Gucci Pop Bamboo Handle Bag

Today is a game of ‘would you or wouldn’t you?’

The house of Gucci has only had me cringing the past few seasons. It is unfortunate to walk by a luxury store and literally walk as far away as possible. Then, when I feel a little bad, I go into the store and peer around. But the end result is the same, I am bored and ultimately not drawn to anything. Even a few weeks ago when we were in NYC there was a celeb in Gucci. We were allowed in to look around (more like look to see who was there), yet it was so painful to be in the store that we left and could not have done so quick enough. But their cruise ’08 line has a handful of bags that I actually am liking, well so far they are ok. The shape on the Gucci Pop Bamboo Handle Bag works great if you need to lug a large amount of goods around and offers a removable shoulder strap for ease of use. Like the name says, there is a bamboo handle top, which makes this bag great for cruise collections but not easy to wear year around (unless you live in the tropics). Gucci is banking on this shape being a hit, hence they have designed three versions of this bag for everyone to choose from. So take a look at the bags, and let us know would you or wouldn’t you?

1. Gucci Pop Ostrich Bamboo Handle Bag. $9,590 at Saks.

2. Gucci Pop Patent Leather Bamboo Handle Bag. $1,890 at Saks.

3. Gucci Pop Python Bamboo Handle Bag. $2,990 at Saks.


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