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I always appreciate an interesting design concept when it comes to handbags. And that is precisely what you get from the Chanel Take Away Box Bag, a mixture of culture and whimsical fun with one of the bags from the Chanel Shanghai accessories collection.

Clearly inspired by Chinese take-away boxes, this handbag is made with metallic fabric and finished off with a classic leather and metal chain strap. For Chanel bags, this is a very different look. I picture it perfectly on Carrie Bradshaw. While this isn’t the exact bag I would purchase, I completely appreciate the design and idea behind it. But after inquiring I found out the bag is sold out. Price was $7,500 (info via Chanel).

What do you think of the Chanel Take Away Box Bag?

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  • BLynnT

    $7,500!?!? No thanks. While I can appreciate the concept of it and the fact that it’s different, I just can’t imagine anyone (aside from the aforementioned Carrie Bradshow perhaps) actually using it.
    And does it really need “Take Away” spelled out on the side??? That really kills it for me.

  • Laura

    It’s waaaaaaaaay too expensive. I understand it’s like a piece of art but I wouldn’t spend that much in something I almost don’t like. This piece is for real Chanel lovers.

  • annabelle

    sold out? wow! it’s fun to look at but not something i would carry out or be able to carry it around.

  • Sasorisa

    Seriously? This is beyond tacky. I wouldn’t care if it’s $1 – it’s disgusting. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was just the shape but the ‘TAKE AWAY’… wow. Then again, the shape is too kitschy- like it should be made out of PVC and used as a bag in the 90s.

  • Thumbelina Fashionista

    I usually love Chanel but this is hideous beyond words.

  • CoutureCoco
    • Olga

      My thoughts, exactly!

  • Jen

    It would be 10x better without the “take away” logo in “Asian” lettering. A subtle nod with respect to the inspiration piece is so much better than throwing it directly into people’s faces (i.e. Proenza Schouler’s brown paper bag tote).

  • suz

    How about spending $7,500 to feed some hungry people?

    • irene

      My thoughts exactly!!!

    • sohini

      I agree with this being tacky and way overpriced. However, WE ALL could feed the hungry with the money we spend on ANY handbag.

  • Aprilmay

    In a Word “Hideous” i wouldn’t carry it if I got it free

  • 19yearslater

    Yeah, the “take away” is ridiculous and this bag has been done before, in no-name brands. That’s way too much money for a piece like this.

  • Lianne

    Uh, no. You might as well get a real takeout container (not used, mind you) and stick a chain handle on it. But spending that much money on a bag that is going to tacky extremes (like someone else said, it would be better without the spikey lettering)… Nope, never gonna happen.

  • erica

    no way jose, and this is chanel???

  • An4

    of all the things associated with shanghai this is the best they can do?! gross! good idea, poor execution, and that’s what distinguishes artists from common people – we all have great ideas, only rare people manage to materialize them.

    coco is rolling in her grave…

  • Judy

    Not for me

  • Bagolicious

    I needed my laugh for today and really got it. LOL! Someone has lost his/her mind to create it and whomever has bought it needs some serious counseling.

  • Kyle

    Lady GaGa used this at her sister’s graduation.

  • MizzJ

    As a Chinese person, I can safely tell you that I have never gotten Chinese, or any Asian cuisine, takeout in a container like that EXCEPT when it was a place run by Caucasians :p

    • Anna

      I never realized it, BUT YOU’RE RIGHT! I L-O-L’d

  • david

    i think it’s hilarious. no need to take it so seriously. it’s fun and random, but obviously not for everyone, so i guess it’s a good thing that the bag is already sold out so you guys don’t need to worry about buying it.

  • kemilia

    I thought “fun & clever” and then I saw the price and yep, Chanel did it again, all sold out.

    The poster who said the money would be better spent on food for the hungry is right, and also, the amount I spend (not nearly EVER that much) on bags could be better spent to help others too.

  • Chris

    I really think this is hilarious. So funny. And you are very right, Megs, it is certainly something that Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing – and lets be honest, Patricia Field could create a whole outfit with that purse that would totally rock.
    Again, some countries are booming and there are a lot of really wealthy women (even in the US) who can buy this. I am not surprised to hear that it is sold out.
    And no, of course I would not buy this handbag.

  • PhotoGirl

    Oh, dear.
    The Emperor’s New Handbag.

  • Natalie

    You guys are taking this waaaay too seriously. Come on it’s just a gimmick! Those companies need to shock and do something outta line from time to time in order to stay trendy…. And I bet it is sold out because 1. They probably produced a relatively small amount of bags, 2. It is considered an investment or collector’s piece. After all, fashion is art. I wouldn’t buy it, but from a realistic point of view I can understand it. They’re staying in business!

  • Chaibliss


  • mochababe73

    This bag has been done before, and I think much better. I am not a fan of it being black.
    For that amount of money, I would either get one Hermes or two classic Chanel flap bags. Not for a bag that can’t be used everyday.
    I am sure that Patricia Field already has this bag in storage awaiting the next Sex and the City movie.

  • Jo

    No, no, no, and no. NO. NO FREAKIN WAY. OMG. I don’t get it!

  • KElly

    Saw this IRL – played with it in store – did not know the price until now – OMG – $$$ that’s a A LOT of take aways man!! @_@

  • Tata

    NO NO NO! all though its a chanel but fugly, mkaay

  • merve

    Sometimes the integrity of a brand should precede the potential immense profit from an unslightly and unelegant design. I can already imagine all the fakes that will be made of this bag lining the streets.

  • Roe

    The American Chinese Take Out Box has been done before. I don’t see the originality on this at all. For that price..even less.

  • erama

    I absolutely love chanel don’t get me wrong, but a takeaway box bag, step too far!

  • kellyx

    i don’t get it. i just don’t. i can never understand how Chanel always come up with prices for bags that look like…this…

  • Lyn

    Better of with the classics!

  • Tiffany

    That’s alot of dough for that Chanel! Which is not very cute!

  • scott53051

    hmmmm…..darlings, it is only ugly if you can’t afford it. meow… what a delightful way to feed the hungry.

  • michelle

    it’s unoriginal.. i’ve seen this concept 7-8 years ago in flee markets.. for around $10

  • J

    I work at Chanel and personally inspected this bag. It is so well made..the inside is lined with leather and the closure is magnetic. (they are NOT sold out :) )

  • Tiger123

    I run Chinese Restaurant Takeaway. Can’t imagine to see my food inside this bag. EXPENSIVE LOL. :D

  • zhel

    oooooohh!!… how cute the bag iz…love it! & like it!

  • RichgrlR

    Uhm, this is ugly

  • debbiecadiente

    well,well, all’s been said…. but i think there’s more left unsaid: chanel’s succeeded in their goal to be again talked about, hehehe. they’re always there to stay.

  • shenai

    for some reason when i first saw this i thought it was fake.. im kind of suprised.. and its kind of ugly.

  • Erandu

    This bag is not Sold Out yet, I’ve seen one in my city Mexico City, Im agree with the people that says that it is better to spend that amount of money in helping people or even a car for you.
    It is in the new Chanel Boutique in Santa Fe Mexico City.
    price is 105, 000 pesos, like 8000 dollars

  • beanyce126

    really not feeling this purse. (ipad)

  • Irene Zhang

    I thought this was a joke when I first saw it. This is so tacky. And as someone who went to the shanghai expo, and has been to Shanghai at least. They could have done so much better. There’s so many inspiring things in china, and people in China don’t even use take out boxes. Its like the fortune cookie stereotype. most people in China even knows what a fortune cookie is. That’s why this bag pisses me off. They use the “American Stereotype” of things and just go with it. If they had done their research they would have known that people in china don’t even use take out boxes. I guess I’m getting a little off topic. But it makes sense to me. This is pure ignorance right here. For a ridiculous price. I don’t even think the concept was worth bringing up. This is ridiculous.

  • littleego

    this has got to be a joke, yes?