She’s already been photographed carrying (“carrying”) Chanel in CR Fashion Book, and with parents like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it was clearly only a matter of time until little North West started carrying bags of her own, even if she still lacks the manual dexterity necessary to actually grasp them in her adorably chubby little toddler hands. Luckily, this Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder Bag can be draped across her tiny body.

When I saw this photo earlier this week, my first thought was that Kim and Kanye are expertly trolling us, but my second thought was that this bag must be a custom piece–it’s so tiny that it actually looks appropriately sized on a human born in 2013, and the Kardashian-Wests are a family who could easily command such a thing for their baby. After a quick search, though, it appears that this bag is a regular production piece intended for regular-size adult women.

At nine centimeters wide, the bag is noticeably too small to hold an iPhone 5, even without a case–there’s no hope of jamming it in there. I’m not sure exactly what Hedi Slimane expects you to do with your phone, unless he thinks we all have handlers following us to carry our plebeian personal belongings while we swan around New York City. Luckily for North, she doesn’t have an iPhone. Yet. That I know of. (I bet she has an iPad.)

If you want to get Nori’s look and don’t mind putting your phone in your back pocket (watch out when you’re pulling up your pants in the bathroom–I know several phones that have died that way), this little bag can be yours for the low, low price of $1,450 via LUISAVIAROMA.

North West Saint Laurent Monogramme Bag 2

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  • Fiona-Brasil

    To publish the “collection of bags” of a one year old child is not just wrong in any possible way but frankly I find it a total lack of taste.

    • Marnie

      Ever heard of a sense of humor? You might want to purchase one. Nori is adorable and her purse is cute, though it only holds her Sherbank Visa Infinite Gold Card. Go Nori!!

    • AshleyG

      LOL… you’re joking, right? My three year old niece has a bag collection. It’s comprised of Dora the Explorer fanny packs, glittered plastic speedy-style satchels, and a Doc McStuffins doctor’s bag, but a collection nonetheless…

      • Winn

        I am seriously interested in seeing the many bags of 3 year-olds (not the celeb kind, your niece kind). That would be adorable and fun.

  • Rosa Lily

    low, low price? You’re funny. So small. I guess it’s good enough to hold my loose change. Nori is too adorable.

  • missarewa

    such a cute piece on an adorable baby girl!!!

  • Candace

    Try putting your stuff in a bag this size to go to an NFL game The NFLs bag policy prohibits bags any larger than this unless the bag is clear. I hate clear bags! Another slap in the face of women by the NFL.

  • Janette

    Waay too cute! Her boots go well with the itsy bitsy purse. I can’t tell if she’ll have Kim or Kanye’s hair.

  • Mariakvamm

    Putting a chain around the neck of a young child? Chocking hazard, anyone? And with those shoes, they look impossible to walk or even crawl in.

    Hopefully both the shoes and the purse are taken away as soon as she is put down!

    • Hierophilic

      Choking* and I’m pretty sure her parents keep a close eye on her. I find it really unsettling the assumptions made about the parenting of two people of color.

      • Mariakvamm

        Huh? What does color has to do with it? (Sorry for my English, not a native speaker/writer :p )

        With the paparazzi fray all around, I would hesitate before hanging something around the neck of the child, that’s all, and I specified that I hope they take it away when she is put down :)

      • Guest

        I am a mom, and a woman of color, and I agree with Mariakvamm. Though I gotta say I also don’t know why it is assumed that Mariakvamm’s comment had anything to do with people’s skin color. When you tell people not to assume I guess you also shouldn’t assume anything yourself.

    • Casey

      It’s literally a crossbody bag, I doubt she’s gonna choke. And it doesn’t look like she’s walking either.

  • Winn

    Purseblog team, I love you. I can’t stand the Kardashians. Yet, I understand that many do not share this sentiment so you cannot stop writing them. You know what I think would be just about the coolest thing ever? A no-Kardashian version of your site or ability to hide all Kardashian stories

    • Hierophilic

      But why? Why hate them? Really. I’m genuinely curious. What is so terrible about her that you cannot stand her? Do you even know why she has money? This is a woman who took the blatant exploitation of her body and privacy and snatched it back from those who wanted to make a profit off of it for themselves, and turned it around so SHE could profit from it instead. I just find it disgustingly petty that so many people hate her without a reason. WTF did she do to you? She’s beautiful, has money? Did she run your dog over? Slap your grandma? Or do you just baselessly hate women?

      • Claire

        Probably the best response to the Kardashian Haterade Campaign (KHC, as it is affectionally known).

      • Hierophilic

        Thank you! Just doing what I do!

      • Winn

        She is a person’s whose fame comes from making a sex tape. I don’t respect that. Sure, I agree that she did the right thing by suing when her tape was leaked, but that doesn’t mean I respect her as a public figure. She’s shallow, vapid, self-absorbed, and just plain irritating.

        Having an informed, fact-based opinion on a public figure is not petty.

        I do not dislike her because she is a woman (I am one too, as are probably most on this handbag-focused website), has money (I do too, again, as probably most on this site do), or is attractive (I’m perfectly satisfied with my appearance and her look is not the type I find most attractive).

      • Hierophilic

        So you don’t view sex work as a legitimate form of work? How the fuck do you know she’s any of those things? You do not know this woman. And you sound like your typical person with a shit ton of internalized misogyny: You hate her for being everything the media and society tells a woman to be, and you “don’t respect” her based on her making a film for HERSELF and then having it exploited. It doesn’t matter if you’re another woman: Women are taught to hate other women for personal gain in a patriarchal society that causes us to be hypercritical of each other, especially women of color.

        I don’t think you have a good reason to hate a woman you don’t know, you just want to have a reason, or at least sound like you have one, to hate her mindlessly. You’re just another sheep. You’re just another woman tearing other women down for flipping the script. You need to really re-access your hatred of Kim, as well as any other woman, and the judgement you pass on them for doing what they want for their bodies. I’m not a fan girl, shit, I’m not even fully a woman, but your hatred ripples out and effects other women especially when you actively want to erase their existence. That’s damaging not just to you, but other women. It’s disturbing, and frankly, I’d like an option not to see basic ass comments talking about how much users hate other women (Especially the ones who whine about Kim K.) because it bothers me. In short #byefelicia.

    • zackjus

      Amen to that Winn!!!!!

  • lulilu

    She is hardly the first celebrity child to carry designer bags. I remember Angelina’s daughter had a specially-made tiny bag to match hers years ago, and I am sure Suri Cruise has her own collection. It’s over-the-top, but if you have the money…..

  • PurseJunkie

    What the heck…it’s no dumber than those baby Docs they put on her.