The Jackie 1961 was released late last year as part of Gucci’s Fall 2020 collection, quickly becoming a favorite amongst celebs, fashion editors, influencers, and everyday handbag lovers alike. A modern, contemporary take on a decades-old classic, this revival was one of the most anticipated new releases of the beginning of the decade. Its popularity is not to be ignored.

An archival revival from the early 1960s, hence the name Jackie 1961, the style is part shoulder bag, part hobo, maintaining the bag’s original silhouette and classic hardware but appearing in modern colorways and multiple sizes. The Jackie has reemerged as an icon for a new generation, and now, for fall 2021, it is introduced in a stunning color-blocked version that is prime for the picking.

Appearing in contrasting bordeaux leather with navy trim, the Gucci Jackie 1961 features new details that allow for multiple ways of carrying. From top handle and shoulder wear to cross-body, this revival pays homage to the original while simultaneously becoming more versatile. Reemerging this fall in new materials and colorways that are perfect for the season, discover the Jackie 1961 small shoulder bag. A Gucci Beloved bag perfect for fall…

Gucci Jackie 1961
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