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  • Hazel

    Love the little pink cross body! Who is the designer of this bag?

  • Education Chic

    the floral gucci collection is slowly growing on me…keep it coming!



  • Karen Lai

    Anyone know what bag is in slide 4 and 6? Appears to be the same black bag!

    • Jxe89

      Slide 4 tote is the Rogue by Coach 1941!

      • Karen Lai


  • FashionableLena

    Some of these bags are…interesting. I have surprised myself by loving the Zac Posen in slide 20. My next favorite would be the LV Capucines in slide 6. The first bag is fun but impractical.

  • Dominic Leto

    The bag in slide 26 seems to have a very Hermès-inspired piece of hardware, non?

    • Wandavsimmons2

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  • Nice collection

    I admire your thoughts and your way of expressing and putting it in front of readers is really something that I have seen after a long time. We need more writers like you.

  • chae

    What brand is #26?

  • Guest

    Does anyone know the brand of the tan bag in pic 23? TIA

  • kemilia

    I love the variety! So much color and different bags/looks, great pics too!!

  • Sparky

    THANK YOU! These are your bests posts – bar none!

  • PJ

    Thanks- always fun to see!
    Several Chanels and Louis Vuittons-nary a Hermes design in sight! Interesting.

  • Christine Kofman

    So many lovely bags, but I’m really intrigued by the mystery bags in slide 14 and 25 (the white on the left). Couldn’t make them out on my monitor.

  • hclubfan

    Megs…so excited to hear that you’re almost 8 months pregnant! You and Vlad must be over-the-moon excited for the impending arrival! And Vlad, I always love your fashion week photos…the best!

    • Feeling pretty good but also starting to definitely feeling pregnant!

  • Madison

    The shoes in slide 4? Are those Hermes?

  • Loving these photos, and living for #19!!! The woman on the left dressed in red is giving me life (and will be my spirit diva for today). The backpack is both delightfully quirky and luxurious (my kinda bag) and red will always be the ultimate cure for sadness! I can’t help but smile when I see someone who clearly is having a fun, playful time with fashion. Her smile says it all. If it doesn’t bring you some level of happiness, why wear it? :)

    • Chelsea Girl

      Ah, you expressed exactly how I was feeling, I stayed looking at that photo the longest

  • ??

    Is this a sponsored post for Vestiere Collective?

    • What made you think that?

      No, it’s not sponsored. These are photos Vlad shot to share.

      • gorgeous shots!!???thanks so much for sharing!!

      • kaly

        And a BIG Thank You to Vlad for that!!! I LIVE for these FW posts!!! Congrats on your (upcoming) new addition–many Blessings!!!! :)

  • Fabulous Shots!! so many gorgeous purses???thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Smithy

    Love looking at the wide range of bags.

  • Yoshi1296

    Love these kind of posts!! Seeing all these bags out in the “wild” is super fun!

  • Sara

    The purple Dior and yellow Gucci are killing me. Drooling.

  • Kendra

    Does anyone know the maker of the second bag in slide 10?

  • Daria

    all I see are fashion victims and fat mommy arms. tragic

  • Angela Silver

    I’m impressed. I have 3 of those bags lol

  • Dee

    Love the white bag (25). Can anyone ID?