Chloe Paddington Red

After a 13 hour drive, we finally got the wine red Chloe Paddington. Net-A-Porter (Chloe’s official online vendor) confirmed that they wouldn’t get any more of the red Paddington bags in stock this year, so after calling up all the European boutiques, we finally found a couple available paddies in the Chloe store in Munich’s Maximilianstrasse #22. They only had one more blue, one light/bright red and one dark red available as of yesterday evening. We compared the three shades and ended up walking home with the wine red — 995 Euros poorer. The bright red was just too bright, the darker one just seemed more classy and more versatile overall than the blue. According to the sales lady, many people who had their paddies reserved went on vacation and didn’t pick them up on time. I guess it pays off inquring frequently with the boutiques, as they have a certain holdtime on the bags, and occasionally seem to release a few for public sale.

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  • sonica

    Well done and congratualtions on ur purchase! Do u know if they had any python silverados ? Me and a friend are deperate for the silver and the gold!

    • Chloé Buyer

      Hello im a Chloé Buyer
      and i have purchused many chloé paddingtons
      from the london west end shop called Harrods
      I Bought mine for £792.00
      but i do recommend this shop for Excellent

  • Sonica- Actually I think they did. I would try to give them a call and see if they would ship it to you– they are in Germany so be prepared to ask for if someone could help you that speaks English! Their phone number is on the Chloé site under their Munich location! Good luck!!

  • sonica

    Thanks for the tip megs . Just called they do have python versions avaialble in green and brown – so if anyone is interested ….


    i’m glad you got the wine red! i got mine from NAP and loving it!! i love this shade of red… it’s more of a neutral red that looks brownish from afar. it almost looks like a chestnut brown. enjoy it!!!

  • dottcomm1

    it is a beautiful bag! but isn’t the lock heavy, amking it uncomfortable for everyday wear? congrats on your purchase! nothing feels better than putting your stuff in a new bag and walking out the door. you tend to stand up a little taller. ;-)

  • leah faye

    that bag is gorgeous! congrats on your purchase! `;)

  • Vlad

    dottcomm1 – Megs said that she didn’t even find the lock to add that much weight to the bag overall. Don’t get me wrong, for its size, it’s pretty heavy due to its thick leather, too. But if you’re not tiny and fragile, you should be just fine with it. ;-)

  • Cindy

    That is awsome you now own it. :) I would love to get one but my parents would flip on the price. I suppose I just have to use my own money when I find a job in the future.

  • CrankyBiscuit

    Oooh. I am so jealous! Gorgeous bag.

  • billyjoe

    me too! and the red one is my favorite! lucky :)

  • cork

    i love the red vlad you should get the tan you two would make quite a crowd together

  • vixen

    *pretty bag*

  • Noriko

    very nice!!!! I’m hoping to get one very soon, HI doesn’t sell them anywhere, thank goodness for vacations :)

  • inkypaws

    Beautiful bag! I have just fallen in love this it! Can anyone please tell me what colors this bag comes in offically? I really want one and there are none to be found and I’ve seen several on auction sites that say authentic with serial number, care card, etc, but there are alot of different colors and I don’t see how they could sell these bags for such a low price. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I just found this site and I love it!

  • lori d

    I’ve seen auth and fake alike and the better fakes are so close you wouldn’t believe it – same feel, same hardware, same details. crazy. DON’T BUY ONE ON EBAY UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH GETTING A FAKE. No one is going to sell a real one of these for under retail.

  • munchkyn

    Do any of you know a site by the name They say their items are authentic for a decreased value. I was looking at the chloe paddington on their site but it does not seem real. There is no chloe logo on the padlock. Can anyone check that? Thanks

  • fashionaddict

    I love I have purchased 2 bags ( 1 green padington…its reamy…). The paddington they have is not by Chloe. It is by Besso. It is not a knockoff, it does not say chloe on it. But actually Besso is a very big designer in the US. Only veru highend stores carry it. The Besso Paddinton retails $600 at most boutiques because of the quality but I purchased mine for $280 from Rodeo Drive Resale. I am very happy with it. The coloring is just right and the leather is very well made. If you simply cant afford a Chloe then I suggest you get the Rodeo Drive Resale Besso Paddington.

  • laur

    does anyone know if is a legit website w/ real authentic bags?

  • eve

    my boyfreind just bought me a chloe paddington bag in beige, I was assured it is authentic and it appears to be as the quality is just amazing! is there a sure fire way of spotting an authentic bag? can you check the serial number anywhere?

  • eve

    love the wine padd. by the way. gorgeous!

  • Ann Marie

    I just bought an “Authentic” creme Chloe off ebay. But after reading other peoples posts I am concerned about the authenticity. Is there any way to check its Authenticity? Can I do a serial number check anywhere? The bag was not cheap it was still $500 so I want to make sure of its Authenticity!

  • laur

    if it was $500 and they are selling for $1300 in the stores … it’s safe to say it’s not real. They are sold out every where my friends called the london store to order… After ordering from some website i questioned the authenticity of the bag i purchased and came to find out that it wasnt real so it was returned. I was told to call the Chloe store and that they would help me determine if it was real i did and they did … i wasnt

  • kelvin

    there’s a leather tag in the corner of the inner pocket of the paddington bag. its probably just the model number – i’ve checked both the gold-ish/silver-ish and the red silverados, both have the same numbers on the tags, so its not per se a serial number.

  • Rachel


    did you ever find out if bellaluxe was legit? It really goes out of the way to claim all bags are 100% authentic; i just ordered a chloe paddington bag from them so im curious to know if you found out

  • Lan

    The red wine is really gorgeous.
    For e-bay, the bags are made in China, not in Italy… I’m looking for buying one in Europe. I’ll tell you if I found one.
    A girl told me that she found copies of the Paddington on She is happy with the one she boughts. The quality is good. These bags are real copies, or just inspired, with the brand “Lush”. They are made in China.
    (sorry for my English).

  • jane

    hi,i just bought my chloe paddington last week for £759 from House of Fraser in Bluewater.I was so pleased about it,but after i’ve read all your comments about the authenticity thing ,im having second thoughts now…please help..i need your comments ,thanks…

  • jacqueline

    does anyone know if sells authentic chloe paddington bags? i just bought one for $950.

  • Wendy


    I also just bought a paddington camel from for $940. Did you receive yours yet? and is it 100% authentic?

  • Rachel


    I did get it – it is authentic – comes w’ the CHLOE tag attached (details where made, what type of leather), the sleeper bag & inside the bag’s pocket is the authenticity card – that site is amazing – they’re just able to sell it at probably what a wholesaler can (retail is such a joke how much extra they charge)

  • Anna

    Just want to comment…uh on the Chloe authentic concern and among others..My question is.. if you are getting a quality bag with EVERYTHING the real thing has at a fraction of the authentic price then why is everybody so concerned? It crazy to pay $1300.00 freekin dollars for a pocket book!,WHILE THERE ARE STARVING KIDS IN THE WORLD NO LESS, when you can get an identical in every sense of the word for WAY less!! I would be thrilled with a chloe purse not just for the name but for the price that noone has to know what I paid which is a thrill in its self!! you all have to understand the designers don’t have a fraction of the money in their purses as what they are CHARGING YOU!! so why make a BIG designer RICHER when you can help a commom person make a living to feed their kids..I would chose to help the common person over the BIG RICH DESIGNER in a heart beat! as long as the item is quality made to the tee of course, and theres alot of them!! Keep in mind the BIG DESIGNERS ARE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK AND AT ALL YOU THAT ARE BUYING THEIR HIGH PRICED “POCKETBOOKS”! THEY SHOULD BE FLATURED AT THE FACT SOMEONE LIKES THEIR STUFF SO MUCH THAT THEY ARE MAKING THEM TOO..EVERYBODY JUST WANTS A SMALL PIECE OF THE PIE AND TO MAKE A LIVING..WHATS THE BIG DEAL? THOSE DESIGNERS ARE NOT HURTING FOR MONEY YOU CAN TELL THAT!! AND AS LONG AS “PEOPLE WITH MORE MONEY THAN SENCE” STILL EXISTS THEY WILL NEVER HURT FOR MONEY AS LONG AS THEY KEEP DISHIN THE PURSES OUT. WELL THATS ABOUT ALL I GOT TO SAY…HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING FINE AND HOPE WHAT I SAID GETS YOU TO THINKIN about your next bag purchase! Thanks with much respect A.

  • SalesAndTheCity

    Can someone verify the authenticity of bags from Has anyone had their bag authenticated by professionals in the boutique as opposed to just checking it themselves? I really would like to know if this places sells 100% authentic guarantee bags. I am looking at the Chanel Reporter bag. Thanks

  • Karen

    Thanks for all the info you all post about Chloe. I am thinking of purchasing a paddington from I hope its the real deal but who really knows until you receive it. What I love about that site the the return policy. Why should we pay a restocking fee for something that isn’t what the site says it is. If anyone knows about this site please let me know.
    Anna, I see your point, however, if I use this for 8 years as I did my last bag I can still help the needy.

  • Cissi

    What web site do I go use to order a real Chloe Paddington handbag in brown (would like to pay less than $1000.) Everything on e-bay appears to be fakes made in China!

  • lovi

    i will get this one!!! first sight, i fall in love with this one…

  • Kenny

    I’ve just purchase the Chloe IT bag from UnqueModa. When I received it, the threading inside look like someone had opened it and then sewed it back on. The brass looked a little discolored. Does anyone know of a secured site where I can purchase the bag?

  • Wendy

    I bought a camel/tan paddington from who guaranteed authentic…but recently I checked out the real one in the store and now I am not so sure if it’s authentic.

    The color seems different from the one sold in chloe store. The one I have is more yellowish and lighter than the real one. The leather is also is not as soft. Have anyone noticed this too? I paid big bucks for the bag, so if it’s fake than any suggestion what to do next?

  • Rachel

    I got my chloe bag from bellaluxe (the chocolate brown) – it appears completely authentic (there is even the leather serial # tag inside the pocket like kelvin explains…i think it is authentic – the brass is engraved and the chloe label is embossed in all the correct places. I have emailed CHLOE to ask them if there’s anyway to confirm but I have had no response. Also, I think that Bellaluxe goes out of there way to insist the bags are authentic – they could get in a lot of trouble if they’re not (aside from that there is only a $300 price difference which is understandable due to retails incredible mark up) – my only suggestion would be trying to call CHLOE but they dont seem to want to response to my email. I’m 100% sure Bellaluxe is legit

    • Alicia Marie

      i know this post was wrote like 4 years ago but i asked chloe what to look out for in a fake paddington bag and they emailed back saying that they arent allowed to give out any information on this. i brought a chocolate brown one off ebay for £200 and its 100% authentic!!! I got it cheap because it was second hand.

  • Varsha

    So I meandered into a resale store in my town and there was a tan Chloe Paddington sitting there on the shelf. The best part about it: only $300! You can better believe I bought it! I’m pretty sure it’s legitimate b/c the owner said some rich doctor’s wife buys all of these ridiculous bags and then sells them to the store or whatever. Just to make sure, I was wondering if there’s any way to tell a real from a fake.

  • r


  • Angela

    I usually go to regular store for big ticket items such as LV, Chanel and etc.
    since we all are concerned about the authenticity, I’ll just go pay the price and sleep better tonight.

  • Wendy

    Yeah…I learnt my lesson. I will never ever bought stuff online to save couple hundred bucks. It’s amazing how some sites who claim 100% authenticity dare to sell fake bags. Always buy from authorized dealers if you really have to buy online!!!!!

  • lena

    so is bellaluxe selling fake stuff?

  • wendy

    Lena, I emailed them and asked a simple question, why the tan chloe paddington I bought from them is different (color and texture) from the one sold in the chloe store. I never got any reply….so what does it tell you? I would think a respectable site who sells authentic bags will easily explain this kind of thing and would defend themselves. I will never buy from this website again.

  • lena


    You’re right, I just receive the chanel bag from them, looks really real but the screw that they use on their handbag is philips screw and chanel dont use that, they use the diagonal one plus the care booklet is an older discontinue version. i am so returning that bag eventhough i just got it today,even if i have to loose 20% restocking fee, i am going to get a LV instead.Not going to pay 900 for a fake handbag!!

  • wendy

    lena, good for you! i just wish they ban these type of websites. they really misrepresent their items and it should be illegal. you are lucky you just have to pay restocking fee. i already passed my deadline.

  • lena

    I just want to share this site with everyone, i found this info very useful,it was posted by someone on ebay and it helps us to distinguish real designer handbag from fake.Check it out!

  • Rachel

    wendy, i just emailed netaporter to see if there’s anyway to confirm out paddingtons are authentic (i was convinced it was until reading these posts) if it’s not i will let you know – is there anything we can do b/c i want to return it if it’s fake – there’s no way im paying almost $1000 for a fake bag

  • Rachel

    in addition, i just sent a not so nice email to bella luxe, there’s no way they can claim a bag is authentic & if we find out it’s not refuse a return – and im not paying a restocking fee. There’s gotta be something we can do

  • wendy

    Rachel, I already brought my bag to a Chloe store in Hong Kong during my thanksgiving vacation. It is confirmed a fake. You don’t have to be an expert or works at Chloe store to tell the difference actually. Now I am going to take this to Chloe store in South Coast Plaza and will ask for some kind of written proof. I am actually buying the real one from the store so they should be able to help me with this.

  • Rachel

    wendy, do you think you could possibly share the written proof if obtained – i want my $ back – i should’ve bought a real one from the get go – i never buy bags from anywhere but neiman marcus or a legit dept store; so i want my $ back; they can get in a lot of trouble for this; i appreciate your help/response – the website sucks!

  • Wendy

    Rachel, I never received a written proof. But I wrote an email and requested a full refund and was approved. You should try do the same.

  • Rozy

    wow, thanks everyone for the info on i almost bought a prada bag from them, but I figured it was too good to be true. I can’t believe these websites stay up!

  • Amy

    Ladies – I just found the Bella Luxe site and am v.glad to have read your postings, as I too thought this was too good to be true. I’ve worked in retail before and I can’t imagine that Chole or Fendi, or any other “luxe” retailer would sell their bags to a site that is going to turn around and sell them at such a discount. It cheapens their brand image to say the least. Plus, they are advertising a green Fendi Spybag as being authentic. That bag was a “must have item” of LY and I spoke w/someone at the Fendi boutique who said it is completely sold out (I REALLY wanted one). As for your fakes, have you considered contacting the better business bureau?

  • Kat

    Hi all. New to the blog. I’ve been obsessing over the Chloe Paddington but have not been willing to pay full retail as knowing me I’ll get sick of it after just two seasons. I thought i found deals online that were too good to be true but it sounds like they are just that. I dont understand how these places can guarantee authenticity. I just assumed they were purchased wholesale and then passed the savings on. I’ve been looking at some other sites I thought were legit like efashionstore and designerimports. Does Wendy’s episode with BellaLuxe ultimately mean that all of these companies are a bunch of big liars???

  • Lisa

    I too was duped by I stupidly purchased the Chloe Hobo…when I received it, it was most certainly a fake. The leather was too thin/flimsy, the hardware was scratched, the “Chloe” imprint on the lock was blurry, the stitching was just a bit messy and the color of the stictching was wrong. I was soooo pissed.

    So, I just returned it and took the 10% restocking hit. I would rather get the majority of my money back than nothing and I am afraid to complain about them before their refund check clears at my bank. After it does, however, I will certainly report them to the BBB and any appropriate agency. I printed out all their internet pages claiming authenticity. I suppose they can just say that they do sell “Authentic” bags…Any bag is an “authentic bag” – but when they say this, they lead everyone to believe that they’re 100% genuine Chloe and approved by the design house.
    This is certainly illegal.

    I wrote an email to them from a different email account (so they wouldn’t know it was me) asking them whether or not they are authorized by Chloe to sell bags, and if so, why do they have a lime green paddington bag listed? (Ugh). No word, no surprise. They know what they’re doing…..

  • Amy

    So far, the only luxury discount websites I know to be real, are Bluefly ( and also eLuxury ( With Bluefly, a lot of these items are two to three seasons behind, but at least you know you aren’t buying a fake.

  • Rozy

    With Bluefly I read that you can sometimes end up with a fake purse too! I guess they don’t check their stock all the time to authenticity, and maybe someone bought a purse from the site, but returned back a fake purse???!? I don’t know… But they do have Ads in major magazines so I would expect them to be REAL. I guess it’s best to just read up on their policy about returns in case you’re not happy with the bag. I would authenticate it at a store anyway, just to be sure. Also, sometimes Neiman Marcus has good sales online. =) Happy shopping ladies!

  • Anna

    What is everyone trying to prove anyway? Why does it even matter? Authentic or Not…if you got a bag and your not sure and can’t tell…then why worry about it???? as long as you like the quality of the bag……IT SHOULDN”T MAKE A FLIP!! whats your friends gonna do?? make you go to the boutique to get it authenticated???TO PROVE YOU HAVE ALOT OF MONEY AND CONTINUE TO BE YOUR FRIEND? If they do then they are really SHALLOW!! AND NOT YOUR FRIEND!!
    If this is the only problem or crisis a person has in life,that you get a “real authentic” purse, then you can just say life wasn’t that bad, after your in heaven or God forbid hell.
    If you are worried about getting a fake then you need to go to the source of your buying desires…go to chloe go to whomever to buy your high priced purses!! WHY EVEN STRESS YOURSELF ABOUT IT???
    People get on here and cry and complain because they paid a fraction of retail for a chloe or whatever and then they question whether its real or not…. the simple fact of the matter is, they are trying to get something for nothing!! people want the “authentic” without paying the authentic price….NOW REALLY!! PEOPLE NEED TO GET REAL!!! STOP TRYING TO GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!! I see people saying they want a “authentic” but in the same breath they don’t want to pay the high price….then when they get it, they get on here and wimper about it….”HERES YOUR SIGN”!!! sorry to be harsh but this is really ridiculous! to say the least!!!

    I can think of soooo many better worth while things to spend $2,000 or $15,000 or even $30,000 dollars on, instead of a pocket book!!
    Just wandering…..What do any of you think the overhead is on these authentic purses are?? I can make a great guess…I would say they are priced well over 500 percent of the original cost to make it!! NOW whos the FOOL?

    Let me tell you a little bit of info…that I know is a fact…You see these big designers make their purses (for a fraction of what they charge for them) then give them away to celebrities to carry so they will have their pictures taken, sporting their creations and therefore this is why you see the pictures in the popular magazines and tabloids holding these bags…I CALL IT SMART BUT CHEAP MARKETING…and therefore people such as you see the ads or rag magazine picture and say “Oh I love that actress!! i want a bag just like she has!” hince the craze.
    Little do you ladies realize you are playing the game!! at a BIG price! TO YOU!!
    And not to mention these designers are from France and you know what? MOST of the french HATES Americans…so they are really getting a big laugh at our expense…not to mention they probably wouldn’t give our products a time of day!!

    NOW…my point is who is going to know you have a fake??or Not a Fake?? how do you know the “fake makers” arn’t the same makers of the so called real ones?? MABE THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T TELL THE FAKES FROM AUTHENTIC!! How do you know it not part of the “GAME”? “THEY” will never tell!!



    • smartypants

      why dont you learn how to spell before showing yourself up ranting on about nothing.

      go save a whale or 2

    • Mya

      why are you so concerned if you think it’s ridiculous…u wrote an awful lot for someone who thinks it’s foolish…too much time on your hands or is it b/c u can’t afford 1 & r mad!!!

  • Anna


  • Ronnie

    Anna, you sound so defensive. Are you one of the sellers who sell these fake stuffs?

    By the way, If I want to help put food on the kids table, I give money to charity, but not by being cheated by their parents.

  • Dani

    I’m glad I found this site, I NEVER buy bags on random websites but am often curious what the deal is. Best bet is to stick to eluxury, neiman marcus and bergdorfgoodman online, it’s not worth the couple hundred you may save to go through all the trouble of buying a fake. That said, you can find great deals on real bags, Neiman Marcus has their last call sale at the end of seasons, last spring I got my Marc Jacobs Venetia for $300! You’ll never find Louis Vuitton on sale, that’s a good rule of thumb, if a site has it claiming a sale or discount you know it’s fake! I have found older balenciaga bags in discount retailers like Loehmans and mjm designer shoes, I’m on the road for work a lot and stop in areas where I think these types of items may be less desireable or known, found a black balenciaga clutch/makeup case type size, totally authentic, real lampo zippers,(researched the actual zippers on the bag against the lampo website to confirm authenticity) tags, etc., etc., the girl behind the counter had no idea what it was…..she also said they had a full size bag, bummed I missed out on it…..

    And as for this girl Anna, get a hobby, so what if we like to buy a bag now and then, you only live once, everyone it entitled to enjoy something indulgent in their life, if we enjoy buying a couple of luxury items that we work hard for then so be it!

  • Wendy

    Anna, we buy bags because we love it and not because we want donate money to feed children. We do this in some other way.
    Your comments are so ridiculous.

  • kat

    Thanks all so much for the postings. Your advice on these bogus websites made me decide to purchase a Silverado from Bloomie’s to guarantee that it was in fact real. Saving a couple hundred bucks wasnt worth taking the risk. As much as I loved the paddington, in the end i decided the Silverado was more practical and not as cumbersome. But there is something though about that padlock…

    And in response to the previous posting from Anna, i think it is rather funny that here we are being criticized for wasting our money on overpriced bags but here she is wasting her time on this website writing a post for all of us to see. Dont you have better things to do like donating your time to misfortunate children or the elderly? And you dont have to donate money to make a contribution. I voluneer through a number of organizations and sometimes ones time is more valuable than money. And PS, half the people i run into on the street think my real Louis Vuitton and Prada bags are fake as everyone has them and you know what, I could care less. I know that they are authentic and that is all that matters. An authentic handbag doesnt necessarily mean you are out to prove something, it just means you have good taste and appreciate the finer things in life.

  • Dani

    So I neglected to say the other day I was looking into either the paddington or the silverado. Just made it to a Neiman today, and didn’t get either one…The paddington, though absolutely beautiful, was WAY TOO HEAVY…and they only had a gold silverado tote style, liked the style, but gold bags aren’t for me. I know they have the regular one online in tan on Neiman and Bergdorf, BUT I saw a Balenciaga that I fell in love with, so I guess it’s next time for the Silverado, I have not had luck with being in the right place at the right time for a full size Balenciaga that I like until today and so I’m pretty excited! I do know that I am over wasting my time even thinking about buying one on any of these so called “discount” websites, only the authorized retailers for me…

  • Anna

    You know I just think you all are so materialistic! and I am not the one that is rediculous here..actually I seem to be the only one that has some commom sense..I mean really!! paying as much for a pocketbook as you would pay for a car??? this is so frivelous to say the least!! so what! if you can afford it!! If you want to pay 2,10 or 20 thousand for a pocketbook that is your right!! just like it is my right to post my opinion on here!! its called freedom of speech…and to Ronnie the answer is NO! I just came across this site and was soooo in shock at what people will pay for a pocketbook!! I mean can anyone here rationally see what I am trying to say?? it is the most frivilous thing I have ever seen in my life!!
    Just like I said the marketing of these bags have really paid off to the makers and you know what it does NOTHING for our american economy..the ones that does NOT come from america that is!
    These big so called designers are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to you all!
    Oh and by the way you don’t have to pay thousands to get a awesome quality purse made of the BEST material..I bought a big name brand from tjmaxx and you could not ask for a better made awesome purse for a fraction of what these UGLY purses sell for! AND YES! ALOT OF THEM ARE DOG UGLY!! I JUST DON’T SEE WHAT ALL THE CRAZE IS ABOUT!!
    Oh and with alot of what I have read on the fact that some of you have a hard time getting that special purse that is hard to get..Well this is the special marketing that these designers put in place so that you WILL pay alot for their purses when you do find it…you see, if they were easy to get without being on a so called waiting list then they wouldn’t be worth any more than any other purse..its all a part of the money game…and alot of you are playing it.
    I just think its really materialistic and silly, that is my opinion and if you don’t like it then thats your right not to like what I have to say. Hope you all get the purse of your dreams..Oh sorry you can’t take it with you when you die..thats a bummer cause as much as you paid for it you should be able to take it with you…LOL
    I don’t mean to sound mean but I believe in telling it like it is..and as I see it anyone who plays this game is being made a fool of…I don’t and never will admire anyone who pays more than 100 dollars for a purse…its actually quite the contrary..I feel sorry for them..
    Well that’s all for now..May God richly bless you all with the power of knowledge!!

  • Dani

    Anna, I personally don’t care about being admired, and I agree with you about places like TJMAXX, that’s one of my favorite stores! But just as there is no harm for someone like you to post how they feel about expensive bags, there is no reason for anyone to be lashed out at for purchasing one. I prefer these bags for the quality, many times I will wait for an end of season sale for some of the less desireable styles. But once in a while, it’s a nice treat for me to sway away from TJ’s or Loehman’s and splurge on a full price bag that I really like and want, that’s all. Believe me, there are way more important things in life to me too, but I work very hard, and sometimes I like to treat myself….my whole point of going on this blog was to investigate the fakes, because frankly, if you’re so worried about the american economy etc., the fakes out there certainly don’t help that, and there are a lot more fake bags being purchased in the US than real ones!

  • Rozy

    anna, chill out. you’re ruining this blog that is FOR WOMEN WHO LOVE PURSES- not for jerks who like to complain about women who love purses. quit coming back to the site to see what people wrote back in response to your comments. we’re not going to change your mind, and you’re not going to change ours. go away. i will spend $3,000 on a purse if it makes me happy. end of story.

  • Rose

    Thanks for all the advice – I was also considering one of those websites but I dont think I’ll bother now – not worth the hassles. Yes I think its alot to pay, but I also buy quality and hope to keep the bag for at least a decade at that price and we’re entitled to our little luxuries in life every now and then. Anna there’s nothing to say that people who buy these bags arent good people, they just chose to spend the money they earn in different ways…I think we’re all manipulated to some extent as consumers but I think the comments show that we’re at least discriminating consumers who try to protect their rights!

  • Ivette

    Get a life! I will bet my life you have no real friends.

  • Cherie

    Lol this blog is so funny. I have recently developed an obession (as I think many posters of this site have) with paddingtons. I dont know where it came from or how long it will last for, but it is my interest and I know I work hard enough to justify buying a bag which i love every now and again. As for the authenticity question, I have heard that the number inside the zippered pocket is different from fakes and real bags.

  • Kim

    Can someone let me know what color the lining should be in a Paddington? I just bought an expensive one on eBay with a black lining…I see on the red bag posted here that the lining is beige. Is this true of all Paddingtons? Aargh…so frustrating! Thanks!

  • Kris

    Hey Kim, what color is the bag? Yes, every Paddington is supposed to have a beige courduroy like lining but and there is only one acception to this rule – the black paddington. Apparently a while ago, Chloe confirmed that there was a mistake made while some of the black paddingtons were being manufactured (I know sounds hard to believe) and they will even confirm this. But one of the biggest ways to tell if you have a real Paddington is by the bottom. Lay it flat on its side and the studs along the middle thread should be directly on top of each other. Most, if not all the fake Paddingtons are not aligned properly. Go on ebay and look at some of these pictures where they post the bottom, you’ll see what I’m talking about with the fakes.

  • Kris

    By the way, not all black paddys were made with the black lining. Eventually they caught this problem and fixed it. But this is where the confusion came when everyone thought their bag wasn’t authentic because of the two known linings. That still does not eliminate you from the potential fake paddy world. Plenty of the fakes are made with black/green lining. Where was it purchased? and how much did you pay?

  • Gabrielle

    I bought a Chloe paddington on EBay. One of the stamps on the side of the bag is not totally clear. I asked the seller about this and he said he buys the factory rejects that have slight blemished such as the one I mentioned. BTW he didn’t mention this on his site. Could this be true?

  • Jacquelyn

    I just got a balenciaga le dix bag from Bellaluxe and it was a FAKE! I held it next to an auth and it is totally fake – obvious. NOW, they will not email me back and the phone seems to be busy always, and the website is not working anymore. Maybe they went out of business? Does anyone know anything about them?

  • Shelley

    Does anyone know where I can locate a red wine Paddington?? Love it Thanks

  • Vicky

    hi, i bought a choc brown paddington bag on ebay for only £110. It is, in my eyes, fantastic quality and all the hints i’ve picked up on websited about authenticity seem to be there.
    For example, the middle thread on the bottom, the studs are alligned. the padlock is heavy, and all the hardware is clearly embossed with the chloe logo. i’ve compared it with the pictures on the chloe website, and it looks identical, stitching in the right place etc.. the buyer didn’t say where it was from, and i’m now questioning them about origins, serial number and everything (i know i should have done this before buying….) also, there is a number on the leather thing inside the zipped pocket, but i’m not sure… HELP PLEASE?

  • Rose

    Hi I saw a chocolate one on ebay with a receipt however the pic of the bottom of the bag has studs misaligned. I think we should all be really careful on ebay as there are some elaborate scammers who also reproduce receipts as well!! (I’m pretty sure this happens with Gucci bags…)

  • yasmin

    Hi, I’m thinking about getting a Paddington on e-bay but am really confused about the information about fakes I’ve read. I heard that the authentic Paddingtons don’t have serial numbers but also that they do.. does anyone know what the situation is on this and any other ways to tell real Paddingtons from fakes? Thanks :-)

  • Cathleen

    Hey everyone! I’m new to this, but I would like to say this really helps! I recently just brought a white chloe paddington online and still waiting for it to arrive. After reading all the previous comments, I’m starting to fear my chloe might be fake!! Can anyone tell me all the signs I should look for a fake with the white paddington?

    And to Yasmin, likeyou I am confused aobut the whole serial no. thing! I ahve heard from an “experienced” friend that a should not have its serial number stitched in the letter piece. But reading the previous comments, it says the seiral no. should be on a seperate piece in the inside pockets? If anyone know, please help us!! THANKS!

  • martha

    HELP! My friend and I are arguing about the qualites of an authentic black chloe paddington. Is the stitching white, grey, or black? Any help on this would be lovely! thanks

  • Dani

    Look on, though they do not sell the bags off the website (I beleive you need to contact the store) but they have some great pictures and they may even answer some questions for you. They are a totally legit boutique in Hawaii that I’ve been to… Also Net-a-porter online, just google it, is an authorized seller, they show some good pictures too. Then there is always neiman and

  • sarah

    i found most of chloe on ebay are fake. even the one that selling for 1000USD, look identical to a real one but still a fake. i have seen a few real one in dark brown, whiskey and ivory in the department store. i got one myself in ivory :-) only buy from ebay if u ok with a fake one.

  • stella

    hi, i just bought a blue jean chloe from a lady by the name of rehia. it is so beautiful, and authentic. i only paid 1200 for it, but she no longer takes paypal. her address is, good luck guys

  • jane is also a completely legitimate site. i have been buying luxury brands from them for years both in north america and europe. every thing they sell is authentic!

  • Jules

    Hi everyone, after reading this blog (and surfing ebay) I decided it is not worth the worry and heartache of buying from an unauthorized dealer and just bought my silver paddington today from a department store. I am completely new to this whole real/not real thing, but as for my bag the leather is very soft, pebbly looking and wrinkled. When the packing is taken out the bag completely collapses. The zipper is actually a ykk zipper in silver. The inside is a beige canvas-like material and inside the zippered compartment is a small leather tag with the serial number stamped on it xx.xx.xx.xxxx Good luck to everyone, the bag is as awesome as everyone says it is!

  • katrina

    Hi All,
    I have a WARNING about BLUEFLY. I recently bought a paddington from them. I actually ordered two of them in different colors. When I got them, they were both the same color but NOT the same quality. One or both were obviously fakes. The leather was crappy, the hardware was scuffed, the zippers didn’t close easily and there were many inconsistencies between the two like different sized and fuzzy embossings. All the signs that they weren’t authentic were there. I sent them both back and am buying only from trusted e-retailers like Bergdorfs and Neiman’s from now on. So, I would buy high end items from bluefly with care. You could get a fake!

  • Ladies, the only online store authorized to sell authentic Chloe merchandise is Net-A-Porter.

    They carry Paddingtons at the moment, too.

  • And by the way, a fantastic source for information on Chloe and Paddingtons is our Chloe forum.

    Check it out!

  • Tere

    Wow. That was some great readung. I tried looking up chloe paddingtons and Balenciaga Motorcycle bags. SSOO many websites popped up. Net-a-Porter definately sells the real deal for Chloe, because after going to the Chloe website, they directly send you there to buy online. My issue is trying to find Balenciaga bags. I came VERY close to ordering one from Sac Belle, again claiming 100% authenticity, or money back. It just makes me sick to think these sites are representing themselves as legit. I learned the hard way with my first LV purchase, from a ebay seller, on I’ll probably call a department store, when (if) I’m every ready to part with the big bucks, because I do agree, there is NOTHING lie the real thing! THanks ladies, nice to know I’m not alone with my love of bags, even though NONE of my co-workers would agree with my ideas, re luxary bags, or would my husband, but that’s ok, (despite what Miss Anna feels) Sweet shopping ladies! Oh one more thing, I’m planning a trip To London in Oct. better to find something there???
    Thanks again

  • Karen

    I came across this when my friend bought a LV for 300 on – LOVE that all of you handbag lovers are out there. Has anyone purchased from sacbelle? I cant see how you can get an authentic LV handbag for $300!
    Thanks girls – keep shopping

  • Nina

    Dear all, it was FANTASTIC to read this forum blog!
    Just be realistic when you want to purchase a bag.
    1.) What can you afford?
    2.) Why do you want the bag (how badly do you want it)?
    3.) Do YOU care about the authentic background of the bag…or do you care about what you can say to others?
    Let’s face it; an authentic brand bag that retails at over $1,500 through authorized dealers is mostly “fake” when you see prices on them for just 10-20% of the value.
    If you can afford the $1,500

  • Leonie


    I love bags and like certain styles and looks. I don’t have a problem buying a look alike or a knock off. But if someone is advertising it as being an authentic bag, then they need to stand by it.

    I’ve been happy with the bags I got from ebay. Coach usually some itty bitty bag for $100 or so. I’ve also bought bags from Korea that I knew were knock offs or rejects from the factory and paid a fraction of the price. I am happy with these bags.

    But if I paid $900 for an authentic bag, then yes, I want the real thing.

    You do pay for quality and you also pay for the design. I don’t think it’s the name brand as much at least not for me. I jsut love certain looks. Some of the designers have great designs and they are copy righted…so I guess buying a knock off is encouraging copy right infringement…


    Thank you everyone for such an informative site and comments. By any chance, does anyone know which model Marc Jacobs bag was in the Devil Wears Prada- the blue one that Lilly got -?

  • Adriana

    Hi there,

    I love your blog! I’m in love with the new Chloe Bay Bowler bag in Cafe.
    I’ll order it by mail but I’m not sure about the mesures as I never saw one.
    There are 3 diferent sizes? Do you know wich is the mesure that Misha Barton is carrying in this very famous picture?

    Thank you so much!

  • hazel


    im just wondering if the wine red paddington is a regular colour for every fall/winter season?

    thank you

  • v

    i got the chloe bay shoulder bag in dark chocolate from neiman marcus. i don’t normally spend much on bags but the simple design really got my attention. it’s just a good size for everyday use. i won’t be buying anything for the next 12 months…:=)

  • H

    hi, all! i agree with both sides–if you have the money (lucky you!) and can afford the real thing, go for it. if you want a great fake at a much lower price, go for it. most people cant tell the difference unless they are highly qualified anyway. a lot of sellers on ebay are offering fakes and promising authenticity and that is not right. i sell on ebay and i would never make a false promise–it will only get you into trouble in the future. if anyone is interested in chloe paddington bags, feel free to send me an email. i sell mostly fakes, but they are great fakes–same leather, same heavy padlock, all engraving is chloe, and all have serial numbers. i do occasionally get the real thing from my dealers when there is a factory reject or a floor model for sale. i guarantee all my items and offer a satisfaction, money back guarantee. i also accept paypal so you’re protected even more if you dont like the handbag. i can also tell you that the really good fakes, like the ones i have, are not cheap in price–its not like they cost me $40 and i sell them for hundreds. i wish! LOL and the real thing is always lots more money because once it becomes popular, the sky’s the limit on price and people will pay. real leather and brass is not that expensive so imagine how much it really costs chloe to make the paddington bag and how much theyre retailing it for.

  • Candy

    I wonder why people are killing themselves over authenticity. The authentic designer bags are all made in China despite what the tags say. Chinese factories will write anything on the tag you tell them to. Don’t fool yourself that anything is made in Europe. They are not. The so called original is exactly the same with SOME copies. What the designers are selling is just the brand name – nothing else. The Chinese factories that make exact copies buy the so called origninal bags. Dismantle and analyse them and their reproduction is no different except for the price. There is no way i would pay silly prices for what people call real when I can get EXACtly the same item for a fraction. Nobody knows real and fake these days as everybody id not carrying a designer bag. Personally I would rather go for a non brand good leather bag anyday!!

  • Fan of Anna

    :lol: Anna your fantastic. I love your comments and agree with you all the way

  • Olivia


    i got mine for christmas and took it to aspen

    be jealous

  • Meg

    Hi everybody – I hope someone can help me. I found an orange (not very orange) Chloe handbag. The one with the brass lock in front. The number on the leather tag inside the zipper pocket is 02-05-53. I listed it on ebay and it was promptly taken off, saying it was a fake. However, the person selling it always has beautiful REAL name items, and it looks like the others on ebay that are sanctioned. I have pictures. So, can soemone tell me how to verify if this is a real Chloe or not?

  • rabaul

    Hi all!

    I have been searching for a Chloe Paddington bag for a while. I am going to Hong Kong on the 16th Feb. Can someone tell me where to buy one
    . I don’t want a fake. Please help.

  • Nic

    Hi rabaul,

    you can find the paddington at the Chloe store in HK International Airport or the Chloe store at DFS Galleria TST. Good luck.

  • kris burton

    Right now Saks has two colors on their site. Blue and tan………I just got one…gonna take me a while to pay it off…but I had to have it. Gorgeous!

  • Alicia Marie

    I Brought a second hand chocolate brown paddington bag from a women off ebay, iv checked it all over and its 100% authentic! I got it for £200 which is amazing. So if you look in the right places on ebay you can get an authentic ones for cheap especialy if its second hand. Mine is and its in perfect condition. Do be carefull thoe as there are alot of people selling fake ones on there pretending there real! And watch out for people that take authentic pictures of chloe bags and put them on there ebay so it looks like there selling a real one. I caught someone doing that because they had taken the photos of the paddington bag i brought and put it on theirs so someone brought a fake! Luckily he has been kicked off!
    So for eveyone that wants one but cant afford to buy a new one, then look out on ebay especialy now as people are selling their real ones to make money for xmas!

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  • kate

    hi, can anyone tell me if they think this chloe paddington bag is real or fake?

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  • cgi ebay

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  • Naggy

    2005 came out with the best leather for Paddingtons! (ipad)

  • KY

    What a beautiful bag!! (ipad)

  • hassam

    Well done and congratualtions on ur purchase! Do u know if they had any python silverados ? Me and a friend are deperate for the silver and the gold!

  • naturally like your web-site however you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to inform the reality however I will certainly come back again.