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The Best Bags of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2022: Day 6

The bag game was strong on day six!

If you’ve been following along on our fashion month journey, you’ve seen our street style roundups from both NYFW and MFW. Sadly, this adventure has come to its inevitable end, and we’ve reached our final destination: Paris. There have been so many great bags and we’ve already seen quite a variety of them at that, but we’re not done just yet! Today we’re coming at you with a fresh crop of some of the most coveted handbags out there. We promise day six does not disappoint!

Hold on to your Hats, a Lot of Hermès Ahead

While we’re, of course, here for the bags, the outfits also did not disappoint. There is so much style inspiration to be found in other cities, and if you’re looking to up your style game, we’ve got you covered. Chic leather skirts, stylish outerwear, bold colors, and not a single pair of sneakers in sight, these street-style stars really nailed it. When it came to the bags, there were many, and the big H was the designer of choice on day 6. So. Many. Kellys! Check out more below. Which one is your favorite?

Prada Cleo Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman

Hermès Kelly Longue
via Fashionphile

Hermès Kelly
via Fashionphile


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  1. Just A Girl Avatar
    Just A Girl

    I so love the fashion week posts! Seeing the wonderful creativity of outfits on display is such a treat!

    1. spoiledinseattle Avatar

      Me too!! It definitely inspires me to get more creative with my everyday looks

  2. Fashion queen Avatar
    Fashion queen

    What size is the Birkin of the woman styled in all leather next to the woman with the Orange or Feu Kelly? Is it a SO?

    1. Carrie K Avatar
      Carrie K

      That’s a birkin size 20 and it is very rare. I believe it’s only made in this limited edition call Faubourg

  3. spoiledinseattle Avatar

    That pistachio green Mini Kelly makes my heart go pitter-patter

    1. Fashionably Late to the Party Avatar
      Fashionably Late to the Party

      Yes. I do too, but the price gives me a ❤️ attack. 😂

  4. psny15 Avatar

    This post is fun

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      That was the intention with this FW series!

  5. Julie Avatar

    I so want a mini Kelly 😍

  6. Brandy Avatar

    This is my favorite of all the fashion week’s looks!

  7. Dina Avatar

    I,m fashion bags fan!