Any time I see a bag like this from Fendi, I always get nostalgic for the early aughts and Sex and the City. Back then, baguettes ruled the handbag world and those four girls always had someplace to carry a sparkly, beaded, obnoxious bag (not to mention something fabulous with which to wear it). And despite the fact that I love the reminder of that period of time, I think that’s my chief criticism of the Fendi Beaded Clutch.

Fendi Beaded Clutch

It feels just like Sex and the City did, which is to say it doesn’t feel new. Fendi, as a brand, seems to be stuck circa 1999 in their accessories department, and although the baguettes are an important part of handbag history, I wish they’d innovate a little more. The Spy bag was great, of course, and a lot of people liked the B-Bag, but if you’re only producing two popular handbags per decade, you need to get with the program. As a brand, they’ve got such amazing resources and possibilities, I’m not sure why they’re still living in the past. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2140.

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  • Cherie L.

    uhhhhhh, genius does not come around every day? chanel hasn’t changed a damn thing since madame coco died.

  • renee

    Ooooooooh. I love this. I could roll up and down my body in sinful joy!

  • Ally

    have i loved til now?

  • renee

    Ally, lol!!!

  • @Cherie I think Karl Lagerfeld has changed a lot, actually. They still make their iconic bags, but he comes up with interesting new collections every season. Fendi…just comes up with some new bags here and there, and I wouldn’t call most of them interesting. Chanel’s design vision seems a lot more complete to me than Fendi’s. Which confuses me, since Lagerfeld is their creative director, too. Maybe they need someone that can focus on refining their brand identity full-time?

  • Kara

    Although I don’t like this baguette I love my priced baguettes very much in fact I think the baguette caused the purse craze we see today along with a few other bags that showed up on sex and the city. Why must we insist on designers changing items we love is it necessary? If Fendi’s baguette and spy bag are still selling really well (though i would question to whom are they selling) why change it, sure it makes it interesting with more assortment.

  • Linda

    I like this one…at least it does not look like it will get dirty if you set it down.

  • me

    Chanel stuff is kind of lame this season- did you see that bag they ripped off of Vera Bradley? Why is Chanel ripping off Vera Bradley? I really, really like this but it certainly does look like its from the 90s. That’s vintage style though now, right?

  • Merve

    I’m with Amanda, the baguette is old. Im sure i have one of these lying in my closet somewhere circa 1996.

  • Urooj

    Although I love this clutch and think its a beautiful piece, I agree that Fendi’s accessories are stuck in the 90’s as I have always thought that myself. What do we think of the Rainbow Zucca Boston?

  • jkgruzie

    LOVE THIS CLUTCH! It’s shiny!

  • justdoitfalcone

    I like this one¡­I like this one¡­I like this one¡­

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Now Tha’ts MUCH BETTER! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    PUrseBlog rocks! (fb)

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    Very pretty for a holiday party! (ipad)