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  • Gigi

    I would love a series on “What’s in my bag?”, NYFW edition

    • Great idea for next season!

    • Patriciatwagner1

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  • Tinsley Proust

    Seems as if the Hermes Evelyne is making a comeback! Gorgeous photos as always, Vlad!

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thank you! It’s a bit mad out there as there are more photgs than ever battling to get the shot, but then I have a very specific goal typically and that makes it easier to get in close and get unusual angles.

    • I noticed that too! Kinda love that that is happening in place of a Birkin/Kelly

      • Tinsley Proust

        I LOVE mine. So great when I’m out running errands all day and need a spacious cross body.

      • Tinsley Proust

        I LOVE mine. So great when I’m out running errands all day and need a spacious cross body.

  • Katy ;P

    They are all so good!!! In terms of street style, Nyc fw is on top of it’s game!

    • This is the best assortment of bags I’ve seen in years as far as NYFW goes!

  • Sparky

    wow…..people bought that Balenciaga shopper (or maybe its on loan!)
    Nice mix of bags.

    • W S M

      I have a love hate with it. It just reminds me too much of the plastic shopper carriers we see here in Asia.

      • Sparky

        I live in Asia too. See them at the bazar.

      • The Balenciaga bags’ resemblance to those plastic shoppers seems to be the quality that overwhelmingly turns people off (at least the people who comment on this website). But referencing those plastic shoppers was the intention of the designer and the very point of the bag. So hasn’t it successfully accomplished what it set out to do?

      • W S M

        It certainly succeeded in that regard. Seeing the plastic originator of this design everyday tends to dilute my appreciation for the bag. That’s why I consider it a love/hate thing.

      • I get that. I think the colors are more “rich looking” but I fully expect to hear “Why are you carrying your laundry all over the city” type questions from people. :)

      • Rama

        Definitely have the same problem, people would just wonder why I am carrying what seems to be a fancy version of a plastic shopper if I have that bag. I mean, is it their intention to reference the plastic shopper? Yes. Is it of good quality? Undoubtedly. Do I understand why they would want to evoke the plastic shopper and with it memories and images in my head of the smell of fish, wet market floors, oppressive heat, dust, chaos of an Asian marketplace? Nope.

      • It’s hard to put into words, but for me there’s something very fun about playing with identity (one day I’ll dress classic and sophisticated, and the next day I’ll cover myself in “jersey shore tacky fabulousness.”) The Balenciaga bag is playing with identity in its own right. It confuses people, which again, is a kind of harmless fun. I also have a $1,000 leather Moschino tote bag that, from a distance and at quick glance, looks exactly like a paper shopping bag that would hold your recent purchase. People who stare long enough see it’s not a paper bag, and often start a conversation with me to better understand what’s going on. Sometimes it’s annoying but most of the time I enjoy the scenario!

      • Lorchik

        Totally agree! Makes me feel that they are headed to the grocery store not Fashion Show

    • I plan to buy the one with the orange/green/blue/red color story next week when I get paid (it will be the first and likely only full-priced item I buy this year), but I’ve been monitoring the inventory at Barneys and as of Tuesday there were only one or two (hopefully still) left. :(

      • kemilia

        Dang, seeing that bag on a real live person changes the way it works for me. I won’t be getting it any time soon (so no worries about me depleting the inventory) but I love the color combos, and the leather looks lush. Be sure to post a mod pic if you are lucky to get one!

      • Absolutely! Thanks!

    • Balenciaga isn’t known to be high on loaning – so those are bags people own I would bet!

    • Sandy

      Agreed, they would have to pay me to carry that Balenciags bag, and I love Balenciaga.

  • W S M

    Loving the Delvaux here. And that Barenia Evelyn!

  • Dave

    The 8 pic the woman with the dress wears a Loewe Hamock bag!!!!

  • pav

    Can I know the brand name for the red chain bag on the top most part of the article pls.

    • Tiffany H

      Louis Vuitton Twist

  • Susan
  • mary nevius

    Six is a Delvaux.

    • Laura Pauli

      Yes you are right it’s the Delvaux Madame!

  • That black and white dress in pic 6 is amazing!

  • TMA

    Any idea who makes the green exotic backpack in slide 15?