Gucci Offers New Takes On House Staples for Its Fall 2022 Bags

Plus, the runway debuted a collaboration with Adidas

Gucci is back at Milan Fashion Week and back in a big way, no less.

Alessandro Michele has always known how to present a show-stopping collection, and his return to MFW was no different. Hints and teases of a collaboration with heritage sportswear brand Adidas have been circulating for a while now, and the partnership made its debut on the runway in Milan. Adidas x Gucci combines two worlds, creating something distinctively new.

“Juxtaposing worlds and meanings. Altering the stability of perception. Manipulating and magnifying the existing. Through these interventions, I celebrate the clothes as real optical labs: magical machines that can give birth to fairy tales of metamorphosis and re-enchantment,” – Alessandro Michele


As a whole, the collection mixes sportswear and athleisure elements with Gucci’s most emblematic House codes. A juxtaposition appears, mostly seen throughout in the collection’s RTW, where classic tracksuits are reinvented and sportswear meets high fashion. Various bags from the collection showcase bold graphics and geometric elements that fit with the overall aesthetic as well, like large north/south versions of the Gucci Diana emblazoned with stripes.

Jackie 1961, Reimagined

The collection continues a push towards heritage bags like the Gucci Jackie 1961. Part of Gucci Beloved, it is reimagined once again through a mini size and a bright, bold red hue. Additionally, the Gucci 1947 Bamboo is reimagined for the now, given a contemporary feel when paired with the tailored streetwear of Adidas x Gucci. View bags from the runway below, courtesy of Gucci.

Look 1 and 2
Look 3 and 4
Look 5 and 6
Look 7 and 8
Look 9 and 10
Look 11 and 12
Look 13 and 14
Look 15 and 16
Look 17, 18 and 19

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