Gucci Spring Summer 2006 Handbag

Right off the bat the name is not anything really descriptive (I will blame that on the site rather than Gucci itself), but this bag is oddly alluring. If you are drawn into both gold and silver, the shiny Gucci Spring/Summer 2006 Handbag may be just for you. While the bag is quite unique, there isn’t the best description given for me to work with. So today, we will all just have to rely on outer appearance to try to judge this bag for ourselves. The materials that are put together to make this bag include suede, leather, gold metal hardware. The hypnotizing part of this bag is how the signature GG’s fade from silver to shiny gold. Measuring 14 1/2″W X 7 1/2″H X 5 1/2″D, this bag is something with a little pizzazz from Gucci from Spring/Summer 2006. Buy it through StyleDrops for $949.

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  • Jessie Dye

    this is like the cutest gucci purse ive ever seen !!!! it’s soooooooooo adorable i need to know how much it is and i really want to get a gucci and i would like to get something like this but maybe a little smaller!!
    ok well i was wondering if maybe u can send me an email of places where i can get gucci purses in north carolina cause thats were i live and i need one help finding one k thanks

  • xiaoxin

    do u noe if there is the original brown color for this design?

  • Courtney

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the retail for this bag?

  • suki

    this bag is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lee

    I really love this bag. I loved when
    LV started making bags in that beautiful metallic silver, and now gucci has. yay!!!

  • Discount Jeans

    It all comes down to common sense really

  • Dave Ladin

    My wife and I have been searching for information on this bag forever. Finally! If anybody wants to buy it check out eBay in the next few days. It’ll be there…

  • Naggy

    The reflection of the logos add a nice touch. (ipad)