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  • Kate

    Yeah … yikes. Even though my husband and I are well established and can call ourselves “successful,” with enough disposable income for me to buy most of the fancy handbags I coveted in college and law school, I just can’t get my mind around spending $4,500 on a bag from The Row. I won’t say they’re ugly because of course that’s a matter of opinion (I totally think they’re hideous), but The Row just won’t stand the test of time. If I handed one of these bags down to my niece when she’s a young woman (in about 15 years), she would find them dated and would be better off selling them for scrap. (There are all sorts of arts and crafts projects that require scrap leather!) There are plenty of trendy bags I’ve purchased that I know are not timeless (my Chloe Hudson last year, my Gucci Marmont shoulder bag last month, etc), but I didn’t (and wouldn’t) spend more than $2,000 for them. Anything over that amount is a real investment, for which I would rather pay more and buy Chanel, Dior or Hermes. My niece will thank me for that someday.

    • Eos

      You’re so right !

    • Edia

      I dont get the whole hand-me-down-mindset. I buy things for myself. Most seasonal Dior and Chanel bags are hideous and if it wasnt for the brand name people wouldnt consider them timeless in the first place. so even though you pointed out everythings a matter of taste, you went to great lengths discrediting the Rows aesthetic. And after all is said and done, if people can afford to pay 4k on something they like, much rather than something everybody else thinks they should like, Im sure it will last them longer in the end.

      • Kate

        I can afford to pay 4K for something I like, but my point was that I personally don’t like these bags. I brought up the bit about handing my bags down to my niece because I was making a distinction between some bags that are timeless and will always be coveted, and overly trendy celebrity fashion junk that will look dated in two or three years.

    • Sparky

      Seriously overpriced. i don’t think they are worth (or look) the money either, Sorry but “the Row” still smacks of celeb fashion line to me. I’ll never see the Olsen twins as REAL designers.

  • Gigi

    I like the look of these bags, but I found one at Zara that looked exactly the sam for $20. Usually it is easy to tell that something is a cheap representation of a designer (like Rebecca Minkoff’s faux Chanel bags), but this one looked exactly like the Classic Tote. If I had the disposable income, I’d probably splurge and get one, but I just can’t justify it!

    • Edia

      I quite like Zara for the fact that they offer similar designs for people who might otherwise not be able to acquire certain styles <3

  • psny15

    im pretty sure she gets these bags for free because they are all very unattractive bags on a beautiful woman!

  • W S M

    Some of The Row’s bags are really beautiful. Others, questionable. I like the Classic tote and the Market tote (not this particular variation as it’s softened too much that it puts stress on the handle attachments. I don’t think softer leathers suit this shape. The Market shoulder tote seems much better supported even with soft leather). And their Hunting bags are gorgeous. I’m also loving their wristlet clutches in the smaller size (I was mesmerised when I first saw it carried by Margot Robbie at the Oscars. So different from what everyone else was carrying that night). Overpriced for an indie brand for sure. But still beautiful.

  • Smithy

    I love The Row’s bags. I think they are modern classics and very well made. I love all these bags on Chrissy.

  • Yoshi1296

    I love The Row!!!

  • Jess

    I love Chrissie too much to bag the bags!

  • Nor Kam

    I kinda like the classic tote, but it looks painful to carry if it gets too heavy.

  • Jerri R

    It’s funny because when I look at most of The Row bags, I don’t think they are particularly ugly looking. But for some reason I never covet them or use my budget to buy any of their bags. Brands like Fendi and Chanel always entice me, but not this one.

  • Aerin

    I have several high end designer bags including Hermés bags and just bought my first bag from The Row- I am absolutely stunned and overwhelmed by the quality.
    I am going to sell some of my Celine and Fendi and buy some more of TheRow- it is absolutely amazing! Not overpriced and not overrated. Absolute perfection!