There was absolutely no part of me that looked at this clutch and thought Gucci. If you hadn’t seen the name of the bag, would Gucci be one of the first designers to pop into your mind?

I was overwhelmed with a sleek design, clean lines and complete structure with the Gucci Sigrid Oversize Clutch. I am not saying overwhelmed in a bad way, but perhaps more like taken by surprise.

In fact, as I analyzed this clutch, I went back through many of the Gucci bags that we’ve covered recently. It’s been months, and I mean months since we’ve covered a Gucci bag that is even the least bit structured. Ironically enough, the last structured bag was a clutch, the Gucci Crystal Evening Clutch.

Yet this one, this one is even sleeker. This evening bag comes in glossy white or black patent leather. I love the asymmetric flap closure with metal and enamel detailing. The asymmetry of the flap gives just a hint of a geometric feel without being too avant garde. This oversized clutch (15¼”W X 6¼”H X 1″D) would compliment so many outfits that I don’t even know where to start. And as you know, I love well known designer bags that aren’t splashed with their logos all over them. So, this clutch just keeps getting better and better. Buy through Saks for $595.

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  • Linda

    Sign of the times. People are generally not wanting to wear signature/logo accessories during the economic climate.

  • Dawn

    This bag doesn’t interest me in the slightest. There is nothing unique about it. Gucci has done much better in my opinion.

  • These bags look kind of flat and boring in these pictures, but I loved them when carried by the models on the SS ’10 runway. I’d like to see them in person.

  • atrophia

    It has an almost Art Deco vibe that I find quite appealing.

  • Jai


    I appreciate that it doesn’t have the logo all over it. I get that it’s modern and minimalists.

    I wish I knew who said it but I once read that “Minimalists have little to say” and I think that fits this bag perfectly. It just has little to say.

    • joce

      ITA..really boring. Seems like stuff you can get from Club Monaco for less than $100. Actually, I’ve seen Club Monaco do it better.

  • Leila Silva

    I like the clutch as an accessory with more cleaner design, to match with sparkles clothes or embroidereds, by example.

    Leila Silva

  • papertiger

    Already ordered mine :D

    • An4

      I didn’t doubt you would! :D can’t wait to see the reveal! I have the crystal but I want something bigger, this one looks nice ;)

  • Stacy

    I really like the clean lines and NO LOGOS, but I love the diagonal cut of the flap and the placement of the silver hardware. They didn’t go the tradional route and place silver along the whole face of the flap. It’s perfect.

  • Cheryl

    Very classy and I love that fact that it does not have Gucci logo on it.

    • Jane

      I second that!!!!! I can’t stand label prostitution.

  • hect

    ooohhhh so dallas and dynasty like i can just see alexis colby fighting krystal carington over it but i love it very 70s gucci very aldo gucci comes to america! and im not a big fan of gucci after the ford era, so well done again very late 70s early 80s sue ellen ewing would have a blast at gucci !!!

  • alex

    nice and sleek! good to see from gucci that theyre trying some thats less in your face with the monograms, instead relying on sleek hardware and nice leathers, but upon first glance they reminded me of the jimmy choo candy acrylic clutches minus the neon colours of course.


    Gucci has realized more beautiful bags according to me… If I watch this clutch, I don’t think that it is been created by Gucci. It is quite different from the other bags, that underline the name of brand. This Gucci Sigrid Oversize Clutch is very elegant and chic, finality of this maison.

  • rachelguccilinks2

    I love them!? Do you have more pics of this bag? The gucci bags are amazing for the same season.
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  • Elyse

    so art deco! It’s fantastic. (fb)

  • Kathryn

    looks so sleek! (fb)

  • Joy

    ehh too plain

  • kathi

    the metal thing has given real boost to the appearance of clutch and its looking simply sleek and demanded:)with the reasonable price.i have seen a lot of clutches with no looks and way too expensive but this one really worth it.

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  • beanyce126

    any size clutch is good for me, i just am into clutches. (ipad)