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The Best Winter White Bags for 2023

The age-old fashion rule is no longer so feel free to indulge

While I’m the first to say that I love colorful outfits, accessories, and of course, bags, I also love a head-to-toe neutral look. Winter white is one of my favorite outfits to nail, and in the colder months, you can either find me wearing every color under the rainbow or none at all. There is something so innately luxurious about a neutral-colored bag, especially a white one. Not to mention, one of the most effortless ways to look chic is a monochromatic look. Of course, the perfect bag is the finishing touch, and there is a slew of options out there this fall and winter. From the new kids on the block like the Gucci Blondie and the Prada Supernova to icons like Loewe Hammock bag and more, we’ve rounded up a yummy baker’s dozen of our favorites to complete your creamy ensembles this winter. You might wanna skip the red wine, though…

Snow White bags from Loewe, Gucci, Prada, and more!

Bottega Veneta Medium Loop Camera Bag

Paco Rabanne Disc Bag

Prada Supernova Bag

Gucci Bamboo 1947

Valentino One Stud Top Handle

Chanel Small Hobo

Small Hobo Bag
via Chanel

Fendi O Lock Swing

Cline Triomphe Bag

JW Anderson Chain Handle Bag

Coach Swinger Bag

Loewe Compact Hobo Bag

Gucci Blondie Bag

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie
via Bottega Veneta

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