Just about a year ago, I felt that Chloé was struggling with its handbags. But over the past year the brand released two new bags that have been seen on many of the most fashionable ladies. First was the Chloé Drew, a structured and ladylike bag that has been carried by many. The latest addition is the Chloé Faye Bag, a bag that we deemed to be the greatest bag of the Spring 2015 collection.

So why is this bag getting it right? It’s a little bit of everything really. When designing a bag, the end result should be that the product is easily identifiable. This is precisely what Chloé has created with the Faye: the Faye has a very luxe-bohemian vibe that has become easily recognizable as a Chloé bag.

I love a bag that hugs close to the body and is flat while remaining spacious. I’ve tried the Faye on and it accomplishes just that; easy to wear, easy to match to, and an overall casual yet high-end feel.

Chloé is making the Faye a big push, so expect to see many renditions of it soon. My vote goes to this silk smooth grey version. Are you feeling the Faye as much as I am? Price is $1,950 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Sara

    It’s gorgeous – I also love the Drew (the medium size with thicker straps is great for day to night)

  • Newyorking

    The Faye bag is similar to Gucci, the same measurements and style, exact same. The only difference is hardware. I really like the Drew bag, it is stylish and ladylike. However, I wish it came in cross body. The small comes in cross body but chain as cross body is very uncomfortable. The large has a leather piece to use on the shoulder but it doesn’t come in cross body. Also, how about just adding a small pocket at the back for phone? It is too much to retrieve a phone by having to open the entire bag. I have yet to find a good designer functional medium bag.

    • Totally has a Gucci vibe, you’re right! The shoulder strap could def be longer which would be nice and I do like back pockets too, but I rarely use them when I have them. I end up just leaving my phone in my hand, which is a pain too

  • Sparkletastic

    “Bohemian” is the perfect word for the opposite of my style, yet I love this bag. It’s simple and chic. Great sister to the drool worthy Drew.

  • Passerine

    I almost bought this bag over the week-end (I bought the new version of Bottega Veneta’s Olimpia bag with the better chain/strap instead; reveal photo posted in the comments section of the May 1 Purse Forum roundup column). I do like the Faye bag but the store didn’t have it in the tan color shown here. They only had it in the rust brown smooth leather with suede. I noticed that the smooth leather part of the bag in the store already showed several scratches. I don’t think they would be as noticeable with the tan, but they were quite obvious with the rust brown color. That made me think twice. OTOH, it’s a very comfortable bag to carry. I might still get either the Faye later this year in the all-suede brown if I can’t find it in the tan. Or, perhaps, in the suede/python combo. I hope they offer it with a more textured/pebbled leather instead of the smooth leather — I think that will hold up better.

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  • Gpc

    This bag is truly gorgeous, but… I purchased the croc embossed version and returned it. I just felt that the shoulder strap was too thin for the size and weight of the bag, plus it was uncomfortable on the shoulder and crossbody, and that was when the bag was empty! Hated to part with it, but I could not get past the comfort issue…

    • Passerine

      Thank you for that info! Do you think the croc embossed leather is heavier than other Faye leathers or suede? Because I tried the all-suede and smooth leather (plus suede) versions and they didn’t feel heavy to me. I agree that strap is too thin. I also looked at the Clare and Fedora bags and felt that they have better straps. Fedora comes in a beautiful teal suede and Clare comes in a more textured leather that doesn’t show scratches.

  • Ebun

    What I love most about Chloe bags is their prices. In a luxury realm where most bags are now pushing $2,200 and higher, it’s refreshing to see really nice bags below the $2k (Also, see Fendi By the Way).

  • Lori

    I am loving the current crop of Chloe bags. A friend has the Baylee and it is gorgeous. I actually stared at it at a party (she left is sitting on the couch next to me) trying to decide if it would be too tacky to buy the exact same bag. I love the Faye too. I was recently looking at the small version at Barney’s and it is gorgeous. Literally the next bag I am going to purchase. I am posting a picture of the small version as i didn’t realize the small and large were both Faye bags. I love what Chloe is doing and at such a good price.

  • FashionableLena

    The color is gorgeous. It may just be my mathematical mind, but I don’t like how the flap doesn’t match up with the edges of the bag. That ring also doesn’t seem like it would make the bag functional. Can it be opened without having to unclip it?

  • Cbl


  • Rashmi

    I’m feeling the chloe bag Megs but not feeling the price. Given the size, this bag should have been around $1100

  • Supsi17

    I picked the Faye in Python and mustard suede … Just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in their store in Paris . …. Huge chloe fan .. Their bags are stylish and sophisticated as well as trendy… Completely agree with you on it being very easy to wear and easy to match …

  • Kiki Kolev

    I’m totally in love with the Faye bag I purchased from http://www.runwaycatalog.com I got it in brick color. It’s super comfortable and I’m thinking of buying the large black faye from these guys as my Winter purse.