I’ve had a particular proclivity for Gucci python for quite a while now; the skins that they use always seem to look more plump and luxurious than most other brands. I’m not sure if it’s because the skins themselves or better or because the way they treat them results in a better final product, but their snakeskin bags are almost always highly textured and soft-looking.

Which is why I’m kind of disappointed in the Gucci Jungle Large Tote. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an attractive bag, but I hold Gucci python to such a high standard that I’m having trouble getting excited.

Gucci Jungle Large Tote

Unlike most of their exotic bags, this one seems a bit rigid to me. It’s too flat, too shiny, and not nearly as texture-rich as I would hope (and expect for what they’re charging). The finish of the skin almost looks like it might be embossed rather than the real deal, and why wants a dubiously faux python tote when the price tag is so high? It’s a cute, functional bag, but we all know that Gucci can do better with an exotic. Buy through Saks for $3800.

Sweet Summertime

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