Got up a while ago and just have a really bad hair day. Posh Spice, you feelin’ me?

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  • Tuesday


  • Kaitlyn

    I second that!!!!!!!!

  • Noriko

    damn, I never thought she could look like that.

  • Lisa

    That is bad and mean of the popperatzi to take such a picture.

  • billyjoe

    That’s awful! Ughhhh!

  • kojiko

    Oh man everyone has a bad angle. Yikes! But 99% of the time she looks great!

  • cybasistagirl

    WHOA!!!! That lollipop head of hers needs a CHIN and JAW IMPLANT STAT !!!!!!! Poor David. Come to Mama, I’ll console you!

  • watevergrl

    no exuse for that do hair!!!!!!!!

  • Carola


  • stephanie

    sure it might be a bad angle, but i’ve seen lots of pictures where her face looks kind of like this. i mean don’t get me wrong she’s a beautiful woman and i am envious of her just like everyone else but sometimes she just looks like this.. and pissed off. haha

  • Norofria Dioti

    I think this is one of the worst pictures of her in print!!! Come on Posh, why didn’t you take that extra 7 hours of beautifying this morning just like usual?

  • Naggy

    Her face looks so thin that I thought she was Jennifer Love Hewitt in this pic! (ipad)

  • KY

    Wow she looks horrible on the pic (ipad)