gucci.

  • Grace

    I think it needs to say “MOM” on the bottom and be tattooed on some sailor’s upper arm! :P

  • NK

    i puked all over my laptop
    thanks gucci

  • Shani

    I am praying that their spring collection is way better. This collection was a little of a dissapointment!

  • Ohdarlyn!

    you guys are all nusty ass(ets) bitches, you guys no taste. you stuped witches from scandanavia. Im gonna do some vooodo on your assets!!!!!!!

  • Otter

    Wow. A mess. Looks like a cross between Ed Hardy and the bags that Lucky Brand chunks out at us. What in the world were they thinking??? I will laugh if I see anyone carry this mess. Perhaps it is a Halloween prank?

  • Jordania

    What has happened to Gucci? I guess they trying to break away from their traditional design – but come on! The indy bags got by (even though theys started even there with the strings on the bags) fine, but now they are just a disaster! Some bags look like they are made my my sons rain pants and others like they are made by himself at preeschool. I usede to love gucci, now I just think they make the most tasteless bags I have ever seen. I seriously can’t understand how they are still in buisness. Who buys that crap?? If they would have started out that wa, they would have been selling bags for 25 cents down in a gipsy market.
    Please get back to what you once were Gucci!

  • daisyjane

    Wow. That’s really bad.

  • MissG

    Absolutely horrendous…wouldnt wear it even if they gave it to me for free!

  • Amber

    I would have to agree, the bag hideous and it looks cheap.

  • billsty

    you mean luxurybagsdirect.com? do they take credit cards?

  • Diana

    I think the color of the bag is GORGEOUS, the size is great, and the strap could be much, much thicker…I am not hating this bag, just a little dissapointed…..

  • Kenneth Chan

    “Sigh” GUCCI. !! Recent Years, Gucci has no style, Ugly.. what’s wrong of them?? Everything looks so “Wal-Mart”.

  • silvia

    this is so hideous–I have a black Gucci tote from the Tom Ford era–sleek, elegant, timeless—thank God I bought it—-bring Tom Ford back, please, this is absolute crap. Gucci’s designs lately have been awful–metal hearts, fringe, now tattoos. Bring back the bamboo. Bring back super soft luxurious leather. Bring back Mr. Ford!!!

  • billsty

    I like it in black not brown,only found it at luxurybagsdirect.com

  • G. Gonzalez

    The Gucci Tribeca Medium Shoulder Bag is great! It instantly reminding me of the 70’s when so many people carried the stiff leather mexican made purses. It also looks a little like Berkley Calif.. Just a little hippie, not too much. It would be a fun bag to have.

  • Jennifer

    It’s nice… but for being Gucci is very very cheap

  • jusleah

    Since Tom Ford left gucci everything went down hill, their style and fabric has gone over board. I was obsessed with Gucci before but not there’s nothing out there I like. I would not carry this bag for anything.

    Ohdarlyn! I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for you to post a comment like this but next time check your spelling before posting.
    STUPID is how you spell itn not STUPED.

  • terry

    ole’ #27 sure doesn,t have much room to be telling other people how too spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jason kenny

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.
    Jason Kenny

  • Jc Valentina

    it just so ewwwwww…… definitely looks like ed hardy

  • Vierra

    Not really my style. Gucci come better than that bag!

  • moon johari

    i have seen n touched this bag with my own senses.material is good,colour is good but i just cant think of any outfit to go with it as i have expected gucci to be in another style n theme and so does my clothes.not my type.gucci wake up!! i wont get a bag frm gucci to make me look like a wannabe of gucci.get me the real stuff

  • Marine Wife

    eww..seriously?..ok, if the shoulder strap was wide and that tattoo design didnt look like a peel off sticker..p.s. tassels?? its a designer biker chick bag :-)

  • Abby

    i just bought one on the site of mybestfashion.com, the price is nice and quality is perfect!