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  • Stina Sias


  • Rosa Lily

    “Weed we need?” Did I read that correctly? Completely tasteless for a brand that is highly regarded for its sophistication and desirability.

    • KloeF

      Tweed we need ;-)

      • Rosa Lily

        OMGosh, just saw that! I kept staring at it until I could make out the T that seems to look like an I. The way the items are positioned can fool anyone.

      • Haha, it happened to me too!

  • Guest

    Some are lovely, some are atrocious…seems on par with every other season

    • anon

      Haha! You perfectly described Chanel’s seasonal releases.

  • bir

    well yes its bipolar as usual, but i do see some things i would love to wear next season. especially the tweed flap its beautiful !!!!!

    • mama_fab

      Bipolar is the best actually love this entire collection

  • Bo

    Sounds like a lot of jealous shoppers who could never afford Chanel… But desire to!

    • Shanelle

      Whether one can afford to buy Chanel or not, people still have a sense of what appeals to them and what doesn’t. There are bags in this collection I would pay $5,000 for and bags I wouldn’t pay $10 for, it is that simple. It isn’t about jealousy, it is simply about taste and discernment.

  • Kelly

    the chevron easy flaps iare AMAZING OMGGGGG!!!!!! and those chanel bangles are to die for! not to mention those modified boy bags!!!!!! need to get one asap!

  • vera

    everything i need to be exact :-)

  • FashionableLena

    Love the bright colors, but I was more interested in the embellished whistle in slide 24 and the map bracelet in slide 30.

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love the bracelets!

  • Kellygirl

    Not a chanel girl but obsessed with the boy bag in caviar or calf leather if need be. Is there any chance that it will return and if so what do you think the color palet will be. Thank you

    • Susan

      hey my sa said that the boys are going to be either exotic leather or unusual ones like the tie dye ones through next fall winter collection. She said no blacks will be made through then either, so if you see one, I would snatch it up!

  • amy

    does anyone notice the classic flap with the whistle…since theme of collection is women’s rights….does this make it the first ever official “CHANEL RAPE WHISTLE”?!?!?!?! not gonna lie, kind of love it. for the girl who has everything……

    • mama_fab


  • “Ya know, maybe it’s just as well that we can’t see in color. Makes ’em all look pretty dull…”

  • zarah

    Wow,What a wonderful wallets for girls…I want know more collections.Thank you so much.zarah from Bizbilla

  • Gia

    Love the clutch with chain wrap!

  • Cassandra Smith

    Yay for Chanel! More fun colors and pearls for summer of 2015. This is exciting.

  • Andre S González

    The watercolour bags are amazing!

  • Tonybunny

    What is the name and the price of the bag in fig 11 and 12? The rainbow one. Thanks!!! Really need to know

  • Joana Richard

    Please Amanda, can you tell me how much maybee cost the chanel Flap bag in jersey with a lot of colores that its from the Spring-summer pre-collection?

  • noor

    How much is the beige/black flap slide 5/32 in euro?its gorgeous!

  • Annn

    I woild like to know the colour code od slide 21 , the light pink or beige colour – can You tell me the product code of this chanel bag – exact numbers , thanx

  • Perla

    I love slide 28