Chloe Sally Flap Bag I saw the Chloe Sally Flap Bag yesterday at Saks in Atlanta and thought to myself that I’d really like to be able to write about it, but it’d probably be a while before I saw it online. I check all of my favorite sites for new bags basically every day, and it hadn’t appeared on any of them even for a moment, so I figured that all was lost. Sometimes bags don’t make it to the internet, and sometimes if they do, it’s so woefully late that there’s not much of a point in writing about them. So I was delighted when I got home from the mall and found that the bag had suddenly become available for presale at Nordstrom (who has really stepped up their game recently when it comes to designer bags, in my humble opinion). In person, the bag is deceptively simple: it looks like a normal, medium-sized flap bag at first, but I found myself impressed at how clean and precise its lines were. The pebbled leather also makes it a more casual option than a Chanel flap while still being some of the most beautiful textured leather I’ve seen in while; it’s sturdy but soft at the same time. From the front, it also looks much smaller than it is – at the bottom, it is a good bit deeper than a similar Chanel. The strap is long but not nearly long enough to be a crossbody bag, and the overall effect is tailored and polished, just like it should be to be a part of the “flap bag” trend that is gaining steam. This bag and those like it appear to be a pointed response to the needlessly huge bags of seasons past, and they’re making a very good argument for themselves. Pre-order through Nordstrom for $1995.

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  • Jen

    Wow. That’s the first bag that I’ve seen in a long time that I really like. The orange color that it comes in is beyond stunning (and I’m the type that usually carries black, brown or navy). It does look very heavy though, what with the gold framing and the chain straps.

  • Romi

    Right before getting my daily dose of Pursblog, I was on a celebrity gossip blog reading about Rachel Bilson. There was a picture of her and was wondering what purse she was carrying.

    Its a beautiful bag and its versitle.

  • mj wilson

    Saw this Chloe style a few months ago at Neiman’s and again in Vegas at the Chloe Boutique. I LOVE this style because it does remind me of a Chanel!

  • Sarah

    This just shows how under valued the Nordstroms designer section is. If you look they have a huge selection and a lot of it is stuff that other stores do not have online.

  • Big Bag Girl

    I generally like Chloe and this one is no exception. It’s a beautifully updated classic look (which I don’t think is too easily achieved).

  • amna

    its such a sad bag :(

  • holly

    Ohhh go Nordstroms! That bag is lovely! I love the color and the straps

  • kareng

    The Chloe Sally Flap is really gorgeous! I agree about the quality of items Nordstrom’s is carrying. I don’t know if I could spend $2000 on it though. I think I would rather have a Chanel.

    Anyone know of a good navy bag? It’s my birthday and I want to treat myself. Thought about getting the Chanel large caviar shopper. Anything else to think about in navy? Thanks.

  • Merve

    It looks like a bag my matronly teacher from primary school would carry. Yikes people no chanel comparisons pleeeaaaseee

  • advo

    It’s such a stunning bag! I LOVE and WANT it in the purple colour. I believe Rachel Bilson has it in a green colour and it’s stunning too, but purple is more my kind of colour.

  • chloehandbags

    I suppose it’s OK (for OK read boring!), but it’s not my style, at all. :(

  • mariko

    I like it, it’s a girlish kind of bag. Don’t know if I need it, though.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Yawn. (fb)