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  • Kristoffer

    I love the green Gucci on photo #3

  • Sparky

    I like the high-low of Gucci and LeSportsac in #2. I use a Sportsac zip pouch for a wallet in my premier bags. Styling of the Peek-a-boo in the left photo, #12 is lovely. The Liberty in #14 is refreshing.

    However, the ill-fitting, two-sizes-too-big thigh high boots in #13 appear to be a fail.

    • Dave

      Yes, It’s an adorable Loewe Amazona in suede from Narciso Rodriguez’s era. I think so.

  • Yazi

    What is the bag in slide 11? It looks unusual.

    • Christine Kofman

      That one caught my eye, too! Hope someone knows what it is.

    • chae

      I’m curious, too.

    • Dominic Leto

      It’s a Lanvin Trilogy Bag from a few years back!

  • Liz

    loving the Celine Edge! it looks like it ages well

  • Maya

    Someone should tell the lady in picture #13 that it’s “less is more”, not “more is more”, suede and everything else overkill!!!

    • Jerri R

      That is a very desperate look.

      • Maya

        It indeed is:)))

    • Imgoingbroke

      Heh! The girls standing there are laughing at her outfit too!

  • Sara

    love seeing bags in action. More please :-)

    • Vlad Dusil

      More coming today!

  • FashionableLena

    The Nancy Gonzalez bag is slide three is beautiful. Love the color and simple design. Her bags are always stunners.

  • Katy ;P

    The number 2 Gucci bag is so precious!

  • Rama

    What is the black one on the right panel of no. 20? Thanks!

    • Tinsley Proust

      It’s the Proenza Schouler Hava bag.

      • Rama

        Thank you!

  • manolos21

    Aside from the beautiful bags, one thing I’m loving is that so many people are wearing block heels!! A lifesaver for my feet/ankles.

    • Imgoingbroke

      I agree. Love the block heel. Prada makes some of the most beautiful block heeled shoes out there.

    • I don’t love heels anyhow, so seeing so many block heels is amazing!

  • Jerri R

    Pic #15 — dafuq is the girl in the middle wearing smh

    Pic #17 — LOOOOOOVE the brown Loewe on the left!

  • Lisa

    Note to men: If you must carry a bag, make it a messenger. And if you must carry a bag and need to show off by carrying a Birkin, for heaven’s sakes don’t add bag charms. FYI, Hermès makes beautiful, understated men’s bags.

    • CatR

      Note to men: carry any bag you wish. He looks incredible with his Birkin, bag charm and all.

      • Lisa

        To each his own. Love his outfit; don’t think he needs to add a woman’s bag.

      • CatR

        What exactly makes it a woman’s bag? Perhaps it’s a matter of opinion, but it’s just a bag.

      • Lisa

        It was designed for a woman, Hermès lists it among its bags for women, and the company has a separate section on its Web site for men’s bags. To me, this means the company thinks it’s a woman’s bag. Yes, it’s roomy and I know a lot of gay men like them — and that’s cool — but in my experience, my gay friends have always identified as men without adopting women’s accoutrements. (No haters, please — this isn’t a political comment, merely an observation.) So I feel it’s a poor choice, especially with feminine charm jewelry added, and he’d look very dapper with another signifier.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Who makes the studded saddlebag in #5. Loving the color.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Why is the girl in pic #15 (the dark haired girl) wearing camo and a kevlar vest! WTH?

  • W S M

    That beauty on the left of Pic 17 is by Loewe. I live for Purse Blog Fashion Week!

    • Dave

      Yes. It’s an adorable Loewe Amazona in suede. Designed in Narciso Rodríguez’s era. I think so.
      The Loewe puzzle in pic 18 is from the genial JW Anderson.

  • Jess

    Love the Loewe puzzle bag in orange.