Marc Jacobs The Single Evening BagHas anyone noticed that this season, among the multi-thousand dollar bags and over-the-top looks, Marc Jacobs has quietly released several simpler, more classic bags that retail below (and sometimes well below) a thousand dollars? You have to look hard for them because most website don’t feature the less expensive, less showy bags, but they’re there. Not only do I think it’s fantastic that a designer doesn’t take themselves so seriously that they can’t make something less expensive, but it’s nice to see someone ACKNOWLEDGE the current economic climate.

We’ve talked a bit about it in the comments of a few previous posts, and I think a designer coming out with a small group of lower-priced bags along with their normally high prices is a great way to remain inclusive of their customers whose financial situation may be temporarily suffering. My favorite of these less-expensive bags is the Marc Jacobs The Single Evening Bag. I can’t help but think that, in seasons past, this bag would have been in the $775 price range, if not a couple hundred dollars more, but now we’ve got it for the reasonable price of $575. It comes in a variety of colors, but the metallic pink is so fun and works well for a small evening bag. Plus, it’d spice up any black outfit in a heartbeat and be a great addition to satisfy the current neon trend. I think the lower-priced bags are a great idea, and this is cute no matter the price tag. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $575.

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  • Merve

    Im not gonna make my disparaging comments because everyone is gonna get mad at me…but this bag looks kinda familiar too.

  • spaceyjacy

    The leather on these is really lovely! Rich and textured! I’m a fan of the bronze version. The added leather in the strap is a great touch too, perfect if wearing bare shoulders(no worries about the dreaded chain imprint.

  • QueenMAB

    Cute bag at a great price. I love the color, and I bet it would be FAB in bronze. I’m glad the chain has leather at the top – makes it easy to carry. It would be great for nights out. And I love the MJ clasp.

  • blackonmaroon

    I love the Single! I’ve been wanting one in Bronze, as well. I love the little pushlock closure, and these little bags even have a zippered pocket and credit card slots on the inside. It’s so unique in all of its details – just a great little evening bag!

  • I saw this bag yesterday and love it!! Cute and the price is right

  • amante

    I like how it looks like a fun young version of the chanel 2.55

  • Free

    I’m with merve here. This bag is cute, the color is pretty, but it’s no where near original, and I think that the price tag acknowledges that the designer is aware of this. I don’t think anyone is doing us a favor here.

  • Leeeeeenda

    Yes, definitely does remind you a Chanel. But the vibrant bags are good for the neon trend right now, which probably wont last too long. The Gold/yellow version of this is very cute. I think you could get more wear out of it than the pink. Check it out below. Btw, its not the bronze! So far I know of it coming in 3 colors.

  • holly

    I like it, it looks a little Chanel-y, but that’s allright with me, it is great in the metallic colors!

  • Nadia

    Honestly, that bag looks like a piece of crap. I hate it! It looks like it should be in my Nonna’s costume box! Maybe in another colour…?
    However, I do agree with Holly in that it looks Chanel-y and the prince IS good.

  • Beth

    Okay, pooh on all the naysayers. I think this is really cute! I personally would probably pick a different color, but the design is good. (Who cares if it is Chanel-y? Chanel-y is good!)

  • me

    It’s fun and bright without the need for odd shapes or patchworks. Simple, cute, near reasonably priced. Nice bag.

  • myc

    so boring…..nothing special…

  • tadpolenyc

    it makes me wonder how many bags some of you ladies buy if originality is such an important factor. rarely do i see anything truly original these days and yet that doesn’t necesarily make a handbag any less beautiful…

    however, like beth said, chanel-y is good. i personally prefer the single in the bronze. actually, i wish it had been released in the dark grey. the gold and fuchsia is vibrant and fun though. the best part is the price. i’m probably not the only one who would love to find a chanel flap for less than $600. since that’s pretty much near impossible, i think this is a nice, youthful alternative.

  • Shoppa Holique

    Chanel-y is good, but this bag is way too 2.55 to be just Chanel-y. I’d rather shell out the extra dosh and get the 2.55. this bag is like buying a “legal fake”

  • MissLoveChanel

    This bag is indeed similar to the 2.55. But the thing is, I love my 2.55; the size is perfect, the look goes with jeans or evening clothes and I love a structured bag for the ease of finding things in it. That’s why the Chanel is so popular. However. Sometimes one does not want to be carrying a Chanel bag. In some circumstances, especially in today’s economy, carrying an obviously expensive bag can seem a bit gauche (argue this if you like; I’m just speaking from my personal experience). This bag takes the good things about the Chanel bag–the size, the “goes with anything” feel and the structure, and adds the kicky metallic leather and fun colors without the obvious logo which makes the 2.55 so recognizable. Also, sometimes a less expensive bag is more appropriate because of the precariousness of your activity; I never take my expensive bags to Disneyland, for example, but I’d feel comfortable taking this more reasonably priced bag. I like the gold one the best, but now that I think of it, the pink is probably more of a Disney color….

  • MissG

    Love it!lovely colour, lovely shape, nice HD and if it is Chanel-y even better…theres some people out there that will never be able to buy a Chanel so instead of buying a fake or a cheap imitation on the high street, if you can get a MJ quality bag (that happens to look like a Chanel) for less then $600..well..what was the arguement?? If only MJ wasnt also behind the latest LV price rise… I hate it!

  • tadpolenyc

    shoppa holique, i would hardly call an extra two grand or more “an extra dosh.” okay, maybe only an extra grand if you buy vintage or pre-owned. either way, it’s more like a sock to the stomach. while the aesthetics between the 2.55 and the single are comparable, the price just isn’t even in the same ballpark.

  • Merve

    Extra dosh means extra money. It can be 10 grand or 100 grand or 100 dollars. Thats just the meaning.

  • tadpolenyc

    i understand what it means, but it’s not like a chanel flap costs a bit more. it costs excessively more. that’s why it’s hardly comparable price-wise.

  • Merve

    Some people prefer not to buy four $600 dollar bags and buy one $2500 bag. Im from that school of thought too someitmes. Like i prefer to save up and buy something that is a classic rather than waste money on seasonal trends.

  • pursemonkey

    This is such a pretty bag in person. I absolutely LOVE the bronze metallic – a very wearable neutral that would look amazing with just about anything. The size and organization make it perfect for an evening out. And the tiny pushlock is so adorable!

  • Kendra

    This one is really fun and I’m loving the pink! (fb)