Model Chrissy Teigen is know for a lot of things–for gracing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, for having excellent taste in men (she’s married to John Legend), for being a little bit rowdy on Twitter–but today (and all days), we’re here to talk about something very specific: her excellent taste in bags. She is, I suspect, one of us.

We featured a few of Chrissy’s bags during our first look at supermodels’ bag choices, but since then, her profile has risen considerably and her collection of handbags has expanded along with it. Below, check out nearly three dozen of this supermodel’s bags of choice, especially if you love Céline.

Alexander Wang Jane Shoulder Bag
$795 via Barneys

Chrissy is among the most brand-loyal of celebs whose bags I’ve researched, and although she generally goes for premiere designers, she does appear to have a thing for Alexander Wang from time to time.


Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
$925 via Forzieri

Chrissy also tends to stick to a basically neutral color palette with her accessories, which Wang’s bags fit into well.


Giorgio Armani Clutch
Shop Armani Bags via

Like many well-established models, Chrissy is, at times, a front-row fixture at fashion shows.


Balenciaga Cable Tote
$1,785 via Neiman Marcus

Even though we’re still at the beginning of our handbag journey, it should be pretty clear by now that Chrissy looks great pretty much all the time.


Céline Blade Flap Bag

Like I mentioned before, Chrissy is very brand-loyal when it comes to bags. Based on numbers, she appears to love Céline above all.


Céline Blade Python Bag

This isn’t the only Céline bag Chrissy has in multiple colors.


Céline Edge Bag

Unlike a lot of celebs, Chrissy doesn’t just stick to a brand’s buzziest styles; she runs the whole gamut, like this somewhat under-the-radar Edge Bag.


Céline Phantom Luggage Tote

That doesn’t mean she avoids the most popular styles entirely, though.


Céline Phantom Luggage Tote

Or at all.


Céline Phantom Luggage Tote

Remember what I said about buying multiples of the same bag in different colors? Yeah.


Céline Trapeze Bag

The clasp pull in this photo is something Trapeze fans agonize about.


Céline Tricolor Luggage Tote

Let’s take a moment to honor the truly expert side-eye here.


Chanel Jumbo Vintage Flap Bag
$5,500 via Shopbop

Unlike so many of the celebs we profile, Chrissy doesn’t have much of a Chanel fetish. This is her only bag from the brand that we could find, and it’s vintage.


Chloé Faye Bag
$1,950 via Barneys

Chloé, on the other hand, is one of her longtime favorites. She’s been carrying the brand’s bags as long as the paps have been following her.


Chloé Faye Bag
$1,950 via Barneys

I would never judge someone for having two Fayes. They’re gorgeous.


Chloé Python Paraty Bag
$3,910 via Saks

The Paraty has had incredible longevity for a bag that never quite got to be an It Bag, but it’s not exactly a mystery as to why. It’s beautiful, especially in black python.


Chloé Sally Bag
Shop Chloé via Neiman Marcus

This bag is perhaps a little too big and soft to do the whole shoulder-bag-as-clutch thing, but I respect the effort.


Coach Legacy Clutch
Shop via Coach

When in Rome, do as the Romans; Chrissy carried this Coach clutch to a High Line party hosted by the brand.


Edie Parker Flavia Stripes Clutch
$1,495 via Saks

Chrissy goes to a lot of events, but usually her clutches tend toward anonymity. This one is a notable exception.


Fendi Fur Trim Clutch
Shop Fendi via Nordstrom

In her personal time, her clutches have a little more zing.


Givenchy Antigona Bag
$2,225 via Net-a-Porter

This Antigona is, based on the sheer number of times we’ve spotted her carrying it over the years, Chrissy’s favorite. The shining finish has held up extremely well.


Givenchy Antigona Bag
Shop Givenchy via Saks

Chrissy’s been an Antigona fan so long that she has one of the original soft versions of the bag.


Gucci Guccissima Leather Duffel
$1,890 via Gucci

The airport, is, as always, the great equalizer between celebrities and mere mortals.


Hermès Birkin

Hermès is another celeb-adored brand that’s largely absent from Chrissy’s collection. This Birkin, which she last carried years ago (at least according to the paps), is the only example we could find.


Linea Pelle Dylan Bag
$124 via Last Call

This bag is, by far, the most affordable bag we’ve found in Chrissy’s closet.


I love this bag, but unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure who makes it. The handle attachments look a bit like Givenchy, but other than that, I’m stumped.


Saint Laurent Anita Fringe Bag
$1,490 via Barneys

Saint Laurent is another of Chrissy’s perennial favorites, but unlike most celebs, she seems to prefer the brand’s seasonal offerings instead of the ubiquitous Sac de Jour.


Saint Laurent Betty Bag
$1,890 via Barneys

Personally I think the Betty is a criminally underrated Saint Laurent style.


Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Fringe Bucket Bag
$2,690 via Saks

A fringe bucket bag adds a nice boho balance to a leather biker jacket.


Saint Laurent Lutetia Clutch
Shop Saint Laurent via Saks

Saint Laurent hasn’t made this clutch in years, but somehow it still shows up in celebrity hands all the time.


Santiago Gonzalez Speedy Crocodile Duffel Bag
$6,750 via Neiman Marcus
Valentino Studded Tote
$2,047 via THE OUTNET

If the croc above looks familiar, there’s a reason: Santiago is the son of beloved bag designer Nancy Gonzalez.


The Row Classic 5 Satchel
$5,500 via Saks

I’m kind of obsessed with The Row’s wooden-handled bags.


The Row Market Tote
$2,650 via Barneys

The Market Tote would make me nervous about getting pick-pocketed on the subway, though. (Chrissy probably doesn’t have that problem.)


Valentino Crocodile Lock Bag
Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus

It is unfair how great Chrissy looks in this blazer.


Valentino Rockstud Flap Bag
Shop Valentino via Saks

I’d make a face if paparazzi were following me on vacation, too.

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7 years ago

Kinda snooze-y choices for me and overall pretty pedestrian. The only bag of hers that I covet is the wooden-handled The Row tote.

7 years ago
Reply to  Smithy

Pedestrian is the right word for her so the bags suit her persona. I’m still at a loss as to why she is so popular.

7 years ago

because she’s relatable. i’ve been to some events and she’s so normal and so cool! it is rare to meet someone not like everyone in Hollywood. she seems super genuine and she;s SO much prettier in person. Nice+beautiful= hard not to love.

7 years ago
Reply to  Pamela

I don’t find anything relatable about her.

7 years ago

My faves are 7, 14 and 20.

Cara M
Cara M
7 years ago

My love for her knows no bounds! Great bags, I love that there isn’t a ton of Chanel or Birkins, nice change of pace.

7 years ago

Love Chrissy! She Keeps It Real: In Life, Fashion, And Handbags!

Olivia J.
Olivia J.
7 years ago

Great bags. And of course John Legend too. Lol

7 years ago

Lovely collection. Chrissy is a gorgeous woman!

7 years ago
Reply to  missarewa

she is stunning. I love photo #16. It looks like an actual fashion shoot photo.

7 years ago

Needs more Chanel

7 years ago
Reply to  Sofia

I agree if I were her I’d have more chanels/hermes but maybe she enjoys being different. It makes her stand out more for sure that she’s doing her own thing and being unique.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sofia

I kind of agree because I think in slide #9 she looks so beautifully elegant and I think her outfit screams for a Chanel black quilted lambskin shoulder mini flap with high polished gold tone hardware. That hideous Phantom luggage tote really distracts from her outfit.

7 years ago

I’m saving up for a Valentino Lock Bag. Hit my bag quota for this year so The Valentino is first on my list for next year (not in croc though, can’t afford that!).

SOOOOO pretty.

7 years ago

Does anyone know the brand of the sunglasses she is wearing in slides 5,6 and 26?

Dylan Propst
Dylan Propst
7 years ago

That’s an Alexander Wang convertible Marti backpack. The Jane doesn’t have a flap.

GG Pastel