Remember that time when Karl Lagerfeld imported a chunk of glacier for the Chanel show in Paris and then showed a collection full of faux fur and what can only be described as yeti costumes? That seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? Well, it was just six months ago, and now the bags from that collection are available for perusal on

Some of the collection already popped up in the form of Pre-Fall 2010, but now the entirety of the line has landed and we’ve collected the pictures on your behalf. The designs range from useable, reasonable caramel-colored leather bags to wacky faux-fur-tufted creations that are only for fashion’s, uh, boldest individuals. My personal favorite is the ice cube clutch – let us know which ones you like in the comments. As always, photos are after the jump.

Pictures via Chanel. For price and purchase information, please contact the company at (800)550-0005.

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  • Karin bag4bag

    I loved that show. I really like all the white bags – must have been the iceberg ! I really want no. 11 and the icecube clutch ! From memory I think there was also a quite sweet pink clutch that grabbed me.

  • Chick

    #11 (white mohair?) and #3 (casual caramel-colored) for me, please!! They are both beautiful.

  • woofer

    nice nice!!!

  • merve

    No 10 for me. Im not feeling or liking the furry ones

  • shopper

    I am really liking #3, so stylish! I am not a fan of the faux fur. It doesn’t seem very chanel-esque.

  • Sarafina77

    I’m not feeling any of them. YAY! LOL Normally I have a huge lust when it comes to Chanel.

  • keni

    I love bags 1,6,9,12

  • Lauren

    #1, #2, & #9… Yes, please!

  • Kellyx

    I hope Chanel goes faux all the way!

  • Michelle

    I sooo love the white one, # 11. Golly! I wonder how much that one cost.. or can anyone please give me the #11 for free (:

  • Jourdan

    I really like #1, #3 and especially love #11!

  • raw

    I’m not feeling any of them.

  • Connie

    OMG! Think I may have had my first mental orgasm! These bags are fantastic! For me it’s a tie between Channel bags #1 & #2! I may have to go and lye down after this.

  • dguerrero3

    I like 1,2,3 & 11.

  • Lala

    I really love # 3. Great color

  • gacats

    If I had to choose one of them, I would pick #

  • gacats

    Sorry, operator error, I would choose #1,but I gotta say, that handle looks like an afterthought… (fb)

  • mochababe73

    Numbers nine and ten. The large white with the black bottom is gorgeous. Too bad that I can’t afford any of them.

  • Hiew Mui

    the design almost same – – ;;

  • Cassandra

    I love the bags! I saw some of the tall faux fur boots from this collection at NM last week. They were strange but they had a really awesome “ice chunk” like heel. The salesperson actually said that the all white faux fur boot would not get dirty in the mud and slush that sticks around for months mid-Atlantic region in the winter which I sincerely doubted, but I guess he was just doing his job.

  • Jo Charles

    color white is classy. but it is not easy to maintain. I have balcienga and chloe paddington..they need to send in to be cleaned occassionaly, just such a hassel..

  • Sarah

    #6 is the first Chanel I could actually see myself carrying. They usually don’t appeal to me at all, but this one is gorgeous and not screaming “CHANEL!!!!!” at me at first glance.

    The ice cube one is awesomely funky, too.

  • Chris

    I like # 2 and I absolutely ADORE # 9 and # 11.
    Oh, and I like # 12, the ice cubes make me smile. But you need the right outfit and the right occasion to wear this.
    What I need right now is the winning lottery ticket…. wait, where was it….. ;-)

  • srtnsrnt

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    nice post,thanks


  • Connie

    Channel has out done themselves this time!

  • laura

    #2 and #6 would make me the happiest girl in the world!!!

    Such gorgeous colors and I love the quilted look on 2.

  • Sugar

    9 please! but i’ll have to sell my car or seomthing.

  • City Girl EC1

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The Chanel is my ultimate! Your blog is great, I’ll be following :)
    City Girl x

  • Connie

    Every time I receive and email regarding comments posted to this site, I have to come back for another look. :0)

  • Amber

    I am in love with these bags because they are very unconventional. A fur bag is an awesome touch to winter outfits with a very luxurious affect. Gosh these look so luscious I can already imagine how soft they are to the touch. I wish I could afford Chanel :(

  • Karin bag4bag

    Saw a lot of these bags in Chanel today (even better in person)

  • Armcandy15

    I bought no. 1 in brown…versatile piece that can be carried in various ways…

  • Constance

    I love these Chanel bags, especially #1. I hope to get one when I grow up. :0)

  • lolamay1280

    hi i want to swap my chanel maxi jumbo for another chanel but a smaller one
    does anybody here know anyone who wants to buy the maxi jumbo from me or like to swap
    – i am only 5ft tall – and when i wear it looks too big for me

    • Cindy

      Yes, for how much?

  • Cindy

    I want buy your Chanel maxi jumbo, I am being serious no lol. By the way what color? Please email back. I will in pay you in whatever.

  • j

    I want to get #2 but was told it’s not being sold in the US by a chanel SA. Is this true?

  • Maggie

    I only like the top one! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    this time, i’m gonna pass..
    it’s not working for me.. sorry karl ! (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Oh Sweet Chanel (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    not feeling the fur collection. (ipad)

  • Ira Martin

    i didn’t like much of this collection (ipad)

  • OY

    Didn’t like anything from the Fall collection, but looking forward to the Spring/Summer collection! (ipad)