Chanel bags (and jewelry, and clothes) are as notoriously difficult to come by as any in the luxury market. Chanel doesn’t sell its wares online (and doesn’t plan to in the near future), and if you’ve never tried to just waltz into a department store or Chanel boutique and purchase one, you might be surprised at how hard it can be to find a store with the most sought-after styles in stock. Solving this kind of problem is the Internet’s specialty, though, which brings us to the huge crop of vintage Chanel bags, accessories and clothing from What Goes Around, Comes Around that are currently available via Moda Operandi.

The bags are mostly black (a Chanel staple), and you’ll find plenty of the brand’s signature styles, like Classic Flaps and camera bags. For us, the standout is the alligator mini crossbody, but any of these bags would be pretty impressive in your closet. (Or under your tree, if you’re feeling generous.) Rest assured, the vintage mavens at WGACA only deal in authentic bags. Shop the full sale until December 16 via Moda Operandi or check out some gorgeous pics of the bags below.

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