Gucci Cruise ’25 Puts the Blondie in the Spotlight

Sabato De Sarno goes 'home' to London

The anticipation surrounding what’s to come at Gucci is palpable, as are the expectations. While his predecessor made waves with maximalism that quickly became part of the Gucci brand DNA, Sabato De Sarno relies on more of an everyday wearable minimalist approach.

De Sarno showed the Gucci Cruise ’25 collection at the Tate Modern Gallery in London as a sort of coming home. De Sarno feels drawn to London and felt like it was time to bring the collection home to the city that has welcomed him and inspired Gucci’s founder as well.

London Calling

While the ready-to-wear continues to develop with each season as De Sarno finds his voice and footing (though it seems to be one that melds brand history with a new-age yet relatable aura), the bags are always our focus.

The main design facing a revival for this collection is the Gucci Blondie Bag, which ties back to the early 70s. This bag is all about pragmatism, meant to be held on the shoulder and easy to use, but it also stands out with its oversized emblematic logo. The logo is either covered in leather or formed from metal, drawing inspiration from Gucci’s jewelry.

The Blondie is Back

While the Blondie is a major focus in the accessory portion of this collection, it’s not entirely new (even as a revival). We’ve seen the change of the Soho Disco to the Blondie Shoulder Bag and iterations of the Blondie making their way into the lineup in the past couple of years.

The Blondie design follows what has worked amazingly well for Gucci in the past few years: archival revivals that bring modernity to bags that feel vintage as well.

While Gucci, under Sabato De Sarno, works to find the success it became accustomed to in the last years, the Blondie being given center stage offers a nod at what’s to come as far as the bags go.

Shop current Gucci Blondie offerings here!

13th May 2024 Tate Modern, London. “Fashion design is a means to study, explore, interpret. After having expressed my ideas of desirability and sensuality, this is another piece of me, more romantic, more contradictory. I like taking something that we think we know and breaking away from its rules, taking it as far as it can go, without ever distorting it. Bringing it towards its opposite and finding harmony.” – Sabato De Sarno

Gucci Cruise 2025 Runway 1
Gucci Cruise 2025 Runway 2
Gucci Cruise 2025 Runway 3
Gucci Cruise 2025 runway 4
gucci cruise 2025 runway 5
gucci cruise 2025 runway 6
Fioroni 3863 Large
240512 GUCCI FIRSTLOOKS SL1 0015 Large
240512 GUCCI FIRSTLOOKS SL3 0010 Large
240512 GUCCI FIRSTLOOKS SL7 0025 Large
240512 GUCCI FIRSTLOOKS SL5 0008 Large
240512 GUCCI FIRSTLOOKS SL8 0004 Large
Giostaiano 5357 Large

Images courtesy of Gucci


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5 days ago

Love Sabato and what he’s doing at Gucci, a small, all leather Blondie bag in black or tan would be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe.

5 days ago

Oh my, I love so much! The clothes and shoes are amazing!

5 days ago

The tonal Blondies are stunning!

4 days ago

It’s the Disco Soho line to me.

Lissa Love
Lissa Love
4 days ago
Reply to  Tana

Miss the Soho Disco line look!:(

3 days ago

I like everything about this collection. I don’t understand why people are dissing De Sarno. I guess his pieces aren’t ugly enough.