Chloe Python Doctors Bag

How lucky would a Doctor be if she could carry a Chloe bag? Even luckier, if it were the coveted Python bag. Well this is the M.D.’s lucky day, because the Chloe Python Doctor’s Bag is now in! I knew I should have listened to my mom and pursued my M.D.!! I suppose there is still time. Or maybe, I can deviate from the bags name, and nab myself this beauty without the M.D. after my lousy name. After purchasing my beautiful Paddington, I just can not get enough of this brand. This absolutely positively most divine bag shows off a chocolaty python with brass hardware and supple leather trim. I must apologize to all you Cali peeps in advance, because you are S.O.O.L (I’m not sure if that acronym even exists, but I just made it up anyway- cause I felt like it!). We may envy you living in Orange County, or 90210, but the rest of the 49 nifty states are allowed to get our hands on this bag (that is, if we ever get on/off the hugeee list), while you California people are not allowed to have python products sold or delivered to your state. Sucks to be you! (Actually, I am wondering if you can buy it in a different state then take it to Cali- any of you know??). The smaller shape doctor’s bag sizes up at 8″H x 17 1/2″W x 6 1/3″D and may be the perfect new edition you have been looking for. Hop on the list for pre-order via Saks. Oh yea, this dazzling bag is going to cost you $2,150. Yikes.

(Rawrr… this lady posing with the bag is way serious!)

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