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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Lina Lee

    I really like bag # 14!

  • ChiTownFashionista

    That woven By The Way bag is spectacular.

  • Amazona

    The whipstitching looks a bit…awkward. Like a 7th grader made it; uneven in thickness and placing. Surprisingly, I do like the abstract Petite 2Jours. Usually not a fan of such things, but the small size and careful patterning makes it really appealing!

  • Violet

    I wonder if those bag straps would look good on a Givenchy pandora or nightingale! If the straps were much (read: 80%) cheaper I would be getting them in many colors. They seem to be a good way to change up the look of a bag!

  • Sara

    Gorgeous collection overall. I want the abstract bag.

  • kate

    I love them all!! Love the blue Peekaboo and very interested in the straps

  • $1000 for a STRAP? This is seriously some mind boggling ish.

  • Tanya Walker

    Those shearling bags look like they are intended for a first grader

  • Jess

    Sorry I think they look cheap… :(

  • Jay

    I think it funny that people complain about the price of the strap, this is FENDI, not Micheal Kors… I am sure you can get a knock off one a couple years from now at Micheal Kors. (Just like the fur pom pom)

  • Dwightinha

    Have not been into Fendi since the B-bag and the Spy Bag. These days I have only a fuzzy feeling for the Fendi fur poufs I am afraid. But sadly they are ridiculously overpriced, so I refuse to buy them just because it has a (subtle) Fendi logo attached to them.

  • Maria Alvarez

    Estan bonita hermosas. Pero estan muy caras para mi