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3 years ago

This has actually grown on me. As many have been saying their rude comments. I appreciate the stitching and the graphics on the bags. I am unable to carry luxury for work, though I own many. I have to save my Chanel, LV, and Birkins for the weekends. So it’s not about screaming hey hey I have money. I have to try my best to look like I don’t so I don’t offend and make you jeleous.

3 years ago

The price is the price. An Hermes bag is 7000 entry point and it comes with a story that one person made your bad. Is that true, who knows????? The only bag that Hermes makes cheaper is the Evelyn and it was a horse feeder bag with a cotton strap, and it’s 4000 with tax. Every time chanel posts, all the feeds are about price. It’s expensive but the whole market is. Luxury is expensive. Louis is expensive. 1400 for a neverfull which has zero craftsmanship is expensive.
This forum can be what we want but shouldn’t it about the bags, and if we like them? Price is price is non negotiable. And every pvc bag in every chanel has a huge waiting list. I couldn’t get to see them they are so wanted. People crave different. Hermes is predictable. Chanel is trying. Let’s focus on something other than price.

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