We shared a three part series on Gucci Bamboo, including the history of, the making of, and the authority of Gucci Bamboo. It’s easy to see why Gucci Bamboo has secured a place in the accessories world, as the quality and craftsmanship reign supreme and the designs are impeccable.

I’ve been using my Gucci Bamboo Shopper for a few weeks now and it is one of my favorite bags of my entire collection. The leather is super delicious, it’s smooshy but not too thin and after just over a month of use it still smells new. I love the texture on the leather as well. Then there are the bamboo handles which give the outside of this bag the added element that sends the design into a realm of simple perfection.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive 3

Gucci Bamboo Shopper $2,290 and Gucci Patent Leather Pumps $595

The inside isn’t just a big space where you throw all of your items, there are three separate compartments that very practical and functional. In fact, it makes me wonder how I ever used a large tote without a thoughtful interior. Each section has a magnetic snap and there are separate pockets for smaller items. I love the bamboo handles but there is also a long optional shoulder strap as well.

I could continue explaining every little detail of the bag, and I plan to soon in our Purseonals category, but for now I had to share my absolute love for this bag. I have it in the hue of blue that is exclusive to the online store, and I can honestly say this color is as versatile as black. Buy exclusively via Gucci for $2,290.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive small 2Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive small 1

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive 4

Gucci Bamboo Shopper $2,290 and Gucci Patent Leather Pumps $595

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  • Abbi

    Gorgeous bag and model! :)

  • Ohinuj

    Hi megs, are the bamboo handles comfy even after carrying it all day?

    • They really are comfortable, but I forgot to mention there is a long shoulder strap as well!

  • twoturntables

    Perfect size! Can it manage to hold a lot of weight?

  • twoturntables

    Perfect size! Can it manage to hold a lot of weight?

  • Joanna

    I am so obsessing over that color.

  • Guest

    Gorgeous! (And the bag is fabulous, too.) I love that color. What a treat to be photographed by someone who loves you. It shows.

    OK, I have a question, though. Did you really love the bag enough to pay $2300 for it, or is it a c/o? I ask because I’m seriously considering it and would like to hear from someone who already owns it as to whether or not it’s good value for money. Thanks, and I hope my question isn’t too impolite.

    • This bag was a gift, however, after using it, I would purchase it. As the commenter above said, there is also a smaller size and it’s great as well – this one is a true large size bag. Here is the link to the smaller, it’s $1890 – http://pbl.to/1aG1VgI

  • Sandra

    The bag is lovely and I have been considering purchasing one for myself. I have seen it and in my opinion when compared with other bags in the price range I find it very worth the money. The leather is perfect…and the bamboo handle pretty great. You can obtain the smaller version (and it really is not that small) and I believe it is around $1700.00.

    • Yes! The large version really is sizable and the smaller version will still work for everyday use. The larger version will carry a laptop if you wanted.

  • Sandra

    I have a correction. The smaller version is $1890.00.

  • kate

    Do the bamboo handles hurt your hands?

    • Nope, they feel really comfortable actually. But I also like to carry the bag crossbody with the optional strap.

      • Pour Homme

        Its quite comfortable for handling, but bamboo crashes the leather under.
        Our shop have 5 colors fully.
        Dont know how to fix the problems, just advise customers be careful of this!

  • Eric

    this bag is gorgeous!!!

  • BagLovingMom

    I have the smaller black one, it’s lovely but part of me always thinks black bags are boring. Is the blue really that versatile? Really??? :)

  • Holly D

    Would bamboo handles transition into winter? Just wondering if you’d consider this a summer bag.

  • ElainePG

    You inspired me, Megs (though it took 6 months!)… I just bought the smaller version of this bag in the new seasonal color Maple Brown. I absolutely adore it. The color goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe (looks a little funky with pink, looks AMAZING with black) and I plan to carry it year-round. As you say, it is extremely comfy to carry by the handles (though I like the flexibility of the strap). The large size (described here) is too large for me, but the smaller size holds my iPad with no problem, which is all I really need when I’m out & about. Are you still enjoying yours?

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  • sheila

    I recently purchased the beautiful purple Bamboo tote with the black handles and the dark rose tone hardware. Saw the bag in the harpers bazaar magazine and it was straight off the runway. I called and ordered the bag. I noticed that the bamboo handles had cracks over them. I called Gucci and I had sent pictures and was assured that this was completely normal and the woman that I was talking with said that all the handbags with the bamboo handles all had these cracks Just wondering if this was a problem for anyone whom owns any of the bamboo handled handbags. I’m a LV girl but have always loved the shopper tote with the bamboo. Not sure if I made the right choice. Feel like it will go back in the dust cover, box, and either in the closest or try to sell it. Just had to get that off my chest.