My oh my, it has been a few months now since we’ve covered a Chloé bag. My infatuation with Chloé bags started when Megs purchased her gorgeous Chloé Paddington a few years back. When she came home with it, I absolutely loved it and was hoping that one day I too would have a Paddington of my own. As I started to take note of the brand a bit more, I decided I didn’t have to set my sights on a Paddington because there were several others out there I could love just as much. However, all this got shoved to the back on my mind as I my love for Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin continued to grow.

But today, I found myself getting back to the basics. Well, at least back to Chloé basics.

Ok, first things first. I don’t think the Chloé Ethel Large Leather Hobo is going to have the same kind of influence that the Paddington did/does. But, this bag has reminded me of how good Chloé bags can be when it comes to a simple design executed wonderfully. The glazed leather is soft, shiny and supple. The goldtone hardware helps bring out the color of the leather without overpowering it. (However, I do have to say I wish the zipper pulls were a little different, they seem a little odd on this bag.) The structured shoulder strap is a nice addition to the overall slouchy look of this hobo. This is a great bag to tote around all day as well as one which could compliment many night worthy outfits. Buy through Saks for $1395.

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  • Loquita

    I agree that this is not on par with many of Chloe’s other fabulous designs, but it is lovely. As a recent Chloe convert, I have nothing but praise for this design house – in fact, I just bought my second Chloe bag yesterday (with a third to come shortly)…

  • cge

    I adore Chloe too, and own three of them. There’s just something special about their bags, and I think people either love them or hate them, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between! Their earlier bags were way too heavy, but they seem to have streamlined their hardware, which makes them lighter to carry. This is a very pretty one for Spring; I haven’t seen this version before.

  • kelly

    i can see many uses of this bag – both for work and casual. perfect!

  • Rach

    For some reason, I think “diaper” when I look at this. Not sure why…

    • speaking of…

      I so agree with Rach, it looks i FULL diaper..this is not the best Chloe bag I have seen. They could have done much better and with a little more hardware. The color isn’t making me happy either..

  • Douglasure

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    • RGMofNYC

      omg can someone stop these multiple spam adverts??
      there should be a button “mark as spam” like there is on youtube

  • chris

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  • chris

    we love the handbags, it is beautiful. more fashion bags here

  • Mochababe73

    While I love anything shiny and blinged out, I don’t like the shiny leather on this one. If it were a flat leather, it would totally work for me.

  • Chris

    The leather is too shiny. And the golden hardware – they could have chosen a different gold tone. Or perhaps rose gold? And perhaps more stylish forms of hardware.
    Hm… the more I look at it, the less I like it.

  • hello

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  • hello

    we love the handbags, it is beautiful. more fashion bags here

  • RGMofNYC

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  • Deb

    this looks very similar to a mbmj bag that i own, i like the shape of hobo bags. (fb)

  • JJ

    I’m curious to see this bag in person. I loved the original Ethel and once I finally had one, I found that it carried very awkward. The leather’s so soft, the bottom dropped and the bag took on an entirely different look and shape from sitting on display (where it was perfection!). The leather is amazing tho – very thin and lightweight (unlike most Chloe bags that are made with thick, heavy leather). It’s not a WOW! bag, but it might be a nice, basic hobo. Would like to see this one in person (fb)

  • Elyse

    this bag has the potential to be used for work and play. It’s just gorgeous. (fb)

  • Joy

    agree to elyse!
    and im loving the color!
    and its plain but it has glam to it, enough for day or night!
    love it!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    simple, to the point (fb)

  • Lesley

    I love this bag – the colour, the softness and scent of the leather and its simpliciity- however it is so big I loose thngs inside so would have liked more compartments – but I still love it.

  • Sam

    WOW what a stylish yet simple bag. I’m liking it! I like that it zips up at the top and it looks like a great size. Like the gold hardware. Leather looks fabulous too….great like all Chloe leathers.

  • Tracey G

    LOVE this bag (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Beautiful bag! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love the simplicity of the bag (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love the color (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love the color for work (ipad)