Sometimes I know a bag is great from stock images, but usually I need to see a piece in person to really know whether or not I connect with it. After all, stock images can be deceiving in both good and bad ways–well-taken images can make an average bag look luxurious, and poorly taken images can make a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship look average, and maybe even cheap. In person, though, all is revealed.

While helping my best friend look for the perfect non-traditional wedding look last weekend, I found myself in the handbag section of Barneys, as one does. She and I have similar taste in bags (for example, on this particular day, we were both carrying medium-size burgundy top handle bags with crossbody straps), and our attention turned to the Céline Sangle Shoulder Bag. She had considered getting one when she bought her last bag, and although I’ve always liked the bag in photos, this was my first experience with it in person. I was impressed.

The new version of the Sangle is particularly good because of its versatility: the bag comes with both the wide, short webbed wool strap the bag has always had, which is perfect for one-shoulder carry and distributes weight well–ideal for a sizable work bag. Starting this season, some versions also come with a thinner, longer crossbody strap in leather, which amplifies the already super-functional bag’s versatility and opens it up to consumers interested in a slightly more casual option on the weekends.

In all, the Sangle is a perfectly discreet work bag that looks expensive and luxurious but doesn’t scream a particular designer’s name at the top of its lungs, and the ample size, multiple interior and exterior pockets and interchangeable straps make it a solid choice for anyone looking for a good bag to take to the office. I didn’t have one on hand to try it, but I bet it would even fit a small laptop.

Buy through Céline or your favorite department store for $2,900.

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  • Sandy

    It just seems so…boring! Maybe the leather and craftsmanship come through making it exceptional IRL.

    • psny15

      i totally agree

  • psny15

    its boring and unimaginative!
    in my opinion, Celine made one good bag (the luggage tote) and the rest were reiterations or flops

    • What’s boring and unimaginative to one person may be understated and sleek to someone else. Besides, the point about reiterations could be said about probably all the other luxury bag companies.

  • Kate

    A good, basic bag for work. (I’m always obsessed with finding discreet, functional but attractive bags for the office.)

  • Sparky

    meh. I thought it was Mansur Gavriel

  • W S M

    I love it. Simple with clean lines. My weakness is anything in saddle leathers which will patina over time.

  • gt66

    I saw this bag on a really pretty woman in real life once. Maybe she made it look cute (as those women do), but I remember noticing the bag immediately. It definitely doesn’t look that great in a picture, but in real life it’s stunning.

  • Tee

    It’s really beautiful in person and being carried. My husband bought a Celine cabas tote for his sister-in-law (she’s has done so much for his family) as a thank you gift. She exchanged it for this Sangle tote and loves it. It’s too bad she did that because my husband wanted to buy that same tote for me. They joked about it because she described the Sangle as she exchanged her cabas and he sent her the photo of it since he admired it too. *Sigh*. We both can’t own it in the same tan color….Maybe he will fall in love with the Box bag

  • Sara

    It’s well made, designer, practical and discreet. I like it even though it is not my preferred style.

  • Yazi

    It looks very very ordinary to justify that price tag. There is a difference between a minimalist design and a common place design, which in this instance is a case of the latter.

  • Valliere

    What a beautiful bag. I think it is well worth the price tag as it is a very functional design, the leather is gorgeous and it does not scream look at me I have an expensive bag with logos on it.

  • Nellie

    I have this bag in goatskin, and love it! Simple and elegant and holds a ton. The four outside pockets are especially useful. This is a bag you USE. My first Celine purchase–I couldn’t be happier with my choice. An added bonus: In the three months I’ve owned it, I haven’t seen one on anyone else’s shoulder. Love carrying something different..