Yesterday when we were talking about the skunk fur monstrosity that Fendi has chosen to perpetrate on the fashion world at large, several commenters mentioned that the bag itself might be cute, if it weren’t for the formerly stinky dead animal hanging precipitously from it. I applaud those commenters for trying to look beyond the obvious awfulness.

And as luck would have it, Fendi saw fit to make a non-skunkified version for our significantly increased viewing pleasure, and as it turns out, the Fendi Peekaboo Roll Bag is not nearly as terrible as its hairy predecessor.

Fendi Peekaboo Roll Bag

As it turns out, when you remove the fur, the bag is perfectly fine. It’s not dazzling, but it has the sort of blank-canvas appeal that means Fendi could turn it into a thousand different things, just like they did with their greatest success, the Baguette. I don’t think that this particular purse will get similarly launched into the fashion stratosphere, but they’ll probably find some fairly entertaining ways to adorn it, just like they did with the Peekaboo Satchel.

It’s non-offensive, the shape subscribes to one of the prevailing trends of the moment, and they could do some decent things with it, if they so chose. Looks like I’ve found a Fendi bag about which I don’t have a bunch of hater-y things to say. Surprising. Buy through Saks for $1460.

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  • Jane H.

    *sighs of relief*

  • Rach

    Hmmm – I like it! Good for a formal workplace bag.

  • Kelly

    I honestly think Fendi can do better than that.

  • carolesang

    … and why do they call it a peek-a-boo “roll” bag?

  • atrophia

    I don’t like the shape of it at all. With the flyaway straps on the front it doesn’t look very comfortable. And as shown on the model, the long strap is way too thin for crossbody wear. At least the skunk version had some personality, even if it was obnoxious. Count me out. I know Fendi can do better than this, I am a big fan of the Spy, but there is nothing original about this at all, it looks really cheap.

  • JenG

    I like it!

  • edwardy

    hi all
    its not called Peek a boo roll bag… roll bag is another collection, the one similar to the LV Neverfull shape… this is actually a mini peek a boo which u can fold it n use it as a clutch..thats why u could see the leather trimming with two loops on it… the one shown here is a normal goatskin version…it also comes in degrade to toning version as in grey…

  • Jelita78

    it doesn’t make any difference what hair it uses, even if human’s hair, it still looks the same..
    means that it’s just waste of money and animal hair! (ipad)